hand painted bread sign

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Let me start off by saying this was supposed to be a tutorial, but it won’t be.  The reason is that I mindlessly deleted all of the process photos!!  Ah!  I try to keep my camera card “uncluttered”, so I delete all files once they are uploaded.  Well, I got a little overenthusiastic in my decluttering and deleted these files before I put them on my computer.  Not only did I delete these pictures, but also pictures for a freelance tutorial.  I redid those because I had to, but this will just be the tutorial that wasn’t meant to be.

Anyway, I’ve been looking for something to hang over my range, but I just haven’t come across anything that is just right.  I even did some thorough shopping of my house and tried a few different platters, trays, breadboards, etc.  I would hang one and leave it for a day or so and then change it out.  Nothing was quite right.

I liked the idea of having something there, so I decided to make something to use as a “placeholder” until I find the perfect piece.

 Since I don’t have photos for this specific tutorial, I’ll refer you to one I wrote on making an antique sign a few years ago.  You can find that tutorial HERE.  I made this sign in a similar fashion.  The only difference is that I used this raw wood sign from Hobby Lobby (it was the perfect size for above my range) instead of an old piece of wood and I drew the lettering with chalk prior to painting it instead of using the tracing paper.

I used MMS Boxwood for the base color, white acrylic paint for the letters, and it’s all finished in MMS Hemp Oil.

It adds just the right amount of color and interest above the stove.  The nice thing is that it was a quick & inexpensive project, so I can swap it out or take it down entirely any time.  I already had all of the paint and I caught the sign on a 50% off sale, so it was only $10.


It’s hung with 3m velcro strips, so there isn’t any damage to the tile and, again, I can change it out if I find something I like better.

I’m definitely not baking it daily, but I did bake some bread when we were snuggled inside during the snow storm.  I used to bake bread about once a week, so it was fun to dust off my kneading and shaping skills.  I found my favorite recipe with all of my handwritten notes on it; all discoveries made from baking hundreds of loaves of bread. It’s been years since I looked at it.  I was rusty, but it was still tasty!

And, because it’s Christmastime, I added some greenery in an ironstone pitcher and a jelly jar snowglobe beside the stove…

Can you tell how much I’m enjoying my home during this season?


hand painted bread sign

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52 Comments on “hand painted bread sign”

  1. Yes, it is now HOME! May you have a magical Christmas this year in Minnesota!

    Question, if you were hanging a platter or plate, would you use the 3m strips?

    1. Yep, I have used those before. I prefer the wire plate holders, but if I’m hanging something on tile, I’ll use the velcro strips.

      1. Donna, I would caution against using the 3M strips on anything really valuable. I had an antique terra cotta piece hung on a plaster wall using 3M strips, and I took care to make sure it was within the weight limits for the strips. One night in the middle of the night, it very noisily came crashing down, hit the linoleum floor, and broke. I looked at the 3M package, and they do have a shelf life, (3 years or so) and I know it had been hanging at least that long, so they don’t necessarily hold forever.

        I was trying to avoid putting more nails in the plaster (a holdover from my Dad) but I think that’s what I’ll do when I repair the piece and hang it again – use a plate hanger and hang it on a nail.

        1. Yep, I agree that they aren’t 100% reliable. I use wire holders for plates and platters, but will use the 3m velcro strips for things that are wood or when I’m hanging on a surface, like tile, where I can’t use a nail.

          1. I was wondering if you used a wire hanger and then used a 3m Velcro strip with a hook….we are thinking of tiling and i love platters over the back of the stove, plus my backsplash over counters has red transferware plates….right now, nail in wall….just thinking ahead. Thanks Ladies!

          2. I have a large antique zinc herb dryer tray that is heavy but I still wanted to hang it over my stove and use it for chalk art. I used industrial-strength velcro but it still wasn’t holding on the marble. Finally I decided to use heavy weight fishing line (invisible clear) tied to the tray handles, across the back then secured up inside the range hood. There are hidden screws & holes up inside that range hood where the line can be secured easily (if you can contort your body, angle backwards like a Cirque du Soleil acrobat while bending over and weaving fishing line up under the cavities of the hood while trying to keep from slipping on the marble counter, it’s pretty simple). If it needs to be hung, I can find a way to make sure the item stays put. Gorillas could swing from that herb drying tray.

  2. I love the sign! Do you still have home decorating pieces at Hobby Lobby that you designed a couple years ago when you told us about your trip to China? I was never able to find any of them when they first came out, but continue to check labels when I see something that looks like a Marian piece, lol.

  3. Photo files deleted off the SD card can be recovered, IF you don’t take any more photos on that card until they are recovered. My husband has to do it for me for the same reason a few times. The bread sign is just right for the spot!

  4. Love the sign. Wish it was in my kitchen. 🙂 I love that “you” are every where in your home. That makes it perfection.

  5. LOVE the sign!!!
    Did you protect it so it can be washed often??? I’d be worried about cooking splatters…

  6. What are you using to hang the sign on your tile wall? Just wondering what would hold and not damage the tile work. I’m always searching for some decorating miracle to let me know hang things on surfaces that are problematic.

