Christmas Dining Room 2018

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I shared my dining room tree early last week, but it was before I really had the chance to dig into decorating for Christmas.  Last week, I took a lot of time to slowly work on our main living spaces and, in the process, I decided I wanted to rework some things in the dining room, including the tree.

I decided that I just couldn’t handle the LED lights.  The glow coming off the LEDs was better when I added some vintage-style incandescent lights, but it was still there and I found myself not wanting to even turn on the tree.  So, I removed the lights from the top part of the tree (it was pretty laborious, so I didn’t do the bottom sections) and I decided to redo the entire thing while I was picking it apart.  As I sorted through my Christmas decorations, I found some vintage-style reflectors that had been in a bag for way too long.  I also didn’t have a great spot for my mini-grain sack advent stockings, so I decided this tree was the best place to display both of those.

I also used some mini-wool pom-pom garland and the Antiqued Snowflakes from Balsam Hill.  I love the advent stockings on this little tree and I think that’ll be “the spot” for them each year.

I’m so glad I took the time to put the reflectors on, too.  They look so good!  I bought them from Terrain a few years ago, but you can find similar ones on Etsy.

The stockings were made by Ann of On Sutton Place a few years ago out of my hoarded grain sack sewing scraps.  I’m pretty sure she doesn’t make them anymore, but you can find similar ones HERE.  I bought the clay numbers off of Etsy.  I can’t find the exact ones, but HERE is a similar set.

I bought some mini paper bags at Hobby Lobby, so I could fill them with small candy and gifts each day.  I found a set of metal puzzles that were perfect to mix in with treats and other small toys.

While in Hobby Lobby, I tripped across these resin topiaries.  Even though they are more copper than gold I thought they would work well with my gold-framed mirror and they do!

I like that they add a little sparkle and are visual “bookends” to the ironstone tureens.

All of the greenery used in the room is artificial.  You can read a post about my sources HERE.

I must admit that I was bummed to learn last year that live greens just weren’t going to work in this house, but I am now really enjoying the worry-free nature of artificial and they really do look nice.  I even did my usual ring mold advent wreath with faux greens!  You can find a tutorial for that project HERE.

You have to practically put your nose on them to see that they aren’t real.

I also added some greens to the top of the painted hutch and made a swag for the front.

Now, I need to get to baking some gingerbread houses to add to the hutch to finish it off…

Christmas Dining Room 2018

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25 Comments on “Christmas Dining Room 2018”

  1. It is beautiful. I love the tree. Love the tree itself and the decorations are perfect. The advent candle is probably my favorite. So much tradition. Tradition brings wonderful memories and reminds us of the reason we celebrate. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Beautiful, as usual! I love the white cabinet with the Ironstone and greenery. I loved it blue, but after you painted it…Wow! Merry Christmas!

  3. Your room is just beautiful. BTW, have you ever used Rub ‘n Buff? They sell it at Hobby Lobby and this stuff is awesome. I had a silver resin angel that I wanted to age and this stuff did the trick. I’ve even used it on shiny brass chandelier to make it look pewter. You only need a little bit! It comes in several different colors.

    1. I should have said to change or tone down the color of the topiaries on the buffet. The Grecian gold would match the mirror perfectly!

  4. As always, lovely in such an honest and unpretentious way. Where do u get the chunky white tapers u have used in the cups ?

  5. Everything works for me but the mini Pom Pom Garland. Some how I want to tighten up so it does not droop up and down so much. Or even cut the precious stuff is sections and make loop bows. Or pull it off and use Pom poems. Every thing else works so well for me. Love the reflectors!

  6. Do you keep candles burning in your hutch? Or is that just for the picture? Doesn’t the shelf above them get hot? I would be worrying about a fire.

    1. No, that is just for the picture. Yes, keeping them lit for a long period would be a fire hazard!

  7. Your home is so lovely. I love the way you know what you love, even if it is not the ‘on trend’- formula – in fashion – look’ of the day. You inspire me to go with what I love. I read your blog about the green dresser and I ordered some of the braided yarn to use as garland for my Christmas tree.. It is exactly what I have been looking for. I also picked up the wreath that matches this garland at Target today. It’s perfect on my black front door. Darker greens don’t show up well on the door. I put some tiny lights on it tonight (for nighttime) and I hate them. They’re blue because they’re LED’s. They’re coming down tomorrow.

    1. So funny about the LED lights. I just cannot handle them. I am okay with the LED lights that are on wires, though. They are battery powered and might work for your wreath.

  8. I totally agree about the LED lights. I bought them maybe 2 years ago, and they were up on the tree for one year only! They are too cold, stark, and blinding, and in the winter I think you need warmer tones to create that cozy feeling! I do like those little battery-powered LED “angel lights” on wire that you are talking about. I wrap them around wreaths, garlands, etc. Thanks for all of your beautiful ideas!!!

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