painting cabinets | why I’m not using milk paint…

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As I’ve been sharing the process of painting the cabinetry in my house, I’ve received the same question several times…

“Why aren’t you using MMS Milk Paint on your cabinets?”

As I mulled over how to best answer that question, my thoughts wandered to my art supplies.   I have oils, watercolors, acrylics, and pastels in my art cabinet.  Why do I feel the need to use different mediums?

The answer is that they have different strengths and result in different looks.

Just because I have mad love for milk paint doesn’t mean it’s the only paint on my shelf.  In this house (and in my last one as well), I felt like crisp, bright white trim and cabinets would best compliment the house and my style.

For that reason, I chose a paint that has different strengths and results in a different look.

I hope the fact that I share other paints and products that I use, like acrylics on some of my landscape dressers, spray paint on casters, and latex on walls, makes an even stronger case for milk paint.  When I’m using it, it’s not simply because my name is on it.  It’s because I love it and believe it’s the best paint for that specific project.

And MMS Milk Paint will definitely make a showing in the new house.  I’m taking advantage of the nice weather, since I need to spray the cabinets outside.  I can use milk paint inside the house any time of the year!

I have lots of plans, but I know I’ll be painting the base of the “factory table“…

And, I think this butler’s pantry has a lot of potential to look like a free-standing piece of furniture and milk paint would be well-suited to set it apart.

Next up, I’ll share the products I am using on the built-in and kitchen cabinets as well as a tips for getting a great finish.

You can continue this series HERE with the post on priming.

painting cabinets | why I’m not using milk paint…

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29 Comments on “painting cabinets | why I’m not using milk paint…”

  1. Happy Friday.:)
    I’m really looking forward to following along as you put your touch on the “factory table “. I know it will look amazing!

  2. The ones that you have completed have already changed the look of the room… and it will only get better. They are pretty cabinets and really lovely in white.

    Your plan to do a section at a time is wise. Not overwhelming, and you are still able to use you kitchen, which means a lot.

    You kitchen in PA was so lovely and I am guessing this one will rival it, when you are finished.

    Love the “factory table.” The scalloped skirt on it is so delightful.

  3. Would any of you talented ladies offer me some advice on how to paint a lovely wooden, unfinished Scandinavian style doll house? I want it to be used by 5 granddaughters ages 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. I was thinking chalk paint but maybe that isn’t the right finish.

    Many thanks,
    Pat in South Dakota

    1. If the wood is unfinished, milk paint would be perfect! It will also give a beautifully Scandinavian look. 🙂

  4. I’ve been wondering what sheen of enamel you are using on your cabinets and walls.
    Looking great. You have high energy to do all you are doing!!!

  5. Can’t wait to see those cabinets painted! If it were mine I’d definitely do some sort of blue or green. Humm, maybe even yellow or black. LOL, I’d have to see what struck me! Of course they would have a weathered/antiqued look!
    Thanks for sharing your transition!

  6. I’m floored that this would even be a question. Thank you for being so gracious in answering it. I love how your home is slowly becoming yours. I’m learning from you how to make my new modern house feel like my home. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. I noticed the picture of the butlers pantry and looking through to the dinning room you can see the blue cupboard, looks odd to see them both but maybe not as noticeable when you are in your home and look in that direction…

    1. Yes, I feel the same way! We are going to do floor=to-ceiling built-in shelves that will be painted out white on that dining room wall, which will look better, I think. I’m also going to paint the butler’s pantry and make it look more like a piece of furniture.

  8. Just a quick question if I may………what kind of paint did you use on your cabinets. They are beautiful. That is exactly what I want to do!

  9. Is the refrigerator in your kitchen the new one you spoke about getting? If it is I hope you will do a post about it soon as we will be getting a new one soon and I would like your take on them. I have a side by side and it does not have enough freezer room for me so I have thought of getting one with the freezer on the bottom like the one you have.

    Everything is coming along so nicely and it is exciting to read and see all of your plans.

  10. Great Explanation; no one paint is right for everything. I just painted my pantry wall with your vintage chalkboard mix of artissimo & boxwood & I love it. Framed the whole wall with vintage yardsticks too. Just makes the whole space!

  11. I see that you have chosen to spray your cabinets. Please tell me what sprayer you use. I like using my sprayer for small projects (chairs, small tables) however, I’m still not completely satisfied with the final product. Perhaps you are using a better quality sprayer, and maybe, I should explore other options. Thank you!

  12. Looking forward to seeing how you painted your cabinets. Will be doing my kitchen cabinets soon but am now choosing a shade of green for the bottom cabinets and a white for the top ones. It is a maddening process as the choices are many.

  13. No, I’m using a quality enamel paint with a satin finish, so it does not require a top coat.

  14. I had cabinets made from wood (only a few cabinets, as it is a small kitchen, which I painted with white milk paint and then applied a top coat. I loved the look – for about a month, as now they are yellowing. I am tempted to sand them down again and paint with latex paint to get a bright white look. I would love your thoughts.

  15. Well spoken. We trust you more just knowing you use what is best for the project. You are authentic and someone we can all relate to. Thanks for sharing your talents!

  16. I would love to know what paint brand you chose to paint your kitchen cabinets with. Can’t seem to find it anywhere in the blog😉

  17. If I have builder grade cabinets from the early 90s, though you’d never know it they’re seriously in brand new condition! They have that lovely pinkish white wash color and I’m desperate to paint them though getting overwhelmed by all the different diy paint kitchen cabinet options. What do you recommend? Milk paint, latex, something else entirely?

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