studio transformation | part 2

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I shared about priming and painting the studio walls and ceiling in PART ONE of the studio transformation and I shared about the oak hutch in yesterday’s post

Today, I am sharing my “working corner” of the studio…

I purchased the drafting table off of craigslist in PA for $100 and it’s been a great work surface for art.  I clamped an old wooden lathe trip to it as a “shelf” to hold a palette, brushes, paper, etc.  The clamps are antique wooden canning clamps!  I picked them up any time I spotted them for sale, because they can be used for so many things!

The drafting table does need to be refinished at some point.  I don’t ming it being splattered with paint and imperfect, but I don’t want a big water ring on it and it’s bringing a bit too much orange to the party for my taste.

There are bigger fish to fry at the moment, so it will wait until the mood strikes.

I still needed a chair, though, and spent quite a few late-night-Internet-scouring-sessions trying to find one that had a vintage/antique vibe, but also one I could sit in for a long time in reasonable comfort.  After way too much angst over something as small as a desk chair, I pulled the trigger on this one

I know!!  It’s mid-century and I really don’t like mid-century style.  I mean, I respect it, appreciate it, and I can understand why other people love it, but I personally do not love it for my house.  That being said, this was the style of chair I kept going back to.  It was a little surprising to me.  I like that it was padded, had the warmth of the wood, and I felt like it’ll make sense with the 1960’s drafting table.

We’ll see.  I might hate it.  It’s possible.  But, you never know if you don’t try and that’s what return labels are for!

To the right of the desk is the postal sorter that was a Lucketts Spring Market leftover.  When something that fantastic doesn’t sell, I know it is meant to be mine.  I put it on top of a table I purchased this weekend at Gold Rush Days in Oronoco, MN.  It was $65.  The warmth of the wood top, the quirky, yet sturdy legs, and the chippy blue/green paint won me over.

The top even has a few paint-splatters on it, so it’s perfect for a studio space.  I also love how the paint color of the base picks up the aquas in the oil paintings perched on the postal sorter.

Some of the things inside the sorter are decorative, but many of them are functional as well.

Marmalade crocks can be used to hold water for rinsing watercolor brushes, ironstone butter pats used as mini-palettes…

Tins hold small tubes of paint and a small marble bowl gathers an eraser collection…

Crocks corral brushes, small rulers, scissors, and pencils.

It’s a little space that beckons…  Come, create.  Make mistakes.  Make a mess.  Practice, grow, and learn.  This corner holds a quiet promise that every once in a while, something will be created here that is worthy of a frame.

So, I’m ready for rhythm, routine, and the boys being back in school, so I can spend some time with a blank piece of paper and a brush in that corner.

studio transformation | part 2

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50 Comments on “studio transformation | part 2”

  1. It looks beautiful, creative and inspiring. Thanks for taking us on your new adventure. Really enjoying watching you, use your antique pieces in a new house, while still creating your style.

  2. Love how creative you are in how you use old pieces so well. It certainly looks like a place where your imagination can thrive! I appreciate how you share each part of the space with us to see how you organize items that you use—many things that I wouldn’t know how to use. It does inspire me to write more of my memoir (for my family’s reading only) and showing how a dedicated space would also inspire me. I have the space but haven’t done anything with it yet. This makes me at least think about creative and fun ways to do so.

  3. You have made so much progress in this space! The real surprise is that you incorporated some mid-century style in your decor which I am so happy to see you try. I will warn you….its kind of like that boy you didn’t like at first or thought was goofy but somehow ended up having a crush on.

    There is something about the clean lines of mid-century décor that can really blend in with other styles so well which is surprising to most.

  4. “”It’s a little space that beckons…
    Come, create.  Make mistakes.  Make a mess..
    Practice, grow, and learn.
    This corner holds a quiet promise that every once in a while,
    something will be created here that is worthy of a frame.””

    when you have time, i think you should make this a poster/printable with your artwork. i can see a whole series of different art pieces inspired and created from your above statement. if you dont mind, i would like save it. i love it. but i wont save if it bothers you.

  5. Your studio is absolutely beautiful! I love watching how quickly your new home is being transformed with your style. I agree with Diane about creating/painting something with the quote about the “little space that beckons…” You’re such an inspiration in so many ways!

