Painting the Studio Floor

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So, let’s chat about the studio floor.  As a reminder, here is what the room looked like when we purchased the house….

I actually didn’t get to see the house until after we had made an offer on it and Jeff was the first one to see the pictures of this room (it wasn’t in the real estate listing).  Before he forwarded the pictures along, he warned me that I probably wouldn’t like it.

He was just looking at the dark, cedar planking.  When I saw it, though, I questioned whether he really knew me at all!  My voice got high-pitched with excitement.  “It’s perfect!!  It’ll look amazing painted!”

So, a couple of weeks ago, we primed and painted everything.  The ceiling, the walls, and finally the floor.  You can read about the ceiling and walls in THIS POST.

To prime the floors, we used the same primer that we used for the rest of the space.  It’s Fresh Start by Benjamin Moore.  I selected that primer, because it’s high hiding and because it’s water based.  It was originally suggested that I use an oil-based primer specifically made for sealing cedar and other oily woods (and preventing bleed-through), but this cedar was 13 years old and pretty dry, so I decided to take a chance.  And I really wanted to stay away from working with oil-based products.

I let the primer cure for about four days before painting the floor.  The primer has better adhesion when you give it that extra time to cure prior to painting.  I painted the floor with Rust Scat Enamel in semi-gloss, white right-out-of-the-can.

 I have been so impressed with this paint.  It’s dry to the touch in 30 minutes, you can walk on it in 2 hours, and it only takes 10 days to cure.  It rolled/brushed on easily and has a nice, hard finish.

And the white floors look amazing!  I know they aren’t practical for every room, but they are just perfect for a studio.

I tried adding a rug, but I didn’t like how it broke up the white.  In this room, I don’t feel like I need the added softness.

Since this was a sunroom, those are basically deck boards.  We have added house wrap and insulation underneath, but we may end up needing to install hardwood floors over the deck boards to add another layer of insulation from the elements.  We’ll see how it holds up this winter and then decide.

The mini-split heating/cooling unit is being installed in that wall on the left today and I’ll share all about it in a future post.  I am really excited about getting to work in this room, though, and dripping some colorful paint on that crisp, white floor…

Painting the Studio Floor

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57 Comments on “Painting the Studio Floor”

  1. Love your style, and as much as I love painted wood, I’d have opted for a natural floor. Viva la difference!

  2. If the room and floor are too cold this winter I would recommend you consider installing radiant heat in the floor before laying another floor over top of the deck flooring. If your feet are warm your body is warm !

    Best wishes !

    1. Yes, if we do end up using the current floor as a subfloor, we will look into installing radiant heating.

  3. I have painted cedar planks, vinyl floors, concrete floors, linoleum floors ALL with white paint, and it has worked out great! You can even mop them. In heavy traffic areas you will get some dinginess over time, but oh well. I never had anything chip off. Oh, and I also used latex wall paints for my jobs, NOT oil, and I primed them with a high tech stick-to-everything latex micropolymer primer. I figured it was worth a shot to paint since we couldn’t afford to change out all the flooring. After all, if you accidentally spilled paint on your floors, it would likely never come off! Lasted perfectly well for the 5 years we had it! Even the front entryway, which saw all the winter salt, grit, etc.

  4. I now live in Vermont and the kind of cold you get in the winter around Feb. is so much more than the mid-Atlantic Virginia winter I used to shiver in. The mini-split might be enough, but I would prepare for more construction next year.

  5. Marian,
    I really think with the cold winters in Minnesota you will probably need an extra layer of flooring. I assume you will be closing this room off when not in use? I am very impressed with the primer and paint you used this room. It seems to have covered very nicely and looks beautiful.

    1. Yes, there is an exterior door on the studio, so we can close it off from the rest of the house.

  6. Love the transformation! Maybe a white shaggy fur rug might look nice and should help a little from the cold. Then take it up the other months.

  7. The floor looks absolutely incredible. The rate that your making your new house your own is amazing.:)
    I was wondering if you have already completed your dining table transformation, or if it is waiting it’s turn. I would love to see what color/stains you have chosen for it.
    Blessings on your family and your new home!

  8. Just curious. I remember you writing about your master bedroom in your PA house and how you “wallpapered” a wall with fabric using liquid starch. Did you remove the fabric or leave it for the new owners? If you were to remove the fabric, do you then wash and iron the fabric to be used again or must the fabric be thrown out?

  9. Congratulations! Your studio is now an amazing canvas for creating. The suggestion for radiant heat seems like a perfect solution to Minnesota’s frigid Februaries. Also, the suggestion of a white furry rug might add a bit of inviting warmth. Whatever you decide, I hope you can remedy any chilliness so you can be in your room all four seasons. Diney

  10. Love the updates on you renovations and like seeing the products you are are using and why you picked them. Keep those pictures of Sebastian coming!

  11. Just eating up all the information you are sharing as you move along from paint project to paint project. I need to re-paint my front porch which since the move-in 3 years ago has begun chipping off. Today’s info on the primer came at the right time!

    I thought I had grown to be more patient but it’s proving a challenge for me to come to the end of your daily blog and not want more to see and read about. How easily I’ve become spoiled…again. Your blog is one of the highlights of my day. (I’m retired.)

    Look forward to tomorrow’s blog!

  12. 40 years ago, when we built our house, covering walls with fabric and starch was the hottest thing. All of my friends did it in bedrooms and it looked fabulous, especially in kids rooms. I was taught to do it with sheets, as they are very large and can coordinate with your bedding. I am pleased to see this come back. To answer your question: when you remove the fabric, just wash it and it will go back to its original state. It’s a great and easy DIY.

