slipcovered wing chair & grain sack ottoman

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This poor hand-me-down wing chair has been hanging out in my stash for months.  I tend to procrastinate when it comes to slipcovers and upholstery, if you haven’t figured that out, yet.

I can do it, but it’s not my favorite thing.  I do it just because I like the end result and I have a hard time turning down a piece that just needs a little cosmetic love.

So, I gave myself a few pep-talks and worked on this chair slipcover in doses throughout the week until it was finally finished.

Here’s how it turned out…


It’s a really comfy chair with a pretty shape, but the fabric was the victim of some cat claws and looked a little tired.  I made the slipcover out of my usual, antique hemp sheets.


This might be one of the hardest pieces I’ve slipcovered, because of the detail on the arms.  Those were tricky!  They aren’t perfect, but I’m happy with how they turned out.


I added twill ribbon ties in the back to make it easy to remove for washing.


If you’re interested in making a slipcover, you can check out my six part video slipcover tutorial HERE.


I folded an antique quilt over the back of the chair, just to add some color.


I also upholstered an ottoman that’s been hanging around in my basement for a few years.  It was a great piece and well done, but it didn’t fit my decor, so it was caught in that too-good-to-get-rid-of-but-not-quite-right-to-use limbo.  I think it’s just sad (and a waste of space) to let a good piece of furniture languish in a basement, so I finally decided to give it a makeover to make it suit my style.


(If I was pairing these together in a room, I would definitely paint the legs on the chair.  Just an FYI.)

I used an antique grain sack for the upholstery and trimmed it with two rows of braided jute.  The legs were raw wood, so I finished them with Antiquing Wax to add some warmth.


I have no idea what is going on with that monogram.  Clearly, one side is an “I”, but I’m not sure about the other side!  Maybe a “52”?  Or the beginnings of a letter or the remnants of one?


It’s one of those things that I find sort of endearing.  It has a little story to it and you have to guess what that story might be.

I decided to stage the chair with this sweet cabinet that is one of the first pieces I bought for Lucketts, so it may have been forgotten with all of the other furniture and finds I’ve been sharing.  It’s such a sweet piece and is wearing its original soft white paint.


I really want to take this entire collection home with me and rearrange my house, but all of these pieces are already tagged and will be making the hour trip south to Lucketts with me in a week and a few days.


And, did you notice the flowers?  I’m so please to share that they are off of MY “snowball bush” (aka viburnum bush) from my yard!  I planted it last year and it is now weighed down with blooms.  I just watered it, but still!  I’m so proud of my little bush.  I love how the blooms look like little hydrangeas.


I hope to plant a few more flowering bushes once things settle down after Lucketts and I’ll definitely pick up a couple more viburnum!


Tomorrow, I’m going to get some work done in the morning, but then I’m finally taking the time to get my hair cut and colored, so it’s nice and fresh for Lucketts.  It’s about a month overdue!

Until tomorrow…


  1. Laura

    So peaceful and welcoming that I want to hang out there and read! I so look forward to reading your blog each day to see your latest adventure. You have an amazing gift for seeing beauty in the outcasts of life! Hope you enjoy a little time at the salon!

  2. Donna

    I am loving how the chair came out, that is an awesome job of slipcover! Cabinet is cute, I could see how you would want to take this whole collection home! It’s speaks Marian! Question, what is the name of this viburnum? There are so many varieties….two weeks, two weeks!

  3. Debbie V.

    I love that ottoman!! Great job as always on everything.

  4. DeAnna

    I planted the Snowball Bush in my yard several years ago and it’s one of my favorites too:) It’s so pretty, easy to grow and very low to no maintenance. You may notice little bugs that get on the flowers, but don’t spray these. These are good bugs. They don’t hurt the plant at all and they eat the aphids that get on roses. So of course I planted my pink roses next to them. All are sitting behind mini boxwoods. One of my favorite spots in my yard. I love how the leaves of the Snowball Bush turn a rusty color in the fall just before falling off the plant for winter.

  5. Chelsea

    How much are you selling the chair for? 🙂

  6. DeAnna

    I stand corrected on my bug statement. I mixed up my bugs. If you get beetles or aphids then you need to treat the Snowball plant. I’ve never had this problem, but I do purchase Ladybugs at the plant store and spread these little guys/gals all over my yard and they feast on the aphids. Hope that helped!

  7. Heather Cooney

    How much yardage does it take for a slip cover like this. I have a small wingback chair I would like to do.


  8. Cindy in Oklahoma

    I wish a furniture company would develop a Miss Mustard Seed line of furniture (hint hint) and I wish this look would be at the top of their list… along with your buffalo check French cuties….. I love everything you do!

  9. DeAnna

    Oh I second Cindy in Oklahoma:)

  10. Amelia Green

    How do you transport all of your items to Luckett’s? That must be a huge undertaking!


  11. Carole

    You are the queen of redo! I love it all. Everything looks so wonderful; your booth will be a sensation!

  12. Cheryl

    Sooooo Sweet!? Worked on a small project this am with MMS paint? I’d picked up an old cane seat chair that was missing much of the cane and stripped the rest off. Painted it with Boxwood ( love that color)! Put a planter box in it and hopefully will plant it this weekend with flowers. Makes a nice garden accent?. For the small courtyard outside our bedroom.
    Sure wish I had the bejeebers to do some upholstery ?. Love your projects, and you do them beautifully! Thanks for sharing?❤️?

  13. Lynn Merrell

    Oh goodness! I have two beautiful wing chairs that I love and they just need slip covers. I know how to sew, but cannot get up the nerve to do this. I need to. I know I can. Maybe I’ll try this week.

  14. Deborah Cline

    So glad you are enjoying your snow ball bush. Mine was beautiful this year. I love to cut mine before they turn white. You can check my bush out at, Friday Goodwill Find:Simple Shabby Bottle. Love your blog and everything you do, before you know it we will be seeing peonies!

    Happy Mothers Day!


  15. Ann LaFortune

    Love your slipcover! I have two great Wingbacks that I bought because their legs were so different! I’ve never seen the same legs anywhere else…I slipcovered them because the fabric was shot…looked like a J Yang fabric from the eighties 🙂

  16. Carol Miller (ticklepie)

    By chance, do you remember the measurements of this ottoman in the photo? I love this size and shape , as it is low, but did not know dimensions and did not see them mentioned in text. Maybe 12 x 18 x 6 or thereabouts? thanks !


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