  6. You have made remarkable progress in such a short time. Looking forward to more updates! I can see one day your family joining you right where you are! I’m sure they miss you, as you do them.

  7. Your creative space speaks to me! I adore the antique accessories and all that light is an artist’s dream. I was thinking, “How will she ever have time for artwork with all she has to do in a new house?” And then I remembered…it’s MARION! Ha! I honestly don’t know how you get so much done.

  8. This room makes me so happy, and I am glad it is doing the same for you! I need to comment about the new chair. I think it is a perfect choice and that you will grow to love it. It brings an eclectic look to the space that is not so much mid-century as CLASSIC; timeless.

  9. Love it all. Especially the floral pictures and the paintbrushes on the wall. Slightly jealous of your talent … 😉

  10. Love the transformation! Not in love with your new chair, but if you love it great, if not I have the “perfect” chair for you for your new workspace! The RH vintage Toledo dining chair. Aesthetically fits perfect as it’s more vintage style-and absolute perfect match for your drafting desk! the color of my legs is greenish, with wood seat and back. I have it at my “sewing” desk and absolutely love it! It does come in different colors, and a padded leather version if you’re wanting a softer cushion. Although it’s all wood, the seat is made to be perfectly comfortable, and I love how back rest and seat height are both adjustable! Got mine at an outlet store for $60:)

  11. It’s a beautiful, creative, serene space. I can see you sitting and painting and just letting all your creative ideas come alive. How fortunate you are to have that right in your own home. Enjoy!

  12. Well….what can I say that hasn’t already been said? What they said, and then some. And I like the bird painting and the fact that not only does it tie in with the color of the table, but also echos your bird knobs on the hutch. Cool little detail!

  13. It’s a perfect space to create. Love all the windows, i probably would spend a lot of time watching the birds outside.

  14. Beautiful creating space! Always amazed at how much and how quickly you get things accomplished. Continuing to enjoy watching your progress.

  15. When you are all done with your studio….someone should put it in the magazine “Where Women Create”.

  16. About your ring. Try mixing ashes and mayonnaise and rub it into the stain. It might be water trapped
    under there. I bought a wooden drafting chair. Really cool because it is slightly tilted and not bulky. Perfect
    for a kitchen space.

  17. You never cease to amaze me.. and probably others as well! Here you are… moving into a new house, painting, decorating, organizing, getting stuff ready for school, having family over AND you still have time to keep us updated on all your progress. I know that’s what you and blogging are about, but you can take some time off, if you wish! We wouldn’t think any less of you! Wonder woman you are! But, I think that’s been said before. I appreciate all you do to keep us informed with interesting and helpful posts, and all your decorating!

  18. Each of your posts are like reading a story like Anne of Green Gables or Little House on the Prairie, but on a more grand scale! I look forward to all your posts like it was Christmas Eve. Thank you for your talent with not only words, but with sharing what makes you….YOU. Being artistic myself with a jewelry business on Etsy, I can relate how important a good studio area is for your creative times. Good work on putting it all together. God has blessed you and your family immensely…..and will continue to do so……but I know you know that already.

  19. I really like your studio space. When you first showed us the unpainted porch, I thought , oh, she’s going to paint that. I liked it raw and thought it added warmth which given Minnesota winters, you might need. That being said, painting opened up the space and as you add your work pieces, it is the one space in that newer house that your stuff fits. It’s like its blossoming. I appreciate you letting us watch that.

  20. This is the most MMS-looking room in the house. I can almost imagine it’s attached to your dream farmhouse instead of a new home. Besides creating here, maybe you’ll spend a lot of time here because it’s such a “you” room. You need a comfy (blue and white) wing chair in the corner to sit in while you mindlessly gaze out those beautiful windows.

  21. What a great time I’m having tuning in everyday to catch up on the progress you are making! WONDERFUL!!! I really loved the color of your ” new” front door. How blessed you are to have such talents!! This is so much fun!! 😃

  22. i have that chair and it is soooooooooooooooo comfy. you will not regret it. i love how it just blends in with the woods in my eclectic decor and mixes it up a bit.

  23. Well, thanks to your inspiration, and after two years, I have finished painting my kitchen all white!!!! So now I’m ready to move onto other projects and will be purchasing some MMS paint!!! I’m so excited.

