It’s getting down to the wire.

I had an errand to run yesterday, so I decided to do some last minute shopping while I was out.  The day away from the studio was good for me, anyway.  There is still a lot to do, but sometimes I just invent more things to do when I’m in the studio!

It ended up being an amazing shopping trip.  I found a few things that made my heart beat a little faster…

I really like to take pretty, styled pictures of the things I find, but we’re running out of room in the studio and work hours in the day!  So, I just snapped some pictures as I unpacked and tagged my recent finds.

The video covers most of the items, but there are a few I didn’t mention in order to keep the video shorter.

I couldn’t resist this concrete statue.  It looks a little bit like my Oma.  Sort of a Shirley Temple era child with curls and chubby thighs.


I also found two white enamel molds, a set of delicate silver-plated napkin rings and an old glass jar.


I shared about this awesome scale, but you may have noticed the bag of wooden letters.  They are kind of like Scrabble letters, but different.  I thought someone might enjoy using them for decoration or a project.

mms-7465 mms-7469

I didn’t find a lot of ironstone on this trip, but I did find a couple of small, oval plates and a compote with a blue flower detail.

I really honed in on textiles during this trip.  There are a couple of booths in this particular antique mall that have a lot of great linens, so I spent time digging through boxes, bins, and stacks.  I was pretty excited about this linen nightgown.  I’m washing it right now, but I am seriously going to try it on to see if I can pull it off as a dress or tunic.  I’ll let you know how that goes!



Tomorrow I’ll be working with my mom to make a bunch of pillows and a few other last minute things.  I also have quite a bit of planting to do to get all of my topiaries, herbs, and succulents market-ready.  I bought these galvanized buckets for that very reason.


When I go shopping at the “last minute”, I focus on pieces that can just be tagged and sold.  It’s not a time to add more work and projects to the list.  A few items needed a little Hemp Oil , sanding (like the little white stool I mention in the video), or washing, but nothing that took up a lot of time.

I also look for pieces that will work well with what I already have.   Not just in style, but in the way things can be displayed.

For example, that baby crib will be a great place for the grain sack rolls, the pillows we’re making, or bunches of dried lavender.  The wire rack will be an amazing display for milk paint products.  That wooden tote will look so sweet with a couple of plants tucked inside.  I try to think of the big picture of how everything will work together and purchase things that fit with that vision.

I don’t even know fully how it will all turn out until I get there, but I have lots of ideas and I’ve learned from experience that it will all come together.

More to come – new t-shirts, Look Book Two is printed and sitting in boxes in the studio, and I’m biting my nails over the weather and hoping everything will make it down to Lucketts in one trip…


  1. Dorothy O.

    So sweet, she’s twirling. Marian I’ve seen vendors use the wood tile letters and perch them on
    wire frogs to spell out short motivating words. Wish we had vendors on the west coast who were as reasonable in pricing as you seem to find. Out here items are already so high, there’s not much margin for profit. Good for you!

  2. Lynn

    So much inspiration! I love that you’re able to just run out and find all these great pieces. My pitter-pats over the old textiles and of course the baskets but of course every piece is wonderful. Good luck and well wishes for good weather.

  3. Argelia Brown

    Wish I could make it to Luckett’s, but planning on it next year! By the way, your haircut looks great! Best of luck to you and all your “assistance”!

  4. Terri

    Love the video and I certainly will pray for good weather for y’all. Your new hair style is beautiful!

  5. Peg

    I would haul home that statue in a minute, but Virginia isn’t really close to Wyoming. Best of luck next weekend! Good weather or not, I bet you’ll do great!

  6. Julie @ Creating This Life

    I have that same concrete statue, only in black, and she sits on my dresser holding necklaces and rosaries. I love her!

  7. Andrea Bray

    Marian: What great merchandise! Sorry I can’t make the journey to Luckets. BTW, your hair looks great, like it was professionally styled.

  8. Melissa Leach

    I wondered in your video if you were ever going to introduce us to your sweet little miss, the concrete statue! She is adorable and I would love to have her in my home. I also have my eyes on all those galvanized buckets, what a find! The booth will be amazing.

  9. Jessica | Petal + Ply

    the little garden girl! i love her. Reminds me of my little lady when she was 2/3. She had the curliest sweetest hair. Now at almost 7 it’s mostly straight. I miss the curls!

  10. Wanda

    My Mom had that statue. It is called Bashful Betty. There is also a boy that goes with it called Dapper Dan. We are lucky to have both.

