a calico, a black sheep & gwendolyn

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On Thursday, Kriste, Katie and I all worked together to finish up the second 9 x 20′ mural backdrop for Lucketts.

I painted a second coat on the lettering and Kriste added the grommets on the sides, top and bottom, which we’ll use to tie it to the tent poles.  (Someone asked how we’re going hang it and that’s how!)


And all three of us worked together to add the finishing touches.  Well, we got a little over ambitious and added a farmhouse, cows, and sheep, so if you can call those “finishing touches”…


Katie “sketched” out the placement of the farmhouse and I finished painting it.  Kriste added the little calico cat at the back step.  We just couldn’t resist.


Kriste also painted the sheep and I painted the little tree to give them some shade.  One of our readers suggested adding a black sheep and I loved that idea.  He’s a black sheep in a good way, though.  And I love the mom and baby pair.


Katie whipped out the cows and haystack pretty quickly.  She’s just amazing, but she has pretty limited time with us, so after she left, I picked up where she left off (which was a little intimidating!)


I got into it, though, and I couldn’t help customizing one of the cows.  Does anyone recognize this one?


It’s Gwendolyn from my family room!


Well, she’s a little tribute to Gwendolyn, anyway.


We talked about adding Eulalie, too, but I wasn’t brave enough to do that!  Eulalie is in a league of her own.

I did get a little lost in the mural, though.  When I finished, I started rattling off a list of things I was going to work on before the end of the day, including upholster two chairs and an ottoman, make a bedskirt and photograph the industrial cart we made over.  I hadn’t even had lunch, so I figured it was around 1:00 or so.

Kriste pointed out that it was 3:15 (and we usually leave at 4:00.)

“Oh my goodness!  What in the world happened to today?!”

It’s a good day when time flies that quickly.

I did some work this morning and then I finally took some time to get my hair cut.  I usually don’t work in the studio on Saturdays, but my mom and I are going to take a few hours tomorrow to work on the things I didn’t get finished on Thursday and to get a head start on all of the packing.  A few of you asked about that and it is pretty much just like moving.  I’ll do a post about the process for those who are interested!

Lucketts is just two weeks from today…


  1. Dorothy

    Marian, very interested to see a post on packing for market. Love your innovations (canvas backdrop). Your theatrical experience is coming through!

  2. Georgianna

    I love love love this painted backdrop idea. I want to do a mural like this for myself somewhere in the house, but it would probably turn out laughable. But I think it is a brilliant idea and it turned out pretty darn cute.

  3. Jennifer Phipps

    I can not wait to see this in person!!!! I want to do this in my dining room but Im just not brave enough yet, but I will!!

  4. Kipper

    I would not be surprised if a lot of customers ask if yourself smaller versions of your backdrop painting. It looks superb!

  5. Marsha

    The mural is lovely. Have a great Mother’s Day

  6. Pamela G.

    I’m curious to see what you do with this after the weekend is over. It’s too dear to just discard. I thought I read somewhere that you weren’t going to go to Lucketts this year. I may try to attend this year. I hope you will have some Ironstone with you..

    • Kim Wagner

      She has LOTS of ironstone I packed it all today. Mom

  7. Diane

    What a fabulous backdrop…fantastic painters you must be so proud of yourselves….great job and so imaginative! It would be a shame for it to be stuck in a cupboard after the lucketts market

  8. TammyJ

    Beautiful mural and love the touch of the calico – reminds me of my dear Haze that we lost last year at the age of 19.

  9. Angie M

    I am really loving the painted backdrops! I can’t wait to see them in place with all your amazing goodies!

  10. Marie W.

    Great post as always. Thursday I traveled to a town about 95 miles away for a birthday lunch with a friend and some shopping. I bought a couple of samples of your milk paint (I had researched on-line) that I am excited to get to try. Looking forward to your Lucketts posts.

  11. Linda

    Omgosh ! ! ! I want to live in your mural,lol, it is gorgeous. ….did you ever consider doing some simple , paintings on canvas to sell ??

    • Kim Wagner

      I have a Miss Mustard Seed original when she was spreading her wings. It is of a local barn. I love it. It reminds me of how far she has come. I bought it from the little shop where she sold her stuff and even Marian is glad we have it. A part of the journey. One day it may be my retirement plan ? What would an early MMS be worth? Mom

  12. Krista

    That is so beautiful!

  13. Treva Mills

    I am excited about Lucketts and I am not even getting to go.
    I love the murals and so will your customers.

  14. Treva Mills

    I apologize but please tell where Lucketts market is held.

  15. marian

    It’s in Leesburg, VA, May 20-22, 2016. Just look up Lucketts Spring Market and you’ll find it!

  16. Robin Ramsey Leach

    Oh, it’s beautiful! You’re working so hard, I hope you can get a couple of days to rest so you arrive at Luckett’s feeling great. I wish I could go! Do you know next year’s dates yet? I’m going to plan well in advance and make the trip my 60th birthday present!

  17. Nan, Odessa, DE

    Have you ever been to Schupp’s Grove near Adamsrown, PA?
    Happy Mother’s Day

  18. Naomi S.

    Love those cows!

    Hope you take a little break tomorrow and have a lovely Mother’s Day!

  19. Mary Vitullo

    I love this. What a great team effort! Enjoying following your journey into preparation for Lucketts and interested in seeing a post about packing.

  20. Carolyn

    I wish you all would paint little canvasses to sell! Your mural is adorable! Wish I could come to Lucketts, but I am in Colorado. It is on my Bucket List, however, so maybe next year!!!

  21. Patricia

    Ladies, it’s just beautiful. It surely speaks Farmhouse White- Miss Mustard Style. I wish you could come over and paint it on one of my walls! Ready for another trip to Colorado? ;0)

  22. Pat Smedley

    Love the canvas backdrop. It is so funny how you ladies get so-o-o-o involved in doing what you love and then the creativity juices flow and bam 2-3 hours have passed.

  23. Patty Kasparian

    This painting/mural is terrific!

  24. Cindy

    I love the mural, and the little cat with it’s tail sticking straight up is too funny. That was a big undertaking, but what a great backdrop. I can’t wait to see it hung. It was cute how you tucked Gwendolyn into the mural. You sooo have painting blood in you… I can tell by the way you talk about it and how the hours “fly by” when you are painting…


  25. Teresa

    I love the mural. You are so talented.

    Please do some small paintings. I know they would be a big seller.


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