Dear Reader | to the one who feels like it’s too late

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I recently received this e-mail entitled “The turning of the tide?”… “Dear Marian, I wanted to pick your wonderful, creative brain for a moment and not as a reply on your webpage.  I began painting furniture not too long ago, my style is what I would call French farmhouse with an English twist.  Recently I have noticed that things have slowed down … Read More

dear reader | to the one who keeps making the same decorating mistakes

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Dear Reader (to the one who keeps making the same decorating mistakes), We should start a club.  We’ll call it the “I have not learned my lesson” club or the “Oops, I did it again” club.  (Hey!  We have a theme song if we call it that.) We can have meetings and everything. “Hello.  My name is Marian.” Psst.  This … Read More

dear reader | what are you afraid of?

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When I posted my first “dear reader” post, I asked for suggestions of what you, my readers, would like me to write specifically to you. I received this suggestion from Krista and I really loved it, so this is what I’m writing about today… “I do have a suggestion for the “Dear Reader” series, “What are you afraid of?”  What I … Read More

dear reader | to the one who’s waiting for the next house

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Dear Reader, Have you ever had a moment when you look around your current place of residence, make a mental list of things you’d like to do, things that would make you really love the space, and then you resign and decide to just wait for the next house? You can’t execute your vision or live out your dream in this … Read More