$100 craigslist drafting table

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I have realized that as my work changes, my work space needs to change, too.  When I work on furniture and photoshoots, I rarely sit at a desk or work table.  I’m usually crawling around on the floor or scooting around on one of our wheely stools.  I’m in a season right now, though, where a lot of my work involves sitting, painting, sketching, and writing.

I’ve been spread out over one of our workshop tables, but it is a pretty impractical work space.  I also get this beautiful natural light in the studio and I was set up away from the windows.

I’ve needed to set up a proper workspace for a while and I finally got the push I needed when this antique drafting table crossed my path…


I found it on craigslist for $125 and my dad negotiated the seller down to $100 and, as always, he picked it up and delivered it to the studio for me yesterday.

I feel like I got this piece at a great price.  I’ve seen similar ones for $300 and up.  There is a sticker on the bottom that dates it to 1965.

Kriste and I worked on sprucing up the studio for an upcoming retailer training, so I took the opportunity to clean up the drafting table and set up a work space.


It’s not a perfect work space, but it’s much, much better than what I have been using and, I must say, it’s pretty nice considering I used what I had on hand.

I definitely need to get a comfy stool and a work table for my computer and to use as a flat work surface when needed. The one I’m using now was borrowed from or shipping area and it’s an awkward height, but it’ll do for now.



I rigged a little “shelf” for the drafting table made out of antique wooden canning clamps and a piece of lath (which happened to be the perfect width.)  Just that little modification makes the work surface even more practical for me.  I can rest my palette and brushes there when I’m painting.

mms-2787 mms-2788


Now that I have a better work space, I am ready to have a full, creative day tomorrow!


…and Sebastian is ready to lay at my feet in the sunbeams.

$100 craigslist drafting table

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