painted porch bench

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I spent the day painting cabinets, again!  I am really ready to be done with that project, but I’m nearing the finish line.  I should have the cabinets around the fridge put back together tomorrow.

For now, in today’s post, I’m going to circle back to share a project we completed when my parents were still here.  Remember the front porch?

My dad and I worked together to paint the door in a custom-mixed green that I felt complimented the pinkish-beige siding.  (Yes, I would love to eventually paint or replace the siding, but that’s way, way down the priority list, so I need to make it work for now.)

And I decided to paint the bench to match.  It looked nice as it was, but it blended into the siding a bit and I liked the idea of it relating to the front door.   My dad worked on painting the bench while my mom and I worked on other projects and I came in here and there to paint areas that involved sitting on the floor, so he didn’t have to do that.

Even though it’s not my preferred palette of blue & white, I think the beige, black, and green play together well.


I can’t wait to work on the front garden in the spring to tie it all together even more.

Until then, I’m sprucing the porch up for fall and will share that soon!

PS – I have totally dropped a few blog series in recent weeks and months, just because of Lucketts and the move, but I will be picking them up again soon – The Stuff Series, Dear Reader, & Decorating Dilemmas.

painted porch bench

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25 Comments on “painted porch bench”

  1. I really like the green with your siding. It looks natural and soft and will look pretty with the plants and flowers. Pumpkins are going to look great on your porch!

  2. It looks great! You will find a covered porch is great for decorating all seasons, pumpkins and mums for fall, and even you can put a small Christmas tree with ornaments at Christmas time. I even have a trunk on mine!

  3. Love the bench. It does carry the front door color to other side of the porch.

    I would like to suggest for a treat in the spring to plant some bulbs this fall to enjoy next spring. Something easy to see from kitchen window or your studio.

  4. Way to get out of your blue and white comfort zone. I think greens are so great for outside, blending in with natural elements so well.

  5. The painted bench really does help to pull the look together. I can’t remember if you said whether you had plans for the porch, but painting the concrete or adding an indoor/outdoor rug (or both) would look very welcoming.

  6. Love the idea of painting the bench the same color as the door. It creates a cohesive look, and your plants in the front make for such a happy front entrance! 🙂

  7. Looks awesome. Love the color and it goes so well with your house. That is what I have a hard time with, house colors and accent with those.

  8. I’m glad to hear you’ll be doing more of the Decorating Dilemmas series. I enjoy all that you do, but those posts are my absolute favorites.

  9. I can’t believe the difference between the unpainted and the painted bench. It really just give it so much life.

  10. You are a busy person, so i understand and will wait to see those other series when you can. I love your door and bench they really look great together and even make the house color look better.

  11. Have you thought about putting pontel glass in the transit windows over the door? A gas hanging light would be some sparkle if you have gas in your area.

  12. Marian, your front porch looks lovely. Just so amazed at all you have done to personalize your lovely new home in such a few weeks! Everything is looking so nice! Blessings!

  13. Hi, Marian.
    When you do get to gardening, please think about adding some Lamb’s Ear out front. The color will break up the greens in the garden and relate nicely to the door and bench. Several purple salvias will bloom all summer long as well. Minnesota folks love their greenscape as i learned when this D.C. Gal dropped her son off at U of Minnesota a few weeks ago. The use of indigenous plants was done so well all through campus. Also, the Isle of Lakes area is a great place for gardening inspiration.

  14. Did I miss it or did you say – I would love to know the paint and color you used on your door and bench? Please! My door and bench blend into my house, I’d love to paint them a green like yours! Beautiful!!!!!

  15. Having “watched” you decorate over the years, I would never have anticipated the door and bench color you chose. My guess would have been something with more intensity, something that would draw the eye to the entrance, rather than blend so with the siding. This color was a surprise. And I am wondering if it will remain.

  16. What a great inspiration to us, your faithful readers, to perk up our own front porches before it gets too cold to paint. Thanks. It looks lovely!

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