The time has come to make some slipcovers for the parsons’ chairs at either end of our kitchen table.  Well, technically, they are sort of hybrid mini-wing/parsons’ chairs.  I lucked out when I bought them in that they were listed as a pair even though the price was just for one.  So, I got two for the price of one!  (THIS is the chair, but it’s out of stock and the price on the listing is double what I paid for two, but it might help you find something similar.)

Anyway, I knew when I bought them that the light, linen-ish upholstery would be toast.  There was just no way with two pre-teen boys that they were going to stay pristine.  They are their favorite chairs, so they have taken a beating with drips and spills.  To make matters worse, my youngest son likes to have his insulin pods changed on these chairs, so they get adhesive and adhesive remover on them.

Oh, I know they are bad!  Hence the need for slipcovers.

I have extra buffalo check and curtain fabric, so I am going to use one of those.  In order to decide, I draped each of the fabric pieces over the back of the chair to see how it works with the rest of the room.  Here is the buffalo check (Check Please in Lakeland)…

And here is the curtain fabric (Convington Canterbury in Indigo)…

In the context of the room, I like the curtain fabric the best, which sort of surprised me.  I would’ve picked the buffalo check before seeing them in the room.  I think the busier pattern will be more forgiving with spills and stains, too.

I’m just going to make some simple slips with ties in the back and a ruffled skirt that matches the other chairs.

In other household news, I worked on the garden this week and finally got the mulching done!  Mid-summer, as I have learned, is not the best time to mulch.   It looks really good, though, and I’ll share that in another post.


  1. sandi

    Yes, definitely the curtain fabric. It’s very calming with the smaller check of the other chairs around the table. The buffalo on the corner chair is a great addition to the space without overpowering it. Can’t wait to see the final covers!!

  2. Deanna Rabe

    The curtain fabric was the one I would have chosen for that space, too! They’ll look great!

  3. Kate

    Yes, curtain fabric! Slipcovers tend to get shifted with use and the wonkiness of the straight lines in the checks might get annoying. Too many checks in the room might give it a country kitchen feel which wouldn’t go with the vibe of your house. (Sorry, I have an aversion to checks since I received my first checked duck towels as a wedding present in the 80s.)

  4. Lolly

    Yes to the curtain fabric. The check fabric would’ve turned the room into the 1980’s country. The curtain fabric goes with….but calms the other checks in the room.

  5. paulette La Londe Field

    Curtain fabric, is the only way to go

  6. Denise Rambo

    I like the curtain fabric better too. I don’t think the BIG check/LITTLE check contrast would be aesthetically pleasing.

  7. Beth Cameron

    I vote for the curtain fabric also but without the ruffle.

  8. Heidi Dallas

    Curtain fabric….your home is so pretty and yet seems very functional.
    Heidi from Ohio

  9. Ilene

    I am with Beth. A more tailored slipcover without the ruffles would be perfect
    as not to compete with the other chairs also the curtain fabric appears
    stiffer so the ruffles may not feel as relaxed. We know no matter what you
    decide it will look amazing!

    • Sheri Morton

      I agree with that.

  10. Eileen

    curtain fabric so much more pleasing and the two checks are fighting each other.

  11. Gayle Welsh

    I would love to know the name of the curtain fabric. I love it and would like to order some. Thank you!

  12. Deb

    The curtain fabric will look beautiful on the chairs. It adds a bit of contrast, yet fits in perfectly with all the patterns of blues in the room. Can’t wait to see how they turn out. I know that sweet pair are gonna look lovely in their new frocks. 🙂

  13. Lee Ann

    Hello! Ha, ha … “parsons chairs” … just couldn’t resist! That must be why you loved the chairs so much!

  14. Linda

    No contest! Covington Curtain fabric is a must!

  15. Jean

    Totally agree the curtain fabric and I’m surprised since I love buffalo plaid. The way you have the fabric draped on the chair looks to me that the motif is upside down. Just wondering

  16. Joyce Hale

    Curtain fabric is perfect !!!!

  17. Laurie

    Would you share your process of making the slipcovers with us? That would be so interesting and useful!

