red, wildflowers, & blue

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For the past few weeks, I’ve noticed pretty wildflowers along some of the paths I take on my morning walk.  I’ve picked one or two to put in a small vase or handleless cup, but a couple of days ago, I decided to pick a small bouquet.  It was completely impractical, carrying a bouquet of delicate flowers while Sebastian and I were trying to get some exercise, but I found joy in the simplicity of noticing and gathering.  It brought me back to the days when I would bring home bouquets made of buttercups, dandelions, and grass to my mom.

When I got home, I loosely arranged the flowers in a marmalade crock and was inspired to put together a little vignette on the table.  I generally don’t buy decor for holidays except for pumpkins in fall and things for Christmas.  I prefer to use what I have that speaks to that holiday.  For the fourth of July, I’ve got blue and white pretty well covered.  I threw in red cherries and a red striped antique tea towel from my linen stash.

This was just for fun, though.  We didn’t have any big plans for the holiday, so I wasn’t concerned with setting up a tablescape “for real”.

We ended up having a low-key day hanging out at home and spent way too much time on the couch, which I needed more than I realized.

We made (and ate) taco bowls for dinner, Jeff & I started watching the new season of Stranger Things, and we walked down the block to sit on some high ground to watch the local fireworks display.

It was low key and I can’t say we minded that much…

red, wildflowers, & blue

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8 Comments on “red, wildflowers, & blue”

  1. As a long-time lover of red (a passion I inherited from my grandma) I love these vignettes and also the red you showed in your “option for the master bedroom” post a few days ago. So pretty with your white and blue foundation colors. Always enjoy your posts!

  2. Sounds like the perfect 4th to me! I hope you will share your taco bowl recipe. It looks delicious.

  3. That taco bowl looks really good! And I love your use of cherries in your ‘red, white and blue’ vignette, so cute. I also love picking wildflowers any chance I get; it’s free and theraputic at the same time.

  4. Had my first cherries of the season yesterday – your pics make me sad I ate half of them – no pics for me, haha.

    We had a very similar stay-at-home-and-be-peaceful kind of day – hubs shoulder is in a sling and I am just tired.
    Perfect holiday for us this year.

    Your wildflowers are pretty and I always love how your eyes create a perfect scene.

    Have a great weekend.

  5. We went to the Ark Encounter (amazing) in northern KY last week and got home on July 2nd before all the holiday craziness on the roads. Our 4th was also low-key other than going to a local fireworks display. Your taco salad looks so good! I just picked tomatoes from our garden so I might do a taco salad as well or perhaps some fresh salsa.

  6. Looks like a wonderful, timeless fourth! I love blue and white with a dash of red too— that little embroidered towel is perfect! Now I want to embroider on the towels instead of clean house….hehehe….thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Hello, love your site!
    I collect old dishes and wondering if ironstone and restaurant ware (Syracuse) are the same thing? I have some restaurant ware, and also some ironstone pitchers.

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