bed foundation, the other mural & a slipped wing chair

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As I was putting together the low profile foundation we used on the full-sized antique iron bed, I had a fleeting thought that I should take pictures of the process.  My thought that no one would really be interested in the foundation was totally wrong!  Most of the comments I received on the bed were asking about the foundation, so I thought I would share a bit more about it.

I have worked with enough antique beds to know that most modern mattresses and box springs totally overwhelm the small frame…to the point where you can’t even see the headboard anymore!

So, I got a low profile foundation, instead of a box spring.  I shopped around and decided to purchase The Classic Brand Low Profile 4″ Foundation from  Amazon.  The full size was just over $100.


It’s under that skirt, but it’s not much to look at, anyway!  It gives you an idea of how low it is on the bed frame, though.  I could see this being nice for others with antique beds or even for people who have trouble getting into their beds because of the height of the mattress and box spring together.

It does have to be assembled, but it was pretty simple.  It took Kriste and I about 15 minutes to insert the bolts and screws and put the cover on.

So, that’s the foundation, for those who were asking.


This week, we started work on the second 9′ x 20′ mural that will be displayed at the front of the booth.  The one I shared last week will be the backdrop for the checkout counter.

Kriste and I worked together on the sky and greenery and Katie worked on the barn.  It was a little tricky working on this with three people, because the look of the brush strokes needs to remain consistent.  Kriste and I kept rotating where we worked in order to keep it uniform.

 This mural has more vibrant colors, but a softer, blended look.  We still used MMS Milk Paint as a base (Flow Blue, French Enamel, Eulalie’s Sky, Boxwood and Lucketts Green), but we used a lot more acrylic paint to get that vibrant, saturated color.



I worked today on the trees and adding the “Miss Mustard Seed” lettering…


Since I’m moving to a new tent and location this year, I want it to be easy to spot!  And, when I put my marketing hat on, I see the advantage of having my brand name written on the backdrop of  display that people may snap pictures of and share.

Anyway, I printed up the lettering in 600 font, cut, and taped it all together…


I used graphite paper to trace the lettering onto the canvas mural and then painted the lettering in white acrylic paint.


Again, it’s so hard to get a good picture of it, because the studio is full and the mural is so huge!


Of course, all of the “muraling” on the floor left me and my clothes in quite a state.

More of a state than usual, that is.


We’re going to work on some of the details on the mural tomorrow…adding some critters and such.

I also finally forced myself to get to work on my sewing to-do list.  I started with this wing chair, since I knew it was the hardest on my list.  I had to keep giving myself pep-talks as I was working on it!  I’m so glad I did my upholstery early in my Lucketts prep.  (Well, I actually have two more chairs and an ottoman to upholster, but they are pretty simple projects.  All of the hard stuff is done.)


I put the skirt and ties on today and I’ll photograph it properly tomorrow.  I also finished the railroad cart with the damaged top and I’ll share that soon.

It’s funny, it seems like no matter how much I do “well in advance”, I still find myself cramming to get everything finished!

Lots of details, lots to pack, lots of things to arrange…


Lucketts is definitely taking over the studio!

This is such an exciting, all-hands-on-deck time and I just need to enjoy it.  All of the mess and craziness and fluff balls on the floor and tip-toeing around a wet canvas and sore knees and everyone working together to make this year the “best one yet”.

Yeah.  I just need to soak all of that in.


  1. Nancy W.

    Thank you so much for taking the time out of your already busy day to answer the question about the mattress foundation. Your kindness is greatly appreciated. As I read your blog (which I do every day) I am a little concerned about the schedule you set for yourself. Take a deep breath and remember that “good enough” is sometimes the best course of action. I don’t mean get sloppy. I mean you realistically could stop work right now and Lucketts would still be a roaring success. We are hardest on ourselves in the goals we set quite often. If you get rundown health wise it will defeat the purpose. Balance in life is of great importance. I don’t mean to lecture….only food for thought. Please be kind to yourself. You are important to so many people especially family.

