Would you like me to buy you something in Lucca?

by | Aug 6, 2019 | a slice of life | 34 comments

In just under a month, I will be heading back to Europe!  I am so excited!  It was such a rejuvenating, inspiring trip and I loved seeing Europe as an adult.  (I grew up in Germany, so I got to see a lot of Europe as a child, but it’s completely different as an adult.)

I will be traveling with my mom again and we’ll be meeting up with Wendy and her husband, John, in Paris before heading to Italy.  We initially thought we would visit another part of Europe, but we all wanted to go back to Paris again and see more of it.  We’ll also be taking a day trip, so we can see some of the French countryside and will travel to Italy by train to see more of Europe en route.  We’re still planning out what we’ll do in Paris, but I’ve started my wishlist.

We will then head to Barga, where we’ll be teaching at and participating in another creative retreat hosted by Dana of The Inspired Tourist.  There will be a few sessions for painting and talking shop, but we are mostly there to fill our inspiration tanks…to step outside of the everyday, slow down, learn, and savor new things.

We will be repeating one of the highlights of last year – shopping at the flea market in Lucca.  (You can read about that HERE.)  That was an amazing experience and I was practically hyperventilating at all of the gorgeous European antiques displayed in booths nestled in the narrow streets, spilling into the piazzas.  It was awesome.

Now that I know what’s there (generally), I feel like I will be more focused.  I want to find small, meaningful things that I can use as finishing touches for my house or fun art supplies.  There was a table-top easel I almost bought last year, but I was afraid I couldn’t fit it in my suitcase and I am kicking myself for not buying it and at least trying!

I’ll probably pick up another piece of copper to add to my collection, too!

But, there is a fun little twist this year!

Dana of The Inspired Tourist and Inspired in Tuscany, our host, would like to offer a giveaway to two of my readers!  The winners of the giveaway will each have 20 Euros for me to spend for you in Lucca.  The lucky readers can let me know what they like, so I can pick out something just for them.

I learned last year that you can get some lovely things for 20 Euro!

To enter, follow THIS LINK and sign up on The Inspired Tourist website.  DON’T LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS POST (unless you just want to say something nice, but it won’t enter you in the giveaway.)

The giveaway will be closed August 26, 2019 and the winners will be announced and notified.

If you’d like to learn more about Dana and The Inspired Tourist, you can follow her on Instagram and Facebook.  She does trip and retreat planning, but also champions taking on the curious and open mindset of a tourist in your own backyard.  I think you’ll enjoy following her!


  1. Gina

    Those gorgeous textiles just make me drool!

  2. Melissa

    I love surprise gifts……..Tip—Pack your suitcase inside a slightly larger empty suitcase so you can bring back MORE treasures. Have a wonderful time!

    • Jamie

      Umm fabulous tip Melissa and I’m totally stealing it!!! 🙂

  3. Sue

    What a blessing to be able to go back to France. I tried taking French. Very hard. Any gift from there would be awesome. Hope you find many treasures and you both be safe.

  4. Susan Page

    Thank You, you’re posts are always so inspiring. I am Australian, living in France and loving it. Last year when you went to Lucca I followed you all the way. My husband and I decided that we wanted to visit ourselves so a few months later we drove to Lucca for a week. What an amazing time we had. So much to see and do, we even caught the train, one day to Florence, where we walked the streets. We filled a week easily and on our return trip home I remember saying to my husband that if it hadn’t been for your post we would never even have known it existed and would never have had such a wonderful experience.
    Thank you and I’ll be following you again as you share your time in Paris and Lucca.

  5. Sharon W

    I always take the biggest suitcase I own in case I find a treasure that needs to come home with me, and I usually do!

  6. Karen K from Buffalo

    I wouldn’t need anything except your posts. Last year it was a great joy to read all about your adventures!

  7. mary m

    I got back from Italy a week ago and when were in Rome it was 100 degrees. Make sure you bring a straw hat. I kept my regular watch at US time and used my phone for local time. That way I was sure I wasn’t sending texts during the night. lol

  8. Marlene Stephenson

    I hope you and your mother have a wonderful time, enjoy and i will be waiting for posts, i so enjoyed those last year.

  9. Nicole Davis

    So excited for you and your mom. My daughter and I are going to Paris for a long weekend at the end of August. We’re going specifically to shop at the local flea markets. It’s been a dream of mine and my daughter travels everywhere so had to be my traveling buddy. All your tips from your last trip have helped us plan this trip. I appreciate all your suggestions. So happy you get to go back.

    • Margo

      You won’t be disappointed in the Paris flea markets. We had such a great time in May. I managed to bring home an ironstone soupsiere in my husband’s carryon!

  10. Mary

    Oh How exciting for you and your mom! I loved your posts last year and look forward to hearing about your adventures this time around. Have an amazing time!

  11. Charlotte

    So excited to follow along with you two! It was wonderful living vicariously through you as you explored. I think that was when I officially became a follower of your blog and signed up for email updates. I’ve seen your work in the past and always admired it but I really enjoyed reading what you wrote about your experience and it was your writing that pulled me in all the way. Thank you for sharing!!!!!!

