green & white summer tablescape

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Walmart.  All opinions and ideas expressed in this post are, as always, honest and my own.

Last week, I shared a tutorial for some mini landscape “place cards” and here is the tablescape that goes along with them!  I was challenged by Walmart to show vintage style using some of their home products and, given that Walmart hasn’t been my go-to place for vintage style, I had to do a bit of recon before I accepted that challenge!

Well, I browsed around Walmart Home and was pleasantly surprised with the wide array of vintage-style pieces that could be found both in the store and online.  I zeroed in on these beautiful Jadeite-like pieces in the Pioneer Woman collection.  They definitely “speak vintage” and happened to match my dining room as well as dishes I already owned perfectly.  I have a “dish” thing and I love it when I can integrate new (dishwasher safe) pieces in with my vintage and antique collection.

In addition to the dishes, I found table linens, glasses, and some fun accessories on Walmart Home that have a vintage feel and work well with my aesthetic.

I was literally giddy as everything came together in this beautiful, summery table that looks elegant, fresh, and classic.

My friend, Megan, of Meg & Cakes in Rochester, MN, made the four-layer naked cake to showcase the Pioneer Woman 10″ Jade Cake Pedestal.  It does come with a glass dome, but the cake was so tall that the dome wouldn’t fit over it.  The pedestal (and the dishes) are the perfect shade of green and even have a luster that closely resembles real jadeite.

For each place setting, I used a different combination of plates.  On top, I used a green ramekin to hold a vintage linen napkin and to be used as a berry bowl.  Underneath was a smaller plate to be used later for cake, a salad plate, and then a dinner plate.

Let me insert here that an excess of plates just looks better for a table that’s being photographed.  I did invent a real potential use for each plate and bowl, but if this was a real dinner party, I wouldn’t have put them all out at once!

For the flatware, I used vintage bakelite pieces I already owned.  I was excited to find the square placemats from the BHG collection since I have a relatively small round table.  They fit perfectly and the braided jute material adds a nice texture and matches other braided jute elements I have in my house.

I shared how I made the mini landscape “place cards” in THIS POST.  I wanted to add a personal, hand-made touch and these were perfect.

The scalloped edge of these plates competes with the color for my favorite thing about these plates.

I finished out the table with glass water goblets with a simple silhouette, some scattered blooms, and a few antique Victorian ink bottles with sections of hydrangeas tucked inside.

I’ve put a lot of tablescapes together over the years and this is one of my favorites.  I love the color palette, the simplicity, and the mixture of old and new.

I hope you found it inspirational, too!

I am giving away the mini landscape paintings.  If you’d like to win them, you can enter in the comment section of THIS POST.



  1. Sylvia

    Beautiful setting. I really like the simplicity while at the same time there are very nice textures. Of course, I ‘d be thrilled to have the miniature landscapes.

  2. Bonnie Stoltzfoos

    So beautiful. I love that mix of old and new too! It’s neat to see how the mural on your walls almost feels like it’s changed to a different season depending on what’s on the table. 🙂 The mix of old and new is inspiring!

    • Laurel

      Such a beautiful tablescape! It all comes together but the perfect touch is your little landscapes because then it’s personal for your guests and a memory of time spent together. I think adding the personal touches makes all the difference because you are saying, “I thought of you.” and the relationships shpuld always be what’s most important. Thanks for that reminder!

  3. Marietta

    I subscribed!!! Love your down to earth decorating…

  4. Dr. Becky Stahlman

    This is one of my favorites too. Everything is so inviting. I’d love to win the beautiful miniature landscapes.

  5. Rita C at Panoply

    Very pretty, Marian! I am a jadeite collector, and even though I purged quite a bit of my collection to a fellow collector when I downsized this year, I still kept restaurant ware service for eight, along with a few serving accessories. The reproductions are very authentic looking, especially the Martha Stewart line. Your naked cake is gorgeous! ALl your other elements make a lovely table, and I am off to see those adorable place cards! Tablescaping is one of my loves, still.

  6. Sandra Elliott

    I love your green theme. It’s one of my favorite colors as it can go from spring to summer and on through the season different shades for the remaining two seasons.

