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If you can’t tell by the title, this post is a total hodgepodge.  That’s how the last few days have been, though.  Christmas freelance photoshoots, finishing details for Lucketts, gardening…I’m a little all over the place.  (Which isn’t totally unusual for me!)

For the sake of starting somewhere, let’s start with lavender.


On a whim, I bought some of these lavender topiaries last year just a few days before Lucketts.  I was just getting into gardening and I loved the idea of bringing some “life” to the booth with plants.

Those lavender topiaries flew out of the booth last year.  It was crazy how fast they sold.  So, I was on the hunt for some to carry again this year and I found them over the weekend!  I spotted them from the car on the way home from the grocery store.  “Jeff, stop the car!  There are the lavender topiaries!”  I hopped out and filled my cart to capacity.


This variety is called “Anouk” lavender.  Their blossoms look like purple bumble bees…


I photographed them in my dining room, but they really won’t thrive inside.  They need full sun, but I just couldn’t help putting them on my table for a couple of days.


I bought two for myself and a few to sell.  This isn’t the kind of thing I sell for profit, but just because they look pretty in my space.  I repotted them in these “distressed” concrete pots and tucked them in with some fresh moss, so they would look finished and ready to go to a new home.  And, let’s face it, I’m just buying plants from a nursery, so I want to put my touch on them.

I also got in another shipment of French soaps.  I was sold out of them and then my supplier was sold out!  I was able to get an order in just in time to Lucketts, though.  I don’t have all of the varieties I was hoping for, but I at least have some to sell.


I also had two new t-shirts designed to sell at Lucketts this year.  I’ll be picking them up early next week and am excited to show them off.  I never planned on selling t-shirts, but after my crew and I wore them at Lucketts one year, people asked to buy them.  We’ve had the same designs for a few years, so I decided to change them up this year.  The t-shirt styles will be the same, but the graphics are different.

Anyway, I’ve always had them folded on a cart or shelf in my booth and it’s challenging to keep them neat.


So, I bought a rolling rack to hang the t-shirts on to keep them neater and easier for customers to determine which size is best for them.  I don’t want to have to tag each shirt, so I decided to make a sign to hang at the end of the rack.

As I mulled over that idea, I thought of the beautiful SALE banners used in Anthropologie stores.  They are embroidered and so detailed that they caught my attention immediately.  It’s not some plastic printed sign.  It’s a special touch that fits with the overall brand.

Well, I can do that!  With my own twist, of course.  I cut out a piece of canvas, painted it in a cream acrylic paint, and let it dry overnight.  Katie was in the next morning, so I asked if she would paint a very loose landscape that would compliment our mural.  She did about 99% of this and I just finished up a few things when she had to leave to get her boys…


I painted out lettering and the price and then hot-glued it to a dowel.  It’s trimmed in green pom-pom fringe (also hot-glued) and strung up with some blue and white jute twine.

Come on…


How cute is that?!  It’s one of those things that just makes me happy as a business owner.

Now I want to make a sign for everything.  Landscapes all around!

And, amid all of the Lucketts prep, I accepted a few freelance projects.  It was a little crazy on my part, but I was in pretty good shape for Lucketts and these projects were simple ones, so I took them on.

One of the projects involved indigo dyeing, which I am now totally in love with!


Let’s just throw everything in the dye bath.

Indigo and landscapes.  This is my language.

I’m getting out of the studio tomorrow for one last-minute shopping trip for smalls.  We’re almost there…


  1. Laurie

    Love everything you touch! So wish I could experience Luckett’s with you.

  2. Sarah

    I can’t wait for Lucketts! It’s my first time, and I’m bringing my husband and 3 kiddos (4, 7, and 10) with me from Texas!!!! Can’t wait to see your booth.

  3. B Folk

    Those t-shirt pricing signs are so Miss Mustard Seed! They definitely proclaim that they are advertising your unique wares. I agree, a landscape mural for everything:-)
    My lavender plants are the same ones in this post and they are growing like gangbusters! Of course, the pests are coming out, too (the mosquitoes and ugly stinkbugs, and something that’s trying to dig up my lettuces). sigh…

  4. Donna

    Love the topiaries! And all of your signs, amazing. Can’t wait to see it next Friday!

  5. Pamela

    you are living the dream !! So proud of you and your accomplishments..
    Blessings for a prosperous Lucketts sale !!

  6. karen l

    Everything is looking great! I’m so with you on the indigo dye – I had a crafty weekend with my sisters and ended up pulling everything white i could find in my closet to wrap or scrunch and throw in the dye bucket! Can’t wait to see what you made.