    Your choice for an office chair led me to that website where I spotted some items, including a comfortable office chair, that I need for my office. I saw your easel tucked under that new table and it reminded me of my college easel in the garage. I’ve been meaning to find a place for it in my new home of 3 years and now I’m determined to do it. I may be turning 70 in December but continuous inspiration from reading your blogs daily continues to propel me forward and revisit my artistic gifts more and more. I notice the collection of erasers and I can smell them…that’s how much of an art buff I am. I personally liked the gum eraser that you can pull apart and shape over and over again as you sit mulling over what color to use or what next to sketch!!! I have a book shelf, which will get the MMS touch soon as I purchase your paint, and I’ve been toying with storing some old art supplies on the shelves!!! Maybe make an extra shelf or two and one with cubby holes! See how inspired I get from your blog!!!

    And I think you might enjoy both the comfort and look of that modern office chair. I think it’s stunning and eclectic.

    What do you use to wash your brushes? They look so clean!
    Can I quote you for my office/studio “It’s a little space that beckons…Come, create…make mistakes…?”

  24. I bought one of those marmalade jars from you at Luckett’s and now I may move it to my craft room. Love the studio! Thanks for the inspiration!

  25. Love the drafting table. I just refinished mine, didn’t like the poly finish. And I found an old drafting stool last week, not that comfortable, but it’s a match made in heaven. Love your studio.

  26. The studio is looking great. I like Kate’s idea of a comfy wing chair for reading/relaxing. I think a medium brown wicker/rattan wing chair would look great in that sunny room. You could use your talents to customize the cushions.

  27. I can’t get over how much you accomplish in a day. We are moving soon an I am wondering if you have shared which color white paint you used in your work space.

  28. I can see P. kauffman’s Brissac Sapphire fabric on the cushions for the rattan/wicker chair. It would have your blue and pick up the green of the table. Aren’t I just being so helpful?!? I’ve been following the blog long enough to have fun asking myself, “What would be Marian’s choice?”.

  29. Your miracle just keeps happening Marian. Enjoy “My Minnesota” with all your heart. I feel as though you took my place at Oronoco/Gold Rush Days as I tread through change in my new home, Colorado~. Stay well sweetie, Cynthia

  30. looking good 🙂 are you worried the chair will scratch your beautiful floor ? or am i just being too precious

  31. Your table is a real find!
    YOU keep me going to my craigslist (DE) but I never find this table like yours that I keep searching for.
    ANY HINTS? I need help with this.

  32. Where can one buy/find Dundee crocks? I have looked everywhere, including England where my son lives…no crocks!

  33. I’m smiling because you are trying that “new” style chair. In your “newer” style home it will be a really good blend I think…I’m delighted you chose it. I hope it ends up being a fit.

  34. I LOVE this space. The light is heavenly especially bouncing all the light off of the white paint. … and I’d love to know how you like the chair. A chair for working and creating has to be just right, comfy, but firm enough, and deep enough, and adjustable… it’s no easy task picking out a chair for all that! I’m no lover of mid-century either, but some pieces can be really cool. I see why you like the one you picked. I really liked seeing my paintings in there too! Your stuff makes my stuff look good!

  35. “Some of the things inside the sorter are decorative, but many of them are functional as well.”

    No need to explain yourself. I have antique chipped and crazed ironstone suger pots with glass flower frogs on both nightstands, always ready for a seasonal display. Right now, they have turkey feathers in them. I keep large antique apothecary jars for donuts, or dog treats, or laundry powder, or Jack Be Little pumpkins. An old, large, beautiful silverware box with rounded edges and brass handles that I use for stationary. I scoop the kitty’s cat food out of the large glass container with a sterling silver cup. I use my vintage Oyster beehive blender almost every day.
    Your stuff doesn’t need to be useful OR beautiful, it can be both. You are such an inspiration.

  36. I love that postal sorter and the mesh/wire backing, especially! Can you tell me if that is 1/4″ or 1/2″ hardware cloth? And did you paint the wire back, or does it come in that color? I have a similar sorter with a plywood back that I’d love to replace with the hardware wire cloth! Thanks, Marian. I’m just loving watching your new home come together so beautifully!

  37. Love the day to day updates of all the work going on at your new home. You have such vision. You just jumped in and are making a beautiful home from a bland cookie cutter house. Love everything!!!

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