  7. linda rivas

    you accomplish so much and always in good taste and originality. i follow you with e-mail and you inspire me everyday to accomplish something creative. In 2 wks I will be 81 yrs young. Never too late to be inspired. Thank you. I am the proud recipient of your sunflower painting last yr on my 80th birthday from my friend Loretta Rozansky. So very special. Keep creating and inspiring.

    • Claire Schlather Hill

      Happy Birthday Miss Linda!

    • Marian Parsons

      Oh, I agree! Lovely comment!

    • Cynthia Johnson

      Happy Birthday and you inspire me!!

  8. Eileen

    I love to set the table with a mix of things and this is certainly a winner. I think I have to reframe my thinking about Walmart and drop by there.

    I’d love to win one of your gorgeous place card paintings. Thanks.

  9. Lynne

    I love those little painting place cards! I am having a small dinner party Saturday night. I will use my Jadeite salad plates on top of some blue and green plates I have. I love how you mixed the blue and green plates together. Oh, and I love the scalloped edges on those green plates!

  10. Kate

    I’m disappointed that you are promoting Walmart (as if this billion-dollar company needs any help). I refuse to shop there because of their unjust business practices, especially the treatment of employees, and their poor quality merchandise. How many small businesses and mom-and-pop shops have they put out of business across America? They moved into my small hometown recently and absolutely ruined it. There are better (and more unique and creative) businesses you could get sponsorships from. One of the reasons I stopped following Pioneer Woman was because of how commercial she had become. The last straw was the Pioneer Woman Barbie.

    • Vickie White

      I’m with you, Kate. Not to get on my soapbox, but every piece of that Pioneer Woman stuff is poorly made in China, using who knows what processes, and I predict you’ll see it at every garage sale in town in a year or so. I’d rather see someone hold on to their integrity with regard to quality than sell out for any amount of $$$ to Wal-Mart. Their bad reputation is justified in so many areas. Plus, darling Marian, you’re just classier than Wal-Mart.

      • Margo

        I disagree with the both of you. I find these pieces very well made and very affordable, much more so than gift shop and department store prices. You’re kidding yourself if you think that the small stores don’t carry goods made in China. Where I live there is not another store but Walmart that’s not an hours drive away. After moving here 3 years ago I had to learn to take advantage of their selection and am grateful that they carry things like the BH&G line as well as the Pioneer Woman.
        What about the tons of people that can only afford what Walmart has to offer. How nice for them to see someone creative like Marian make a beautiful table with things that they too can afford. Yes, you should get off your soapbox and step down into reality where most of us live. Shame on you for sticking your nose up in the air and disparaging these goods as not being classy.

    • Marian Parsons

      Kate, I appreciate where you’re coming from. The truth is that Walmart is a place to shop that is accessible to almost everyone, so I liked the idea of partnering with them and showing how to work with affordable pieces from a store where anyone can shop. I showcase a lot of one-of-a-kind antiques and work with some high-end brands and I feel like it’s nice to mix it up.

    • Jami

      Thank you, Kate, for pointing out my thoughts, exactly! I won’t step foot in Walmart! The Walton family has plenty of money, they exploit their employees and,yes, they’ve ruined many a small business.

    • Shoshana

      I agree with you Kate. Walmart also has an anti-christian agenda. Haven’t shopped there in 5 yrs. Dont want my money going to support the stuff they support.

  11. Irene Shelton

    Marian, your work really is inspirational. The landscapes are beautiful.

  12. Linda Miltzow

    Marian…Oh, that I could be a guest at your beautiful table to enjoy a piece of that most scrumptious looking cake 🙂

  13. Sharon

    ABSOLUTELY PERFECT !!! Everything looks so beautiful together. I would love to win
    the miniature landscapes. Reminds of ones I use to do.

  14. Debbie

    I absolutely love those little-bitty canvases and easels! I don’t paint, but I believe I might could fake it on one of those! As usual, your work is an inspiration. I remember reading your blog when you’d gotten your first shipment of paint. Your boldness at starting your own business was just as inspiring then as now. Thank you for keeping on.

  15. sally

    Loving the tablescape and the paintings!

  16. Traci L. Rye

    Very pretty! Love the square placemats. Beautiful paintings

  17. Linda Ellingsworth

    Please enter my name into the mini landscape paintings give-away

  18. Nancy

    Love your ideas. The table is gorgeous. Thanks for being so inspiring. Discovered your blog a few months back and look forward to reading. In response to the anti-Walmart posting, some for practical and financial reasons can not shop at Mom & Pop, antique or boutique shops for items. Don’t look down your nose at someone who shops there. Those shoppers are making their homes beautiful and enjoyable for themselves.