  7. Marsha Kern

    You are so amazing with everything you touch!

  8. jackie pankuck

    Love to try indigo dyeing. Is it as hard as I am reading? Maybe a post on that after Luckett’s???

  9. Krista

    That sign is sooo adorable and so you! How creative! I would love to learn to indigo dye as well…yes, maybe a how-to post sometime, please?!

  10. Jennifer

    I hope there’s a t-shirt with my name on it ?

  11. Cheapdiva

    Yes!! Tell us how to dye indigo – have a chair I was planning on doing in white duck, but the indigo would be perfect!!

  12. Rose

    Love love love the tshirt mural/sign! What a nice touch. I have never heard of indigo dyeing but would love to learn more about it too!


    These would probably die here in VA as have not seen the sun for 15 days. Plants I have bought and planted are water logged or have died. Do not like complaining about weather but this is getting to be pretty OLD. I certainly hope the fields have a chance to dry for Lucketts next week.

  14. Sherry Nerreau

    Loved the T-shirt sign! The pom pom fringe made it! Wish I could see your booth at Lucketts. It will be spectacular! Hope you show us some pictures of the booth after the show. Best of luck with the sale!

  15. Donna Doble-Brown

    Ok . . . That SIGN! Sighhhhhh gosh the colors alone are perfection! Can’t I be like Tabitha in Bewitched and wrinkle my nose a couple of times and find myself in your both at Lucketts????!!!!!
    A girl can dream . . . .

  16. Rosalina

    Hi mmm. Where do you get indigo. And what are you dying. Sheets? Would love to go to your sale but live so far away. Sending blessings for your Lucketts sale.

  17. Leslie Collison

    How big is you booth at Luckett’s? I just did the 3 Speckled Hens Show in Paso Robles, Calif. with a 10 X 20 booth. I was exhausted ( but very happy) had a very successful show. There were over 7,300 shoppers just on Saturday. Thank goodness you are going to have a lot of help. Can’t wait to see pictures of your booth all set up. Now if I only lived closer so I could restock for the next show coming up in the fall……..

    • marian

      Last year it was 10 x 30 with lots of overflow space outside of the tent. This year it’s 20 x 40!!

      • Leslie Collison

        Awesome!! Thanks so much for responding. Always look forward to your blogs, they are so inspiring!!
        Truly believe you will have a great show and will be blessed with meeting so many people coming to see your booth and designs and just to meet you in person.

  18. Cindy

    Indigo dyeing !!! The colors look gorgeous! Can’t wait to see more…

  19. Angela

    Please sell those t shirts online. I want one but won’t get to come to Luckett’s.

    • marian

      Yes, I will!

  20. Lynnette

    Oh my gosh…a few of my favorite things, lavender, french soap and indigo. I just got an indigo dye kit to play with this summer. So wistful this rainy day to just get in the car and drive to your sale. Heart felt blessings to you and your crew!

  21. Georgianna

    Would you be willing to share how she painted the sign? Is it all with milk paint, craft paint, acrylics artist paint? Its just so soft and pretty and I would really love to try my hand at copying it, if I could get a few pointers? hint hint, please!!! 🙂

    • marian

      It was painted with acrylics on a piece of canvas. I’m getting inspired to do more painting, so maybe we’ll do some tutorials!

      • Georgianna

        Yes please and thank you!

  22. Jes

    Hi, I love the “weathered concrete pots”. Can you tell me where you found these, or how you aged them? Thanks!!

  23. Reg

    Love the topiaries! You have great style and it always looks like you are having such fun!

  24. Melanie

    Love, love, love everything you do! Looking at your photographs makes me happy and inspires me! I wish I could attend Lucket’s sale!

  25. Marlene Stephenson

    Every bit of you booth will be the greatest, post a lot of pictures so we that live too far can drool and dream. Lol!

  26. Mary Borgsmiller

    I have no clue what indigo dyeing is but the color is beautiful. Please show more when your are finished at Lucketts. Wish I could be there….maybe in a few years if I get to retire (sigh). Also love the tshirt sign….y’all should sell the signs also…….the landscapes are beautiful and your lettering is great. Everything you touch, Marian, is gold! You are so blessed with talent!

  27. Carol

    Did you get the lavender topiaries at a big box store or a nursery? I can’t find any anywhere! Thanks!

  28. Mary T

    I hope to meet you tomorrow at Lucketts!! It’s not far from me and you are my idol!

    Thanks for all the sharing you to!



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