a new seat for the “bamboo” chairs

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A few weeks ago, I traded for some furniture and ended up with these two faux bamboo chairs as a part of the deal.  They are very unique chairs and I felt immediately drawn to them, but they were problematic.  The caned seat on one of them was entirely punched through and the other one was damaged and sagging.


I moved them to the to-do stash and put them out of mind for a while.  As I’ve shared before, upholstery is not my favorite thing to work on and I procrastinate.  Such was the case with these.

Since I don’t do caning, the best way to deal with these was to make a new seat and upholster it. They’ll be sturdier and more comfortable in the long run, anyway.  I always hold my breath a little when I sit in a caned seat.  I’m just waiting for the day when I fall through and am left, thighs to stomach, bottom on the floor, entirely at the mercy of whoever is in the room who can help me get out of that predicament.

I made a new seat the way I did in THIS TUTORIAL.  If you want the quick version, I made a paper template of the shape of the seat and then used it to cut a new seat out of plywood.  I screwed the new seats onto the frame.  For these chairs, I used 1″ foam, cut to the right size/shape, covered it in upholstery batting, and then the antique grain sack upholstery fabric.


The frames are a little orange and I debated painting them, but I think they would look awkward painted, since they were cut to mimic bamboo.  I decided to leave them as is.


I was able to fold the fabric pretty tightly around the legs, so I didn’t have to use a gimp trim.  I like the cleaner look for these chairs.


They are fairly tall chairs, so they would be nice at a dining table or I also picture them in a hallway, flanking a table or chest.


They pair pretty perfectly with the sweet little pine table/desk I bought several weeks ago…

mms-7129 mms-7132

The chairs, table little stool and accessories (except the painting) are coming to Lucketts to sell!

Jeff came to the studio today and saw the Lucketts hoard for the first time.  His eyes widened and he slowly nodded his head.

“Wow…  That’s a lot of stuff.”

You see, it’s his task to pack the truck…


  1. Karen

    My husband can feel Jeff’s pain. That is his job too. The chairs are adorable!

  2. Christi

    I love any furniture with Bamboo! I did some custom work for a client which included a 1970’s dresser with bamboo trim. We decided on pure white in high gloss with gold hardware. It was beautiful!!

    You should definitely give canning a try. It really is easy, and you can take out some frustration pounding the cane and the spline into place.

  3. Michelle

    Love the chairs, they would would be perfect in our office. Just curious do you every sell anything before a show to those who can not attend? If so how much are these beauties?

  4. Alicia

    Those chairs are quite gorgeous! You made the right decision to not paint them, they are beautiful as is.

  5. Rosemary C

    I LOVE these chairs!! If lucketts was an option for me I would be coming to scoop them up for sure. I am so glad you didn’t paint them. They are beautiful!

  6. Susan

    I am in love with the painting! You need to find a way to sell prints of these!

  7. Melissa Leach

    I think the chairs turned out great! Wow, I’m the only one that was surprised you didn’t paint the chairs.

  8. Michelle E

    First let me say I love your style. That said, the fabric does not go with the style of chair. Sorry, you did a beautiful job but to my eye the style of chair and fabric do not coordinate.

    • marian

      That’s okay! I did struggle with what fabric to use on them and ultimately, this looked the best to me, but there are lots of directions these chairs could’ve gone. No offense taken at all. 🙂

  9. Sally

    Marian, can you tell me how the painting is hung? I guess what kind of backing it is on maybe. Is it a stretched canvas or canvas board?

    • marian

      It is a stretched canvas on a frame and I hung it on a simple nail.

  10. Leighann

    Perfection. Bravo!

  11. Mary Noyes

    Those are very nice. I wonder if they are McGuire chairs. I’ve seen similar in high end magazines. Lovely

  12. Marilee

    Like Michelle, I was wondering if you would consider selling these before Lucketts. We live in TX but will be traveling through PA in a few weeks. Ask Jeff, I’m sure he’d be happy not to have to load them??

  13. Janice

    I agree with Michelle. The fabric doesn’t go with the frame of the chair.

  14. teri

    One Kings Lane

    $1675 Out of stock

    Faux-Bamboo & Thibaut Club Chairs, Pair

    look identical to me painted coral- on Pinterest

  15. Debbie H.

    OH MY! The chairs are truly delightful but I A D O R E the pine table…. I live near Lucketts and must, must inquire…. What are you asking for the pine table, pretty please??

  16. Lori

    Love them and one of them has my initials on it!!! Does that give me first dibs? 😉

  17. Susan

    Bless his heart. ? For better or worse. Love the chairs. Wish I could go to buy the stool.

  18. Naomi S.

    What darling chairs! I’m not normally drawn to bamboo, but these are nice, and I think they are so much more charming with the upholstered seats than the caned ones. The upholstery provides some contrast to the wood which I think is attractive. And I love the little vignette you put together with the pine table and little stool–perfect! Question: when you attach the plywood seats do you place the wood on top of the opening or underneath? And how thick a plywood do you use? I’m going back to the tutorial about replacing and upholstering a chair seat.

    I just now scrolled up and happened to read the origin of the chairs at One Kings Land–AND the price! Whoa, baby! Of course, some might say you’ve ruined them with the upholstered seats, but I think they look great and are ready for a “new life”!

    Regarding getting ready for Lucketts, have faith and keep on truckin’! Like many others I wish I were goin’.

  19. Cheryl

    Gave me a good giggle?, your description of falling thru a cane seat?
    You Rock!!?❤️?

  20. Jennifer

    Question… How do you figure prices on pieces you have worked on? Painted or upholstered or slip covered

    • marian

      It is totally by gut feel! I make sure I get out of it what I put in (as far as actual investment in the item and materials), but the rest is just how much I think it’s worth, how much I’ve sold previous pieces for, etc. Sometimes it’s just how much I love the piece! It’s very arbitrary! I do always end up making a nice overall profit, so I look at the big picture instead of each individual item.

  21. Stacy

    I can’t want for Lucketts!!! I will be there, so excited! Will you do a post before with a “preview” of all the items you will be bringing?

    • marian

      Yes, I will!

  22. Mary Beth

    I think I should get first dibs because I have the best reason I can’t make it to Luckett’s – I’m in Afghanistan! But I could come to PA to pick them up the next time I’m home…. 😉

  23. Davalyn

    I love the antique grain sack fabric. Can you tell me where I could get fabric like that?

  24. Sue Pagels

    Poor Jeff! My husband is NOT a good packer…and he yells when I make suggestions! Love all the posts!

    • marian

      LOL…well, packing and moving almost always brings out the worst in us, too! I think it’s just a stressful thing in general. We’ve gotten better at it, though! 🙂

  25. NatureImmerse

    What an absolutely gorgeous save, Jen! I love refreshed look and that fabric is perfect. Thanks for sharing the DIY!


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