A large part of finding “good stuff” at antique stores and junk shops, is taking the time to really look through each booth and, in some cases, to dig around.  I know when I hit antique stores that I will usually end up needing a good hand-washing and a change of clothes when I’m done with the place!

This cool, really old wood and glass display case was literally buried.  It had another cabinet stacked on top and stuff on both sides and leaning against the front.  I had to move things to even get a partial look at it, but the sneak peek I got of the old wood piqued my curiosity.


It was really dirty, but I could look past that and see it was a gem and a great price.  Unfortunately, the glass on the front door cracked as the employees of the shop freed it from everything around it.  The glass wasn’t original, so it wasn’t that big of a loss and I got a further discount because of the breakage.

To make it easier to paint, we removed the rest of the glass and gave it a good cleaning.  We took turns painting it in three coats of MMS Milk Paint Farmhouse White.  We probably could’ve gotten away with two, but the wood was so dark and I wanted really nice coverage.


Painting it was a lot of work, but putting each pane of glass back into the right place was the real test of endurance.  Each piece was cut to fit in one spot and I only figured that out about 30 minutes into trying to put the puzzle together!  All of the panes were finally back in place and this piece is a real stunner…


I ordered a piece of glass for the front, but decided to photograph it without the glass in, so I didn’t have to deal with the glare.


I’m not sure if this piece was a store display or perhaps a pie safe that once had screen instead of glass.  At some point it had trim on the top or was maybe built-in or even a hanging piece.  Painting the cabinet drew attention away from that, though.

mms-6863 mms-6865

I decided to leave the milk paint unfinished.  The flat look really fits the age and primitive style of the piece and I like the idea of letting it wear over time.


This cabinet has the sweetest little knob and latch.  It’s often the little things that draw me to a piece.


As always, I had a fun time styling it for its “close up”.  Everything in the shoot will be for sale at Lucketts, hence all of the tags and ties!  Yes, even the table and that amazing vintage stool.  (Actually the little spice jars have sold to two readers who pulled on my heartstrings, but the rest will be there.)

mms-6872 mms-6873


Lucketts kicks off in just three weeks.  The countdown is on!

Are you coming?


  1. Deanna Rabe

    I love this piece! What a find, and it is charming in Farmhouse White!

  2. Kelly

    I think you should measure this piece out and have your hubby replicate this before its snatched up. He could do this with ease. Or maybe sell or provide the plans for this? I know in my town there is a hardware store that could make the glass. Pretty please. I could see it in a 40’s green, too.

  3. Saskia

    I’ve been following your preparations for Lucketts these past few months on your blog. I think your booth will look amazing. You are so talented. You see the potential in pieces that ohers don’t. And you have managed to make everything fit into the farmhouse (white) theme. I wish I could visit Lucketts but it’s a bit too far for me to travel from Belgium. Haha.

  4. Wynne Snell

    So…if your adorable glasses with crochet cozies didn’t sell at Luckett’s, does that mean they would be put for sale on your website? Just hoping…..

  5. Amy Joanne Mogish

    Yes, I am excited to say I will be attending Lucketts on Saturday with my sister!

    I sure hope those scalloped edged ironstone bowls are still available!

    Thanks for sharing your journey to Lucketts!

    • marian

      I have a bunch of those in graduated sizes, so you should be in luck!

  6. Jennifer

    1. I’m definitely coming to ALL 3 DAYS of Lucketts and I can’t wait to see you and Kriste!

    2. Latches and knobs attract me too. Great find!

    3. Did you use the bonding agent on this one? You got great coverage!

  7. Alice

    Is it possible the cabinet is upside down. It seems the crown on the bottom should be up top? It’s cute and would look cute hung on a wall. (:

    • marian

      I originally thought it might be upside down, but the underside of the current bottom is clearly the bottom. It’s recessed pretty deep and the shelves don’t work if it’s turned the other way. I think it’s just missing trim at the top or was part of a larger unit.

  8. Cheryl Christian

    I thought the same as Alice. Could the cabinet be upside down? Just a thought.

  9. Paula-Windmill Farm

    Hello: Love all that you do. I think this last cabinet shown today is upside down, possibly? I think the “feet” you have on top, usually the larger panels are always on top. It is an old pie safe/meat cooler as you stated and I agree, it most likely had screen in it to keep the air flow going and flies off of the food items. Many would be hung or set on a bin table off the porch to quickly get their food items. In my experience, most were always hand made, some better quality of workmanship depending on the craftsman. I have had several in my years of collecting antiques, I have larger, medium sized ones, never a small one like this one. It is adorable and love, love how you paint them and make them better. But in this one, isolated cases, my heart goes to having had left it alone showing all the years of usage. Just my own purist opinion, no negative connotations meant, I just want to move right into your working studio just as you have it all displayed for Lucketts!!!

  10. Marlene Stephenson

    I really like the little cabinet and all it’s character.

  11. Kellene Ellexson

    I love your blog. Always enjoy reading your posts and looking at your photos! But…. I miss posts about your house. Those are always my favorite….? Hope to see you at Lucketts this year! Kellene

    • marian

      Thanks, Kellene! I guess there aren’t many changes happening at my house these days, although I did share some changes to my family room lately, in case you missed those. I’ll share more once Lucketts is done, but it’s just not as dynamic as it used to be! 🙂

  12. Kristy

    I agree with the others that it looks upside down. It’s adorable, but I just can’t get past the need to turn it right side up?? lol

    • marian

      The shelf supports would be on the wrong side of the shelves if I flipped it over. That was my thought initially, but it is sitting the right way.

  13. Rowena Philbeck

    I love it with or without glass. Such a find!! Great job. I also wonder if this is upside down too.

  14. Dodie Leibecke

    Love your blog….. and the lovely items selected for Lucketts.
    I have purchased my early buying ticket and plan to be there.
    Disappointed to learn the original bubble scale has been sold, it was
    on my to purchase list. Hope there won’t be to many more items that won’t be making
    the trip.?

  15. Bev

    Yup. I think it’s upside down too. Cute either way though!

  16. Iris

    What a great find! When I look through booths, I always remember to look high and to look low. It’s just like at the supermarket. A lot of people just look at what’s at eye level. Also, I never give up on booths that look like there is nothing good. Thanks to that I once found (and bought – heck yeah!) a silver bread and butter plate for $ 5. It was so tarnished that I thought it is just silver plated. I would not have minded, but after I cleaned it I saw that it was sterling silver. Yes!

  17. Cindy Jothen

    How do you decide to go with glass vs screen. In this piece I think both would have worked.

    • marian

      I really debated this one, which is why it sat for a few weeks while I made up my mind. In the end, I think the screen would’ve been more expensive and harder to install. Since I already had four of the glass panes, it seemed like the better route.

  18. Naomi S.

    At first look I didn’t even notice that the display case looked upside down. But on second look I see what others are seeing. But I also see at the top what look like nail holes on either side which probably held the molding on. And because the shelf supports are only flat on one side, it definitely right-side up. Too bad it lost it’s top molding, but it could be replaced if someone buys it cares to do so. It’s cute just like it is, tho’ and the little knob and catch are very sweet.

    I’m taking your advice to heart about really digging around and under things when shopping antique stores. Often times I don’t make the effort because I don’t want to get dirty or think I don’t have the time. Thanks for making that point and showing us the fruit of your digging labor!

  19. Christie

    Ah, this post makes me want to go shopping!
    ~ Christie

  20. Donna

    This is too cute! And yes I will be there on Friday, can’t wait!


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