$100 craigslist drafting table

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I have realized that as my work changes, my work space needs to change, too.  When I work on furniture and photoshoots, I rarely sit at a desk or work table.  I’m usually crawling around on the floor or scooting around on one of our wheely stools.  I’m in a season right now, though, where a lot of my work involves sitting, painting, sketching, and writing.

I’ve been spread out over one of our workshop tables, but it is a pretty impractical work space.  I also get this beautiful natural light in the studio and I was set up away from the windows.

I’ve needed to set up a proper workspace for a while and I finally got the push I needed when this antique drafting table crossed my path…


I found it on craigslist for $125 and my dad negotiated the seller down to $100 and, as always, he picked it up and delivered it to the studio for me yesterday.

I feel like I got this piece at a great price.  I’ve seen similar ones for $300 and up.  There is a sticker on the bottom that dates it to 1965.

Kriste and I worked on sprucing up the studio for an upcoming retailer training, so I took the opportunity to clean up the drafting table and set up a work space.


It’s not a perfect work space, but it’s much, much better than what I have been using and, I must say, it’s pretty nice considering I used what I had on hand.

I definitely need to get a comfy stool and a work table for my computer and to use as a flat work surface when needed. The one I’m using now was borrowed from or shipping area and it’s an awkward height, but it’ll do for now.



I rigged a little “shelf” for the drafting table made out of antique wooden canning clamps and a piece of lath (which happened to be the perfect width.)  Just that little modification makes the work surface even more practical for me.  I can rest my palette and brushes there when I’m painting.

mms-2787 mms-2788


Now that I have a better work space, I am ready to have a full, creative day tomorrow!


…and Sebastian is ready to lay at my feet in the sunbeams.

$100 craigslist drafting table

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39 Comments on “$100 craigslist drafting table”

  1. What a great workspace! I am curious to see what working in such a beautiful and relaxed environment will inspire you to create.

  2. That is a beautiful drafting table. I have sat at a drawing board for most of my working life – a rather disappointing white laminate version – – and I would encourage you to get an adjustable chair or kneeling stool to save your lower back. They are pretty ugly, but I’m sure you could work your magic on one. And then I can duly copy!! xx

  3. What a beautiful table! I’m glad you have something you are so happy with. It makes such a different when you are trying to create.

  4. LOVE the art work you are working on…I’m curious what projects those are for.

    I’m crazy in love with the framed painting of the robin’s eggs in a nest…is that for sale I wonder???

    I’m thinking you should start selling your watercolors…the cows and the scrollwork pics are beautiful.

  5. I inherited my drafting table from my father. He used it mostly as a work table. While it’s been well worn, I love that it is the perfect height. It’s a back saver. Husband keeps attempting to get rid of it, but that won’t be happening.

    Love the ‘shelf’ idea!

  6. Love the drafting table, what a score. I have been brainstorming a new work surface for my studio. I built a workbench a few years back basic lumber’ and I love it but it takes up too much space for my small studio area. It is a perfect height to stand at to paint, I prefer standing since I have low back issues when sitting too much. This looks to be just the right size, now I need to keep an eye out for one. Craigs List here I come. 🙂

    AW ! you have a great Dad, and Sebastian, is so sweet too ! your last line, so sweet, him
    ready to lay at your feet in the sunbeams,…okeee, that made me all warm and mushy teary eyed, so touching ! LOLL..STOP THAT. heheheh…jk….! LOVE IT
    okee, again, just as an artist speaking from my own experience, and maybe you’ve turned your drafting table for the photo shoot, or maybe hey, are you left handed…THEN, your table direction is perfect. OTHERWISE, righties like me, need the sunlight (or most light coming in or shooting in from our left side, know what I mean? you probably do!)….you know, shadows cast over your work and all that stuff as you’re working, just makes it uncomfortable, like something’s not right,…yeah, not good…not quite right…….so, am thinking you may be a leftie!!!!!…..just want to make sure it’s BEST for you !!!
    (p.s. Still got that beautiful angel hair thing going on!?) REALLY pretty!

  8. Your area has the very best “stuff”…..yay for you. I have to admit, I’m a little jealous.
    Great job! You have a very good eye!

  9. I had a drafting table that I sold, Oh well. I’m using my mother’s Hoosier as a paint desk. It’s a little tight, but all the good memories make up for it.

  10. Love the drafting table. I sold one just like it at the 3 Speckled Hens Antique Show a year ago. A young “Bride To Be” bought it to use as her cake table at her reception. Of course it would be laid flat for that. So many uses for a great piece. Great find!

  11. Such a cute work space! I too have been using a drafting table to work on… Sometimes having an inspiring workspace is more important than ergonomics ?

  12. Love the set-up! I thought that “shelf” was part of the table. Nice to peek into your studio. You’re designing a furniture line, aren’t you? 🙂

  13. If it has a label from 1965 it’s not antique, is it? Better to call it vintage? It is a cool table either way!

    1. There’s a bit of a debate about how old a piece has to be in order to earn the title “antique”. Some say 100 years and others say 50. So, vintage/antique, it could fit in either camp.

      1. Around here, mid-century items are not antique. No debate. It surprises me that something even ‘newer’ (1965) would be called that. Sometimes it’s a marketing label, I guess.

        In any event, love your vintage drawing table!!

  14. Years ago my hubby dragged a similar table home. After cleaning it up a bit it became my favorite side table in our living room.

  15. What a great find ~ your drafting table is fabulous!

    I love that your beautiful Sebastian comes to work with you! Does he have toys in your Studio to play with/keep him occupied and mentally stimulated during your workdays?

    You are so blessed to have such an amazing, helpful, loving Father (and also to always find the best vintage pieces)!

    1. I give him a raw hide twist each day and take him out for a walk in the middle of the day. Otherwise, he seems happy to nap, look out the window, and “help” when we’re working on projects on the floor.

  16. It just warms my heart to see Sebastain so happy with you guys! If only he could talk . . . Haha! And how about that drafting table??????? SCORE!!!!! xoxox

  17. What categories did you shop on Craigslist to find that awesome drafting table?? Seems I can never find exactly what I want no matter what category I look under, and I certainly don’t see bargains like that!!!

    Love the space, and LOVE your watercolors! Any thoughts on teaching a class??…hint 🙂

  18. Sweet! I use a 1940’s mahogany swivel desk chair, and it’s curves fit my body, so it’s actually very comfortable. You could always add a seat cushion if it helped. I found this one in Lancaster, PA, so I assume they may be plentiful in Pennsylvania.

    Re: Shelley, I asked months ago about the robins’ egg painting, so I hope it’s possible I might have dibs? Marion, we have the perfect place for it over our antique master bed, if you should ever decide to let it go.

    1. It was actually painted for me as a gift from Cindy Austin, so you can ask her if she would paint another one! 🙂

  19. We found a draft table at Lucketts about two years ago and my husband cleaned it up, stained and painted it and we use it as our kitchen table. We love it.

    Can’t wait to visit your studio.

  20. I have a drafting table just like that! I use it in my craft room. Hubby found it for a STEAL at a yard sale when we were living in Kansas. We had a small house at the time and I’d declared no more furniture. He called me one day from a yard sale asking if I wanted a bigger table for my scrapbooking projects. I asked how big and how much. I think he answered how big, but when he said, “$25” I didn’t remember what he’d said earlier!

  21. Your post inspired me so much, I went on a look-out for a drafting table and after almost a month’s search, I spotted one on a local used for sale site. i didn’t realize it is identical to yours! I love it! merci beaucoup.

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