  19. Elle

    Love the tablescape. The miniature canvases are a lovely and elegant touch. A month from now, with fewer white flowers and more autumnal colored blooms, this tablescape could easily make the transition to early fall.

  20. Margo

    My answer staring me in the face! I have spent hours over the last few days looking at small chandeliers to hang over my bedside table, unable to decide to go with a crystal type to offset the country French look of distressed, mismatched pieces, or to go with a more rustic look of distressed wood with wrought iron sans crystal. I plan to use a vintage gold mirror over the dresser. And today, without even looking at your table settings, I see your crystal chandelier smack dab in the center of the gold mirror. I think I found my answer.

    I left a beautiful chandelier in my last home despite the realtors telling me that people don’t want them anymore. I didn’t bring it with me here to the lake thinking it was too fancy. But after looking at everyone’s country French blogs and finally finding my style for this home I think I am ready to not give a hoot what other people think, and give it another try all be it in a small dose!

    I figure if you think its appropriate, then it must be okay.

  21. Marlene Stephenson

    Love the tablescape and colors of green and blue, very pretty.

  22. Olivia

    I’ve seen quite a few of the items you used at Walmart. I really like the cake stand. Please enter me for the drawing.

  23. Lisa

    Beautiful table!!! I have the same ramekins and placemats. I love them

  24. Kelly J

    I love the mix of old and new, those are my go to colors for everything. The landscapes are too cute mixed in!!

  25. Celia

    LOVE those green scalloped plates! They do look like Jade-ite which makes them even better! They are my favorite in this tablescape next to the adorable mini-landscapes!! Thanks for pulling everything together!!

  26. Carole

    Your table setting is so pretty. Proves you can decorate beautifully no matter what your budget.

  27. Elizabeth Sandoval

    I too have purchased the Pioneer Woman jade
    Ite looking pieces from Walmart, they mix beautifully with Joanna Gaines green jadeite pieces available at Target.. I mix mine with antique deep blue willow dishes I have collected for 30 years and white porcelain dinnerware. Yes I have a dish” thing too! I use them with deep blue gingham table cloths for casual and white table cloths for special occasion. I’m looking forward to mixing in orange and white pumpkins among the table setting this Fall! Love your site Marian! Elizabeth

  28. Kathryn

    Marion, your tables ape is beautiful, elegant, and affordable. Thanks for sharing your talents with us.

  29. Nancy

    I would love to have landscapes. Would be right at home on my table. Your work is beautiful.

  30. Gail 🇨🇦

    Stunning! Would love to win these❣️

  31. Mary

    Wow…Walmart?? Haven’t been there in years. I think I will have to check them out. Lovely table scape. I would be honored to win one of your beautiful mini landscapes!

  32. Karen

    FYI if my horizontal placemats are too wide I just turn vertically and it works beautifully. Do try!!!

  33. Toni

    What a charming tablescape!

  34. Sheri

    So gorgeous. I love the color and the scallops! That shade of green is so adaptable to many different looks and seasons ! Another gorgeous job! Off to Walmart to check them out!

  35. Suzette

    The table is beautiful, Marion!
    I appreciate the beautiful ways you decorate and change things up, no matter where it comes from!
    Been following you forevvvver!

  36. Cathy

    It’s all beautiful!

  37. Cindy Meuwissen

    Love the entire table. Your work always inspires me which I think is the best compliment. I’d love to win the little landscapes, but if I don’t, I’m going to try to make my own. Thank you for your posts! They are day-brighteners!

  38. Cindy

    So pretty! I still want the source of that diamond patterned rug!

  39. Mary M

    Love what you did with your imagination and WalMart looking over your
    shoulder. Twenty or so years ago Martha Steward shopped at one of our
    local antique stores and bought every single piece of Jadeite that was in
    the store……….. That was a good pay day for the owner. lol

    I would love to have one of your tiny paintings. Our family has a priest friend
    who is 95 and lives in Minn. He paints tiny paintings from memory of his
    native land Germany. They are charming. I would love to have one of yours to
    add to my collection of tiny paintings.