    • kddomingue

      I have simply used plywood over the slats, covered in a canvas painter’s drop cloth and set the mattress on top of that. The mattress we had was about 18 inches deep. Anyway, it has been extremely comfortable.

    • Sherry Nerreau

      Great comment Nancy! I totally agree!

    • Sheri

      Ditto! I agree too! 🙂

  2. Donna

    I agree, I had questions concerning the foundation, answered. I was wondering if the antique iron bed was really a 3/4, but you fit in a full size mattress? I have a few beds that need a 3/4 mattress, and from what I can see of the frame, I think I can maybe cut it down…need to measure, as they drop down inside the frame. I am loving that chair…trying to figure out where it can go in my house…count down to Lucketts, can’t wait!

  3. Christina

    Hi Marian,
    Wow! The canvases turned out absolutely beautiful! I love them and can’t wait to see them in your booth. Also, I’m loving all of the small details that you are adding to your booth. There seems to be so much to see and so many different textures and layers. I would be so overwhelmed (in a good way) if I were there in person. I think that the buyers will so appreciate all of the hard work that you and your team has put into your booth. You definitely have a very talented group of people working with you and I can’t wait to see the final pictures.
    Thank you also for sharing the information on the bed. I will be looking for a bed soon and this information was very helpful.
    Finally, will you be selling some items online for those who will not be able to attend Lucketts? Thanks for sharing your amazing, beautiful and inspiring gifts that God has given you and those who work for you!

  4. Dorothy

    Marian, oh will I ever be as organized as you! It took me a week to paint a small wall hanging display for tea cups. So discouraging, since you can reupholstery a chair in one day. How do you maintain your focus so well. I seem to stop what I’m in the middle of to start something else. Lol. Thanks for the tip on the low platform. In my current wrought iron bed I feel like the princess and the pea! God bless your generous spirit. Oh and my white spice jar came beautifully wrapped with great care. It’s found its forever home.

  5. Terri


  6. Karen

    I cant wait to see how the murals are going to look in your tent. Unfortunately for me Il’ll only get to see it in pictures. One of these days I’m really going to make it to Lucketts. Round Top and Lucketts are two things on my short bucket list.

  7. Susan

    I read your blog every day and love the days when there are two posts, even though I don’t know how you have time to fit it all in. Your work isn’t even my personal taste, but your images are so peaceful and pretty, lovely beyond words. It’s my daily dose of calm and inspiration. Makes me wish my own creative career was that successful. I am a huge fan, and just wanted to say thanks for providing a space on the internet that has become my new haven amidst all of the other chaos and negativity out there.

  8. Carla

    Smart mark-e-teer you definitely are! Have that name everywhere. I was noticing Chip and Joanna bringing out a furniture line, a paint line, a book etc. And I say to them and to you: strike while the iron is hot. The public is fickle so make hay while the sunshines. Apparently cliches were in the forefront of my mind.

    I’m sure that getting ready for Luckett’s in the studio is so much easier than in your house.

  9. Melissa Leach

    Oh, I love the potted String of Pearls under the cloche and the second mural look fantastic!

  10. Connie J Harbor

    Please, please, PLEASE also photo-document the process by which you get what seems to amount to an entire household’s worth of furniture, furnishings, crockery, cutlery, accessories, linens, and even a kitchen sink (!) from your studio to Luckett’s! It could probably be a feature-length documentary, suitable for Netflix!

  11. Krista

    Beautiful mural! Can’t wait to see the whole thing!

  12. Melissa from Hey,Girlfriend.Net

    Oh my gosh! That booth is going to be to die for! The mural shown here is beautiful, it makes me want to do something productive today!! I see my sister,
    Sarah, commented above… maybe in the next year or two we can make a sister trek (with our other 2 sisters) from the Pacific Northwest to Lucketts to support you and also to see everything in person!!