  18. Marijean

    I agree! The curtain fabric will be awesome!

  19. Marlene Stephenson

    Curtain fabric will be perfect and look so nice with the rest.

  20. Rhondi

    I’m very partial to Buffalo check, but I like the curtain fabric better too. You have such exquisite taste when it comes to decorating! I always love your choices. I consider myself a pretty good bargain hunter, but some of the bargains you’ve shown us over the years are amazing!! You are a very talented gal Marion! Combine that with what a hard worker you are and God only knows what you can accomplish in a lifetime 😍

  21. Kathryn

    Once you put it there, the Curtain fabric was an obvious win!

  22. Jan Fusco

    Totally agree with the curtain fabric.

  23. Leslie C

    Oh yes, the Covington Canterbury is the right decision, it all harmonizes perfectly. I went to the website you have shown. Fell in love with several fabrics, this might be a problem….or not. LoL

  24. Dawn

    Good pick! Love that fabric. I used Scotch Guard on the fabric that I covered my island chairs with. We host a church community group and the littles sit (and spill) on those chairs. Works great!

  25. Sue

    I love the covington-canterbury-indigo-fabric best. It coordinates nicely with the checked side chairs. Love the blue!

  26. MARY

    I agree, don’t do a ruffle.

  27. Judy

    The curtain fabric definitely but please, no ruffle!

  28. JC

    YES! The curtain fabric by far! I would do more of a straight slipcover and let the ruffles shine on the other chairs.

  29. Louise

    Love the curtain fabric

  30. Dianne

    The curtain fabric is my choice. Your home is so beautiful. It reflects all the lovely choices you have made. Thank you so much for sharing with all of us.

  31. Hyedi

    ITs Unanimous!! Curtain fabric it is!!

  32. Patricia Kasparian

    I did panels in the Covington curtain fabric you’re using here, and it’s not a bright off-white color, so I think that choice would def be forgiving 🙂

  33. Marianne


    The curtain fabric is the best. Coordinates well with the other chairs.

    I am thinking slip covers for my chairs as well for a little more color .

  34. Carol

    Curtain fabric is lovely and a better contrast to the other chairs. The other chairs look adorable with the ruffle. Since these two chairs are at the head of the table and different from the other chairs I would definitely skip the ruffles. Doing so makes the ruffles stand out on the other chairs and makes the head chairs look regal.

  35. Denise

    Do you preshrunk the curtain fabric in this instance even though the care info from the fabric seller seems to call for professional cleaning? I’m having trouble finding fabric to slipcover a wing chair as most fabric that I like calls for “professional” dry cleaning.

  36. Sandra Rice

    I agree with the drapery fabric – AND could you tell me how that rug holds up to daily use spills etc? and where did the rug come from? Thanks in advance.

  37. Toni Syrmopoulos

    I love the curtain fabric! Will you be showing a tutorial on how to do this? I ask because I have 2 chairs of this style and wanted to make slipcovers for them for my daughter’s wedding for the sweetheart table. I’m sort of nervous of doing it, so I was thinking of just buying a couple of white ones.

  38. Amy

    Oh you must go with the curtain fabric!! It plays so nicely with the other chairs!! Can’t wait to see the finished slipcovers!!

  39. Margaret

    The fabric is beautiful, I love it, but, according to the vendor’s website, “Cleaning by a professional furniture cleaning service only is recommended. ” . Wouldn’t you want something more kid friendly for your slipcovers?

  40. Kathi Mundigler

    Love the choice for the chairs, they will look wonderful !
    Just mulched our extensive gardens too. I so agree that late July is no time for this job but it is done and looks so nice.
    Thanks for blog posts that are always wonderful and real !

  41. Colleen

    What about the floral fabric with either the buffalo check or the check on the other slips as the contrast welting? It would really customize the look!

  42. Judy Silk

    I was receiving your blog reports regularly for years and then they just quit coming. Please continue to send. Your blog is my favorite.

  43. PAUL

    Love the slip covers! I had some made by Landry Home Decorating in Massachusetts!

  44. fnaf

    You decorated the chair quite nice and fancy. I really like your decor.


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