cow/calf pair

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A couple of weeks ago, I painted a cow-calf pair.  If you follow me on Instagram, you would’ve seen some of the process as well as the final painting shared on the grid.  For those who don’t follow me there, here is the underpainting…

…and then the finished work…

I didn’t have plans to keep it when I first started this one.  I’m pretty good at selling my works.  It’s partly a hobby, but painting was absorbed as a part of my business pretty early on, so I try not to get too attached.  I paint with the intention of selling.  But I was in love with this one as soon as I rolled my chair back and viewed the painting in its entirety.  I was so excited that I had an antique gilded frame that fit it, so I tried it on before the painting was even dry.  It was definitely going to be a keeper if I could find a perfect place to hang it.

I ended up hanging it on the butler’s pantry…

Hanging a painting on a bookcase is an interesting thing because it’s fairly traditional and has been done for generations, but it also looks unexpected and unconventional.  I really like it, though!

Now, I hate naming my paintings!  My creativity stops at naming paintings!  I would almost rather just number them, but this one does need a name.  Want to help with that?  What should this painting be named?

cow/calf pair

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138 Comments on “cow/calf pair”

  1. Love, love this!
    We had calves just like these when I was a little girl in Louisiana. I use to take a nap at the barn leaning up against a calf reading my book and enjoying the summertime. Our barn had sawdust floors and they were clean and a soft spot.

    You have a great deal of talent and can see the sweet side of animals.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Beautiful workmanship, lovely frame and perfect location! This painting is like a mini extension of your dining room (mural and mirror).
    As for a name…since you have a strong attachment to the painting and the cow and calf seem to be expressing a fond attachment to each other, how about “Attachment”, “Fondly Attached” or “Endearment”?

  3. LOVE the painting – never understood hanging art on shelves, but the greens complement one another beautifully.

    To me it is: TENDERNESS

    Keep up the amazing works – you are such an amazing painter – blows my mind!

  4. Marian, it is beautiful. I am so happy you decided to keep it for your own family to enjoy. I think you should name it “Das Kalb” which is the German for The Calf.
    Much love,

  5. Sweet and lovely painting. I have fond memories as a child of going to a neighbors farm and the owners son showing me how the calves would suck on your fingers looking for milk. I would help bottle feed and then sometimes we both would fall asleep in a bed of soft straw. I was about 8 years old, and to me it felt like heaven in a barn. I agree with one above for a name-Attachment, the way it should be, the calf with its mother.

  6. I absolutely love this painting. I’m glad you are going to keep it for your home. It fits perfectly and the placement is perfect as well. I like “Mother’s Love”. Your talent is amazing!! And you get better with each piece you paint! Also the painting of the woman in black is exquisite!!!

  7. Your artistry has come such a long way in what seems ( at least to me) a short time. This painting is so sweet. I’m glad you’re no parting with it. Name? How about Baby Take A Bow?

  8. Oh, Marion. It must feel like a miracle to find that the gift for painting was in you, waiting to be uncovered. This is truly beautiful.

  9. By far one of my favorite painting of yours! You captured the sweetness of a momma and baby beautifully (I grew up around cows so can see the resemblance here). I also love the placement on the shelves! I’ve always loved that look; reminds me of a cozy English cottage. 🙂

  10. “Puppy Cow”–years ago my friend couldn’t remember the word calf and ended up calling them puppy cows (we were in high school at the time) and it’s stuck. Just about every time I see a calf I think, “puppy cow!”

  11. Such a sweet painting! I had already though of this name before reading the others and I see a similar name to the one that had come into my mind: Morning Nuzzle

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