  12. Andrea

    I love seeing the Linenbee’s tunic you are wearing, maybe light blue or gray?

  13. Chris Strautnieks

    So exciting!!! Shopping in Italy…what a dream 🙂

  14. Vicki

    My heart is beating so fast just seeing these photos. Shopping in Italy is on my bucket list for sure!

  15. Ann Shannon

    My husband and I arrive in Luca on the last day of the flea market in October. Perhaps I will be able to find some of the shops and restaurants you recommend. Looking forward to those posts!

  16. Kathy

    I love Lucca and can’t wait to go back. We were not aware of the flea market and just by chance discovered it. It was so much fun. If you can swing it, a day trip from Paris to Monet’s home is worth it. Strolling through his gardens is like walking through his paintings. Enjoy your trip!

  17. Mary Lynne

    Yummy textiles for me!

  18. Lynne Peyton

    I loved the chandeliers in a post of Diana’s Borga at Mazzano. Picture frames, antique hotel silverware. Oh goodness I wouldn’t know what 20 euros buys. It would be unbelievable to win such a gift. What a great idea. Good Luck every one!

  19. Angela T.

    How fun and such a nice opportunity! I haven’t been to Europe in nearly 20 years; but I have such wonderful memories of the different countries. I would love to visit some European flea markets some day. I see some many wonderful things on Instagram that people have purchased at them. If you get a chance to visit the Loire Valley in France, grab it! The chateaux region is amazing!!! Looking forward to seeing pictures from your trip!

  20. Regina Anthony

    Yes, please! I have no idea how much 20 euros will buy but go for it! Have fun and be safe!

    • Monica

      I checked the exchange rates this morning (8/7) and 20 euros is equal to $22.45

  21. Robin

    When I saw those linens I almost licked my phone screen.

    One time I was on a trip with my Dad in London. Just hours before our flight home I bought these 2 gorgeous fireplace screens. My Dad stopped cold sayimg how ya gonna get those home. I took everything out of my suitcases and shipped it all home. All of my clothes and bras and shoes. Everything. It all arrived I have done that a couple times since. Works like a charm

    Years ago I bought an entire table of unspeakably beautiful transferware for $80 on the street in New York. I couldn’t get my underwear out of my suitcase fast enough. I still use that transferware today.

    A girl’s gotta have priorities
    Life is short

    Marian – put the easle in. You can buy undies later.

  22. Carole Ziegler

    I love all of the linens ( I would like white with blue, any shade of blue, embroidery). Any small silver objects, anything from France would be wonderful. I look forward to reading about your trip.

  23. Michele M. / Finch Rest

    Oh, how exciting! I am so happy for you – and especially because you are able to travel with your mom. I lost my mom in the mid 90s and what I would give to do something this special with her. So I shall just have to live vicariously through you. Hug your mom for me.

    As for this giveaway – whoo hooooooo – what a special treat! I am heading over there now! I am feeling the luck of my Irish side!!!!!

  24. Naomi Shelton

    Oh, how wonder-ul that you are going back. It must be such -un to go to a European -lea Market! Here’s what I would be excited to receive i- I won the giveaway: any item with handmade lace or crochet or a small cow -igure or painting. I have a small cow collection that I recently started–both paintings and small -igurines. I don’t like anything silly or kitschy, but more realistic. O- course, any small piece o- ironstone would be very welcome. Other than that I would de-er to your impeccable taste! I have put in my entry. Thanks to Dana -or the contest.

  25. Pam Wolf

    All of that gorgeous copper is pure joy! Have a wonderful and safe trip. Will continue to follow!

  26. Holly Abbate

    Of the many wonderful and surprising treasures to choose from, I would choose fabric, fabric, fabric!!!
    It packs flat; is easy to ship if needed; can be re-invented into so many areas of our homes and lives… and it comes with a story that we continue to write!!

  27. Beth

    How nice and thoughtful of you to sacrifice room in your suitcase to bring something back for one of us! I lost my mom several years ago also. It brings me joy to see moms and daughters doing things together and just being close with each other. That is priceless. I hope you have a safe, treasure-filled trip! My husband and I went to flea markets in Cannes on our honeymoon. We missed a tour of a castle because I couldn’t walk straight through without browsing… he still tease me about it. 😊

  28. Elizabeth St

    Oh no, my comment just blipped off the screen. It seems to happen every 4 or 5 times I try to pipe in. I guess I’m just lucky. If anyone can think of something I might be doing wrong, please chime in.

    The gist of my comment:
    1. Beautiful change.
    2. You always know just what a room needs.
    3. The stool brings in a nice rustic touch.
    4. Every time you show the guest room, I want to spend the night there. Time for a contest?

  29. TC

    Have a safe, wonder filled adventure! Hoping you discover the treasures of your dreams.😊

  30. Kimberly

    I loved Paris and Italy when I went last year, it was incredible I can’t wait to go again. Enjoy your trip!!!

  31. Cassandra

    The gift will be savoring the posts to come during and after your trip. I just drooled over the things you picked up, and learned things about intention and desire and needs and wants during your last trip. I cannot wait to see what you’re up to.


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