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With freelance design work and a book deadline looming, I have been pinned down in my new workspace to get things done and turned in on time.  I feel like I’m learning and growing each day and I’m really proud of what I’ve been creating, but I am ready to hit an antique store, work on some furniture and just get away from my desk!

Just a few days more…

While I’ve been working on those projects, Kriste started painting the chairs I picked up on my trip to New York.  I’ve been debating whether I wanted to paint them or not, but I decided they would benefit from paint.

I also debated about the color, because I thought they would look good in many of my colors, but I finally decided on MMS Milk Paint Grain Sack.


I also decided I wanted to leave the rushing unpainted.  It will be covered with a cushion, but I think it will look neater unpainted.


As soon as I saw the first coat, I knew painting them was the right choice.  They are looking really great!


I haven’t done anymore work on the “deconstructed chair”, but I did select an antique blue check duvet cover to use as fabric for the back and as trim for the cushion.


I got it at a big discount, because there is a burn hole in it, but since I’m going to cut it all up, it doesn’t bother me.


I’m planning to make a mini-ruffled trim out of it for the cushion instead of regular piping.  It’ll be a playful detail that I think will work well on the chair.  I’ll make a tutorial when I get around to sewing it!

In other studio news, I got in a dog bed for Sebastian.  He was laying on a piece of foam I pulled out of my upholstery stash, but I wanted to get him a real dog bed that looked a little nicer for me and comfier for him, since we spend a lot of time there.


It’s made out of antique grain sacks, so it’s durable and it fits with my aesthetic. I ordered a second one to sell (with a neutral beige stripe), so I’ll list that in my online shop when I launch my next sale.

Before I go, I thought I would share a peek at a few things I’ve been working on…




Once I get through these deadlines I will figure out the best way to sell some of my work.  I’m starting to amass quite a collection (although my mom has called dibs on a couple of them!)

Thanks to all of your for your encouragement through this season of my business.  I feel like I’m finding my legs a bit as an artist…trying to embrace the artist I am, not what I wish I was (if that makes sense.)  I’ll expand on that at some point.  Anyway, it really has meant a lot!

studio happenings

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