  40. Pam Bronson

    Love the table setting and the mini landscapes are precious! Would love one!

  41. Nancy

    I have been a subscriber for some time now. I love how you inspire your readers and I think you are incredibly talented I would love to win a small landscape as I find you work heirloom quality and I would be honored to own anything of yours. As for the companies you promote, you are truly a classy lady who doesn’t make business decisions without thought and prayer. Though I am not a Wal-Mart fan, I can appreciate your point of view.

  42. Jennefer

    Beautiful tablescape. It inspired me to set my dining room table.

  43. Lisa Gibson

    Gorgeous Marian- Love everything! Really does look so fresh and summery! Funny I had just looked at those dishes from Walmart online and thought how great looking they are! Wish they had come in white because the jade color doesn’t go with my things and I have wayyyy too many dishes anyway! I just started oil painting this winter and may have to copy your idea of the place card oil paintings- those are adorable although I’m afraid mine won’t look quite as good as yours! :))

  44. Sonja Stouffer

    Very pretty table setting, Marion. Could you tell me where your blue and white dishes come from and enter me in your drawing?

  45. Rebecca McCabe

    Marian, just lovely!

  46. Louise Davis

    I live in a small town and Walmart is my go to place to pick up some of my painting supplies. I found those small canvases and easels there. I painted a scene and fixed the canvas to the easel and tucked them into a wreath along with brushes and tubes of paint etc to use at an art event. I would be honored to own one of your “minis”.! Incidentally I also am one of your “senior” groupies! I recently had my 81st too. I still enjoy finding ways to incorporate vintage things as part of my decor. I also recently have started oil painting. I love seeing your many talents and always enjoy how you are willing to learn and teach new things. Learning new things keep you young!

  47. Teresa S.

    Love this table setting!!! I see something special in each photo…I love blue and white, and love the jadite-like dishes. You score 10 of 10!

    • Sue

      I just love this table-scape. Simply beautiful! I am going to use this inspiration to create one similar. I love your mini landscape paintings! They’re beautiful. You are so talented. Keep the inspiration coming!

  48. Sue

    I forgot to ask… did you attend Gold Rush days this year? If so, I’m anxious to hear what you found. I purchased another European grain sack for a table runner. I love her textiles and buy something nearly every year from her.

  49. Michelle

    Marian your table scape is gorgeous. But, that cake and how you decorated it with the fruits and flowers was just STUNNING! You have a way with color, the jadite really set off the colors of the fruits and flowers. 😍

  50. Sue Anderson

    Love this! I can just imagine having a lovely time with friends around this beautifully set table.

  51. Crystal

    no, just no to Walmart. For all the reasons already stated. While there is merit in showing folks how to live graciously with bargains, I am deeply disappointed. Having said that, each of us has the right to decide where we will shop, what causes we support and what issues are important to us. You’ve always inspired me to use what I have, to shop local and vintage, I realize that not everyone has the means to shop at antique shops, but as someone who is on a very tight social security budget, I still won’t buy from Walmart, or Target, or Hobby Lobby. The cake, however, is stunning!

  52. Maureen

    Lovely! The cake looks delicious! Love the color choices and the jadeite look.
    Please put my name in the drawing.
    Please remember that the tariffs are affecting small retailers nationwide; our wholesale gift company has had a 25% increase in our duty fees just this year! This affects us all.
    Walmart,Target,Hobby Lobby…they have tariffs too,but huge buying power in China.

    Please, whenever you can, shop local and shop small. It’s your neighbor you are supporting.

  53. sandi roberts

    Love the table… I am going to hunt those place mats they are just what I need for a very small table.. Thanks. Would love a landscape….. Sandi.

  54. Cynthia Johnson

    I would me honored to sit at your beautiful table~ the mix of green, blue and white is lovely. Add the gorgeous cake and a few flowers and how much more summer could it speak! I’d love to take home the landscape paintings as well.

    Happy almost end of summer~ hello Fall!
    Cynthia 🌸

  55. Micki

    I’ve always loved your “blues” but now appreciate using greens. And to think you got your inspiration from Walmart! I’ll definitely give them another look! Thank you, Micki

  56. art

    So pretty! Love the placemats, too

  57. Karen

    I would love the landscape paintings!
    Your table is lovey, very fresh and sweet.

