styling the girl’s vintage bedroom

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When I was a little kid, my favorite toy was my dollhouse.  I enjoyed living out the imaginary lives of the little people who resided there, but my favorite part was arranging and rearranging the furniture.  Even building “additions” with metal lebkuchen tins to make room for more furniture.

I carried that into my teen years when I rearranged and restyled my room regularly.  You know.  Just for fun.  Like most typical teenagers.

My furniture-scooting habits haven’t waned and have been well documented here on this blog.

Now that I have a studio space, it’s like one big, open, life-sized dollhouse.  I can create vignettes, scenes, and even entire rooms (which I hope to do a lot more!)

For the first time ever, we have a fully outfitted bed in the studio and I just couldn’t resist building an entire room around it.


Here is a video showing how I brought the room together…

That’s my mom at the end of the video.  I said “now I just need a little girl” and she enthusiastically agreed.  (I have two boys.)

So, let’s take a little tour of the room.  Obviously, I imagine this being a room for a little girl, but it could easily be a guest room with the removal of a few of the toys and such.

The color palette came together naturally, as I placed things in the room.  I love the strong blue, pale aqua, a hint of green, and a pop of a happy yellow ended up working together.

The bed is definitely the star.  It’s an antique iron bed painted in MMS Milk Paint Farmhouse White and sealed with Tough Coat.  The bed was already painted, I think in a semigloss latex paint, so I opted to not use the Bonding Agent and the paint adhered just fine.


I hung an antique print over the bed.  It’s a little faded, but I thought the colors and composition were so beautiful.


The bed is dressed in white sheets.  The top sheet has a beautiful eyelet edge that looks so pretty folded over.  The cream crochet coverlet ads some light warmth and gorgeous texture.

The bedskirt is actually just fabric pinned into place, but I ordered a similar fabric (tablecloths, actually) and will be sewing one to sell with the bed.

mms-6941 mms-6939

I folded an antique blue and cream quilt at the end to add a pop of color and another texture.  I love how the eyelet lace plays against the nubby crochet and the puckering of the quilt.  Textile heaven.


Antique cream pillowcases dress feather pillows and European shams are behind to give something soft to lean against.  A yellow bolster adds a hint of happiness against the cool blue and green tones.

mms-6928 mms-6926

The trunk at the end of the bed is painted in a mix of Eulalie’s Sky, Grain Sack and Layla’s Mint.  We think it’s a WW2 army footlocker.  It has “made in Belgium” hand painted on the inside.  We put it up on casters to make it look a little more like a proper piece of furniture and less like a wooden box.


The end of the bed is styled with a primitive antique wooden house painted in Farmhouse White and a little blue & white dress.


The antique chalkboard/easel was just too sweet to pass up!  I love the green of the frame and I don’t mind the missing paper.  

The painting is by Katie Grimm, who works part-time for me.  (I think the painting is the one thing in the room that’s not for sale.)


I found this Christening gown in my latest antique haul for Lucketts and it is one of the most beautifully detailed ones I’ve ever seen.


The pin-tucking is just amazing.  I look at that work and think, “Oh, the patience!”

mms-6954 mms-6957 mms-6969  mms-6964

I know most bikes wouldn’t be parked in a bedroom, but how could I resist putting the vintage Schwinn in there?


I added a little basket I found on eBay and filled it with old Nancy Drew books.  When I dropped them in there, I actually called my mom and Kriste over to look at it up close. It looks like some little bookworm just rode home from the library, ready to flop on the bed and dive into the first chapter.


I shared about the night stand in previous post.  It’s styled with an alabaster lamp, a stack of books, a baby tears plant and a little antique duck toy.


And I added a little stool for stepping on to get in the bed or to use as a small table for carpet picnics.


Almost everything used in this room will be for sale at the Lucketts Spring Market, May 20-22, 2016.  (Friday is a VIP day you need to have a pre-bought ticket for entry.)

I will be selling the bed frame with the new Leesa mattress, foundation, sheets, and custom-made bedskirt.  The crochet coverlet, quilt, pillows, pillow cases, etc. will all be for sale, too.

And I just might need a nap at Lucketts, so that’s really my real motivation for having a fully-dressed bed with a comfy mattress in the booth…

styling the girl’s vintage bedroom

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