  13. Sweet

    Marian, have you thought of applying antiquing crackle varnish to your murals? It might give them and old plastered wall look.

  14. Marybeth Gill

    those canvases are OUTSTANDING, I mean really!!!!!!! they are gorgeous, how or what are you attaching them to?, I want one for above my mantle, I think you have another calling. Seriously gorgeous. 🙂

  15. Sarah

    That second mural? Stunning. Love that you put your brand at the top – looks great, and it’s such smart marketing. This is definitely going to be your best show yet!

    Best of luck from Eugene, Oregon!

  16. Cheryl

    You’re Awesome!!

  17. Cathy

    Just wanted to say that in England, most bed frames, metal or wood, antique or modern, have wooden slats put inside the frame. Originally the antique ones would have metal springs, but those are usually removed. Box springs aren’t a thing for these frames. I have a pocket sprung mattress on top of a sprung edge upholstered divan base, with drawers in it. The sprung edge makes it more comfortable than a firm edge. I put a skirt over the bottom and use a separate headboard

  18. Naomi S.

    It’s all lookin’ good, sister! In response to your comment about starting early, but still ending up behind, I’d just remind you that when you start early you end up doing more than you would have if you had started later. Thus, it still feels crunched at the end. You give yourself more time, but also more to do. But I can’t see you finishing early and then slowing down for a couple days before packing the van! You’d just find two more chairs to make slip-covers for and a couple of dressers and a hutch to paint, right? The reason I know this is true is that it’s exactly what I do, too! And probably many of your readers. It’s just inevitable, I think. For better or worse, we’re all stuck in overachievement mode!

    I think the murals are such a great idea and can’t wait to see them in your booth.
    The whole thing is gonna be GREAT!

    • marian

      Yes, “overachievement mode” is the best way to describe me when I’m getting ready for Lucketts!

  19. Addie

    Yeah!! soak it all in……and then a good soak in the bathtub won’t hurt either.
    Can’t wait to see it all set up. Wish I could be there in person.

    • marian

      Yes, exactly!

  20. Robin Ramsey Leach

    I don’t how you do it. You get more done in a day than I do in a mont. Not. Even. Kidding. You’re amazing, and it’s all so dreamily beautiful!

  21. Arlene

    I’m loving these murals, but wondering what happens if it rains? Will they be sealed somehow so the paint is protected?

    • marian

      They’ll be fine. Think about your clothes when they get paint on them and it’s allowed to dry. It doesn’t come out if you wash it. I will probably put plastic over them, but that’s just to keep them from getting soaked.

      • Ashlea

        that is such a good point! I wonder if I could paint some outdoor cushions…

  22. Barbara

    Everything you have done for Lucketts is amazing! You are amazing! I love your style and can’t wait to visit Lucketts again this year. I’ve been able to attend for the last 4 years and it’s become a “bed & breakfast getaway with my husband” tradition. Thank you for taking us along with you every step of the way. That little girl’s room is pure sweetness!!

  23. Cheryl

    You girls so totally ROCK!! I may have said that already?. Totally enjoying your progress. Thank You❤️??

  24. Kay

    You have done something really special with those murals. I hope you’re planning to use them every year–they will be like a trademark, and everyone will find you easily. I wouldn’t be surprised if your idea catches on with other vendors–although I’m not sure anyone else would have the patience and dedication to produce anything so huge and wonderful!

  25. Debbie

    Smashing success on the murals !!! Don’t forget to breathe and save some of that energy for Lucketts…you will need it !

  26. Marlene Stephenson

    Everything you have done is so nice and your sign will make everything come together and easy to see and enjoy.

  27. Vicki King

    Here is something for you to consider, Marian: everyone is not as nice as you. From my own experience, do not place those sheet murals where they hide some of your merchandise. It will get stolen. If you do place it crosswise in your booth, have a worker stationed there. I would hate for even one clothespin to get lifted, you have worked so hard. G00d luck!!!


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