  11. three stones

    Great video ! Good luck this weekend!

  12. Chris

    Thanks for the inspiration! You’re the best! Have a great show!!

  13. Caroline English

    Wow, Marian, look at your hair! When did you convert from being a blonde? Looks fantastic — what a change! Can’t wait to see you at Lucketts. I am coveting the blue coverlet you scored today — that’ll definitely be on my list if you don’t decide to keep it for yourself. Fingers crossed for no rain this year!

    • marian

      I am always changing my hair and have gone darker in recent years, but it always fades back to blonde, since that’s my natural color. This time, it was a little too dark for me, so I want back and she added a few more highlights. 🙂

  14. Robin Ramsey Leach

    All the stuff is wonderful! But the hair! Marian, the HAIR IS FABULOUS!

  15. Margie

    What a surprise! I have the same little girl concrete stature sitting in a special place in my back yard. I purchased it several years ago while attending the WORLD’S LONGEST YARD SALE in northeast Alabama. I love it and have never seen another until now. Hope she makes a nice profit for you, or looks good in a special spot in your yard!.

  16. Liz

    Wow! What a haul. I LOVE the blue coverlet. Gorgeous.

  17. Cheryl

    Love, love, love all your finds!! Love your hair, so pretty!! I will be praying the weather is great for you. Wish I could go and see all your amazing things in person.

  18. Sue

    Marian, I just love these “haul” videos – I hope you keep doing them even after Lucketts. I love hearing your ideas and I am anxiously awaiting Look Book Two – yippee!!

    Praying for dry, clear weather next weekend 🙂

  19. Rebecca

    Nail pouch / apron…displayed with a washtub and old clothespins perhaps…just a thought

  20. Naomi S.

    What a nice haul, Marian! I am partial to the little white dresses, as always. I also like the statue of the little girl. I have one similar, but not old, but I like her standing in my garden. And I love the little baby crib with its perfectly vintage, chippy look. I am anxious to see what type of pillows you sew for the sale as I have been thinking about making some myself.

    I am praying for wonderful weather for the Lucketts Market. Safe travels and hope you sell, sell, sell!

  21. Karen

    I love it all! Ironic that you mention falling in love with each piece you are about to sell. I was just taking pictures this afternoon of a dresser I am working on. My next blog post is going to be about having a crush on it! I get dreamy about each piece I purchase as well.

    The tunic you have on is adoarable! Can I ask where you purchased it?

    Praying for sunshine and blessed sales at Lucketts!

  22. Barbara

    Loved the video!!! Please do more. It was very inspiring! I always enjoy listening to why people buy what they do and how they are going to use it.

  23. Deb Zaharchuk

    I am so hoping to get to Lucketts next weekend, my dear husband is going to take me if the weather cooperates! I faithfully read your blog and am amazed by all your lovely finds and projects! You have outdone yourself with all your preparations, I’m dying to see your booth in person.

    On another note, you’re killing me with all the must-haves I’m going to need now, (look book, tee shirts)! Can’t wait to see all of the Ironstone! Best wishes for a great market!

    • Deb Zaharchuk

      P.s.. Never been to the market before, it will be my first time!!

  24. Laurie

    I have that statue too in my garden. I bought it because it reminded me of my mother when she was a little girl. It is the sweetest!

  25. Karen Keller-Eyer

    Hoping you will tell us your source for grain sack runners or sell pieces in your online shop!!! The texture is amazing in your video.

    Best wishes for sunshine and happiness at Lucketts Market ! xox

  26. Carol Ann

    As much as I hate that I’m not in your neck of the woods and can easily plan a shopping trip to Luckett’s, I absolutely LOVE hearing and reading about your booth and your plans to make it uniquely Miss Mustard Seed. Your posts have been fascinating and I love learning the method to your madness!!

  27. Becky

    these are amazing finds! Some day I hope to have a booth of my own! My question is…how do you know what to buy for things to make a profit? You are such an inspiration! I just went to my very first Brimfield Antique Show in Massachusetts and it was OVERWHELMING to say the least! Best of luck this weekend! Will Pray for you and the weather!

  28. Krista

    Such great finds! Your hairdo looks adorable!

  29. Renee gibbs

    I am coming to the luckets markett! I am so excited. Have tickets for Friday, Hope I can get my hands on several of these items…scale, compote, linens. I am going to have to find your tent first. Your items scream take me home!!!


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