  7. It’s great, Marian! I use discounted pieces from Hobby Lobby all the time! I’ve used chalk paint and milk paint depending upon what I’m creating! This looks awesome!! Blessings!

  8. OUCH! That wasn’t very nice. I know you hear it all, Marian, and I hope you have a thick skin. Love the sign and all you do, even if it’s not my style. We all do what we want in our own homes to make it our own. You are successful because of your choices and Negative Nellies are Notably Nasty. 😉 Wishing you a beautiful Christmas in my mom and dad’s home state!

  9. I love the bread sign. Perhaps consider a vintage painted role tray in your preferred colors. I have a collection of them and love one above my stove. Great tip about the need to replace the 3M strips! I have several trays hung. with them..for about 5 years!

  10. No reason to ever change it Marion……it is Perfect and looks like it belongs there! You always amaze me.

  11. Hi Marian, I love the sign. Just wondering if the greenery that you put in the ironstone pitcher is real? It looks so real to me. I was hoping that it is artificial and you can tell me where you got the eucalyptis (?) parts of it. I want to make a wreath I saw a picture of and it has that in there.

  12. I don’t always read the “comments “ on blogs but I find it amazing how blunt and unkind people are sometimes. Love your sign…it’s so you!

  13. Don’t you just love those 50% discounts at Hobby Lobby??? That’s where I shop for all my gift wrapping paper!

  14. Luv the sign and the bread looks delish! Can I ask about your vent hood? Would you recommend it and does it do the job of exhausting steam from boiling water? Would you share the brand? TIA

  15. Hi Marian,

    I have your hemp oil product & have used it on some old picture frames – works great!

    But one of them is next to my husbands reading chair & he tells me now several weeks later he can still smell the oil & he doesn’t really like the smell of it. Anything I can do when using it to reduce/alter the smell & how long before it dissipates fully would you say?


  16. I envy you that extra spot for a bit of whimsy in your kitchen. Our microwave is mounted over the stove, so no space there for a sign and almost every other inch of wall space is spoken for. It is the one room in my house that always stumps me for Christmas decorating. I would love to sparkle up the kitchen for the season, but in the 18 years we’ve been here, I haven’t quite figured out how to do it!

  17. Although I’m not that artistic. I love what you do. I love that you shopped at your house first. I do that often especially during the holidays since you have all those vents why not? And when I go to shows and see things like that on here I think I have that so I do a little shopping without leaving my house. I have an old sellers sugar about glass container on my counter with a chippy pink lid. I shopped today and filled it with small old vintage ornaments..

  18. The sign is gorgeous, and I am inspired to try one of my own. What I’m REALLY interested in, though, is your bread recipe… any chance you would share it??
    Thank you!

  19. Not trying to be negative, but do you worry that it’s a wood sign, with oil as the final coat, and you have a gas stove? Any concern about it catching on fire? It may be further away from the heat source then it appears in photos. Possibly it’s far enough away from the flame.

  20. I’m gettin ready to put similar tile on my kitchen backsplash. I love how yours looks! Wonder if the 3M product would hold up a couple plates that I don’t have room to hang on the wall?? They have plate holders on them now. I am going to get my ironstone out and use it on the counter (sorry to be a copycat)… But I love your kitchen so much. BEAUTIFULY DONE.

  21. I think the sign fills the area above your stove very well. The darkness of it gives the area some contrast from all the lightness of the white & shades of light gray. The sign looks so nice whether you keep it where it is or if you move it somewhere else in the kitchen. You always end up making the right choice for your spaces.

    1. Hmm…I think they sell internationally. Have you done an internet search for Kitchen Aid? They make all kinds of appliances and kitchen gear.

  22. I love the appearance the sign gives the area. How do you keep cooking grease & oils from getting on the surface of the sign. The tile behind my stove & the hood over it always seems to be covered & has to be cleaned constantly.

  23. This is completely not related to the sign, but where did you get the olive oil dispenser on the tray to the right of the sign? I knock mine over all the time when reaching for utensils, no matter where I place it on my tray. The shorter, more squat dispenser looks like it would be perfect!

  24. I love your style!I have bought your book “inspire you” , I really hope to be able to read it with my English……
    Greetings from Florence

  25. I Love the Bread sign. I usually use stencils for my signs as I’m terrible at tracing looks like a little kid did it. I love what you have done with the house, it looks Amazing!!!
    I do wish we could buy those ready made sign boards here though that would be awesome.
    Merry Christmas 🎄❄☃️
    Janine (New Zealand)

  26. I LOVE the slate! & all its practicality. Esthetically it’s
    gorgeous when it’s blue/green. When’s it’s grey it’s not too dark.
    I’m out voted, but I’m not not crazy about the bread sign. I loved the marble alone for a resting spot & easy to clean. ‘Glad to hear the hemp oil wipes down. You converted me with the few white on grey pitchers above the cabinets. The bread sign is lovely. I just don’t need it THERE. You go ahead & love it!

  27. Hi Marian!
    Love this! I make signs quite often but I do love these colors and how soft and vintage they look. Can you share your paint colors that you used on this sign?

    Thank you!

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