  13. Me, too! I can’t wait to see the beautiful drips and dribbles of paint on that stunning white floor! I love white the best and drips and dribbles next, and what I call my “variations” technique, which is the addition of color in varied and abstract non patterns: good for paintings to hang on your wall, good for walls, shutters, stools and all the items you color to place in your serene white home.

  14. I have painted an area sized canvas floor cloth in checkboard and it adds so much character and can be repainted.

  15. Your painted studio is so beautiful, it’s fit for royalty, Princess Marian. I don’t know if I would’ve had the guts (or know-how) to paint all of that Wood. You are truly a woman of vision.

    The room has such personality now, maybe it should be given a name. Time for a reader contest?

  16. I to would have left the original wood and added a very cool area rug… while I like painted, it’s not always for me. I’m a Michigan girl, born and bred, and after MONTHS of snow, you’ll yearn for warming colors.

    1. So, since the floor is “deck like” does that mean this room is above the ground with air underneath it? Like possibly you have a walk out basement? I”m trying to envision this room.

  17. I’m so glad I found your blog. I had heard of you and your paint but never had an opportunity to see your blog and I don’t even remember how I found you this time! (I’m old! Ha.) I love your studio and I’m looking forward to seeing all you do in your new home. I feel a kinship with you as I was a minister’s daughter and I remember moving to new areas.

  18. I love the floor just a little concerned about scuffs from the wheels on your chair ?
    What is the temperature range where you are ? Coldest here is -19c warmest so far +34 😎

    1. We’ve been rolling around on a stool as we’ve been painting and the floor has held up. I expect it will have to be touched up or repainted every once in a while. I wouldn’t generally paint a floor, but for a studio, I can be a little impractical! 🙂

      It does get very cold here, but the mini-split is graded to -5 F and it’s in a sheltered place under our deck, so they expect it will work below that temp just fine. We’ll learn this winter!

  19. Looks great and i love the floor, i am painting my screen porch floor and the white makes a big difference. You gave me the nudge and i appreciate it.

  20. Your post says “only 20 days to cure.” Is that accurate? Thanks for wonderful ideas and inspriations.

    1. That was actually a typo. Sorry! It’s 10 days to fully cure. Most paints take about 30 days, so that’s pretty quick.

  21. Wow! You are like “Speedy Gonzalez” (do you remember that cartoon? Maybe before your time.) I wish I could get projects done at half your speed. Your house is so beautiful & becoming so very “you”. I’m so excited to see each new transformation.

  22. I love it and I can completely understand the reason for the clean white floor…but i have to tell you when i saw the white ceiling and white walls a stenciled floor called to me..I am so enjoying watching you bring your home to life !

    1. Yes! I actually was going to do a stencil or a checkerboard pattern (and I might down the road), but since I’m using this space for photoshoots, I decided to keep it neutral. I might use an oilcloth rug with a pattern or something.

  23. Your studio is lovely. The white floor was a bold choice, but it has proven itself to be absolutely gorgeous.

    The next year will be a time of “learning your house.” Having lived through northern winters all my llife, I would think you might need a warmer floor, but time and cold weather will tell you.

    Your industriousness is amazing. You have gotten so much done in such a short time. This house seems more refined than your last, but your furniture is a nice mix and I am thinking of your French chairs and how suited they are to this house. It will be so much fun to watch how it all comes together for you.

    Love those bird handles on your new studio cupboard. Just love them!

    1. Thank you! Yes, it’ll take me some time to figure out how to best dress each space, but I’m enjoying the process!

  24. I am in love with this white floor, with the whole room realy. It will be an absolute pleasure to work there. Always happy to see your post in the morning, makes my day, you have such an excellent taste in everything. Have a nice sunday 😉

  25. Inspiring – I often have so many projects on the go … and instead of doing them, I watch yours happen. After church, I’m headed out to the barn to accomplish just one!
    Thanks Marion!!

  26. Hi Marion. The studio is looking great! A quick question: 20 days to cure seems like a long time : ” I have been so impressed with this paint. It’s dry to the touch in 30 minutes, you can walk on it in 2 hours, and it only takes 20 days to cure. ” I would have thought a day or two to be more impressive.

  27. Again, another beautiful job!! I so wish I started and finished jobs as fast as you do! I’m a great starter, not so much for finishing
    You certainly are an inspiration!!

  28. Love, love, love the painted floor. The deck boards were screaming out for a make over. Great decision!

  29. Marian, you are your family are forces to be reckoned with. Your house is getting more “Mustardized” every day. I just love that room!

  30. Here in Florida in my historic neighborhood my original 1925 hardwood pine floors don’t have a subfloor.. love your studio

  31. OMGOOODNESS! I absolutely love it and that would sell me in any house, such a great studio my gosh. Im super excited to see more and see what you do in there!

  32. I love your blog and I follow you every where. This time, I do not agree with you. What happened with the beautiful natural floors? uh, nothing like natural floors, too much white around about the top and down, no way! I am sorry for air my feelings.

  33. LOL @ your high-pitched comments, just after you spied this room for the first time.
    It’s actually quite beautiful!
    I have a friend who painted all the floors in her house white — 30-ish years ago!

  34. Love your studio space. I am not an all white personmyself, but love it in other people’s homes. We have a sun porch in the front of our 180+ year old farmhouse and I am thinking of sticking to a grey and watery blue color scheme once we do our structural upgrades this summer.

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