Bathroom Shutters

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I’ll warn you upfront…  This is not a post filled with pretty pictures of a finished space.  This is a post about making a small change that improved the looks and function of the window coverings in our bathroom.

Here is how it looked when we first moved in…

We have this awesome soaking tub, which I use almost every day.  I love baths and this one is big and deep and has jets, so it’s a winner in my book.  The only source of natural light is from the large window over the tub.  Aesthetically, it looks nice, but it’s a bit of a challenge when it comes to practicality and function.

Obviously, privacy is the number one issue and this window faces the street.  Second, because the tub is so wide, you have to actually climb in it to be able to pull the cord on the blinds open.  The blinds provided the needed privacy, but the cords looked messy and the faux wood was a little dark for my taste.

So, last week, I painted the window frame, sashes, and sill, and installed some plantation shutters (the same ones from Select Blinds that I installed in the office, dining room, and guest room.)

They look so much better and are more functional for this window.  I can open just the top of the blinds to let some natural light in, but retain complete privacy.  Or I can open them completely if I want to let a lot of light in during the day.

Most of the time, they’ll be closed, but it’s nice to have that option.  And, since I don’t have to pull on a cord, I am able to lean over the tub and flick the shutters open or closed pretty easily.

And, just so there are some pretty pictures, here’s how the same shutters look in the guest room…

…and in the dining room…

I love how clean and classic they are.

We are planning to do some work in our bathroom this fall, so I’ll share my ideas and tentative plans for you in another post…

Bathroom Shutters

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18 Comments on “Bathroom Shutters”

  1. These look great! I can’t wait to see the changes you make. I would love to have shutters like these in my home.

  2. How hard was it to install the shutters? Do they go into the window frame or wall! I am not the handiest but I would love to put some in my master bedroom. The builder put in 3 blinds across our wide window and the cords are a mess and I can never get them to be up at the same height. I tried leaving them down and just turning them open but they let in too little light like that.

  3. They look great! Curious to know if you had to alter the installation to make sure the windows could still be tilted in for cleaning.

  4. Marian, your new blinds made such as transformation in your bathroom! We recently ordered them for our guest bathroom upstairs and they made all the difference as they look so much cleaner and crisp than traditional blinds. When I saw the first ones you installed in your office and dining room I loved them so much I made a order through Select Blinds as well. They are a wonderful company to work with and my blind delivery was prompt and accurate. I will be making a another order in the near future for our master bathroom window.

  5. Ooh yeah, BIG improvement in the bathroom! I’m sure the improved functionality will be so much nicer for you!

  6. The shutters are a great idea BUT – Oh my! – that rug in your dining room – do you mind sharing where it is from?

  7. The shutters look so nice. They really make your room look neater too. Looking back at the guest room just reminds me of how cozy that room looks. The wallpaper, the trim work & painting you did, your linens & all your decor have made that room so inviting. Your dining room rug is the showstopper in that room! Could you remind us where you picked that up & also, do you like the rug? Does it wear well? Does it shed? Thanks for sharing your pictures. 😊

  8. I have the same situation in my bathroom: shutters over a very deep tub which makes adjusting the louvers a pain. Solution: long dowel with a cup hook on one end and a rubber tip on the other! Adjusting the louvers can be done without climbing into the tub!

  9. We also have shutters in all the windows in our home. They especially mitigate the ugly view of the house next door, and they make all our rooms feel warm and finished. Adding the windows over your tub is a great first step towards updating the master bath!

  10. How did you paint the window trim above your tub white? I’d love to this, but am unsure how to adequately cover the stained wood trim I currently have.
    Love this look! And excited to see your master bath transformation this fall!!

  11. since this post is several months old I don’t know if you will see this question or not but did you install the shutters yourself/husband/family? or did the vendor come in? we have shutters in several rooms and I’d like to put them in two more but hesitate due to the cost of having the vendor come in and do it. If it’s a relative no-brainer I might look into doing it ourselves.

    1. We installed the shutters ourselves and they were very easy to put in! It really was just fitting the pieces in place and screwing them into the trim and then hanging the shutters on the frame. It took about 15 minutes or less.

  12. Do you mind sharing the measurements of your bathroom window? I’m getting shutters and having a hard time deciding on how many panels to get. My window is 54 inches wide.

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