  58. Janice F

    I was gifted the faux jadeite cake stand a few years ago, and use it for so many different things! As always, I love your aesthetic and artistic talents. Keep up the good work. I would be over the moon if I won the small paintings/easels.

  59. Kate

    I love your table setting. The blue, green and white are beautiful ! I love the scalloped edge plates but I don’t buy from Walmart, they don’t have good quality. It does not last long, I am sorry, I support small local stores. But the cake is beautiful !

  60. Lisa R.

    Dear Marian, I love your table scape for so many reasons! I am very much a “dish” person too. I have a huge collection of antique ironstone and blue and white dishes as well. In all of my years of antiquing it never once occurred to me to combine those with jadeite. How shortsighted of me! The results are beautiful and your mini landscapes are so perfect! I very much appreciate the reasons why you support what you do but I also appreciate your objective here as well. Thank you for sharing your talents. I as well as many others are thankful for how you inspire all of us.

  61. Betsy

    Marion, I just love your little painting. Do you think you could make them available for sale at some point. I’m retired and live on a limited income. My dream is to have one of your paintings someday. Beautiful table, thank you.

  62. Irene Hendrickson

    Sure would be fun to win your little paintings.

  63. Heidi Dallas

    So pretty !!
    -Heidi from Ohio

  64. Donna B

    Love it all. If you are lucky enough to still have small shops and local places to buy at then great, but many of us RURAL AMERICANS only have Walmart/Target big store chains, so it is actually nice to see ideas that incorporate this. I shop local and small IF I can to find unique and genuine pieces, but distance and budget are key to MOST people and if you live RURAL then this is what you can get. Thank you for understanding that. 🙂

  65. Jan B

    I am retired now and on a fixed income and from time to time I can purchase something at Walmart to update things I have. Thank you for sharing your creativity on how to to make it all look beautiful.

  66. Suzanne Ruff

    Would love to have one of your mini landscapes. Love your dining room mural!

  67. Gail

    I subscribed…Loveing this color palette….fresh & Summery!!

  68. Jan

    You have created a lovely table! The soft colors blend beautifully, and the tiny landscapes are charming. Perfect.

  69. LaDonna THOMPSON

    I have admired your work for a few years now and have some of your pieces offered at Lucketts or in Gettysburg. I think my most favorite is your mural you painted in your new home. Anyway each time I pick up a piece purchased from you, I am delighted to remember our presence. Some of the locally owned small stores have gone out of business so often the only place to buy is from Walmart, Target, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, JoAnns, Home Goods, the list can go on. I suppose some feel the same about Dollar Tree. I enjoy browsing all, do not enjoy traveling distances at my age and cannot spend a lot of money elsewhere to avoid these stores when in need of a certain item or color. I appreciate your showing ideas from all price points and stores. Some I can embrace and others I cannot, simply for financial reasons. Still I like seeing and reading about where you get what and the thoughts behind each design. Thank you for sharing diversity enabling each of us to decide the best places to shop. Yes, one of your small paintings would be welcomed in my home.

    • LaDonna THOMPSON

      Sorry, sounds like the most favorite piece I got from you is the mural you painted—-yes, I do wish I had this in my home. I need to reread a little better instead of jumping around with my thoughts as I type.

  70. Patricia Kasparian

    Bravo! I wish I was coming to your dining room for luncheon today 🙂

  71. Patrizia Boszko

    Lovely as usual…Luv all the textures. Could you tell me the height off the stand w/o the dome? Website is unclear. Thx

  72. Esther

    Love everything about your tablescape.

  73. Kaye

    I love this table setting and went to see if there is a Walmart in Australia as this is where i live. I was curious to see if i had access to the same table setting elements. My search revealed Walmart is not in operation here but i was surprised as to the reasons why. It seems the government will not allow Walmart to operate in Australia as their emoloyment policies are illegal here. Until such time as Walmart improves emoloyment conditions there won’t be any stores on our shores. So in search for setting pieces of similar ilk i will have to go.

  74. angie warwick

    This is a little late, but I just saw this post. I love your blog & have followed for years. I’m a retired antique dealer & have been a rabid collector for 50 years. Your blog is beautiful, informative & entertaining. I have also been in crowning glory was a spread in Country Living about 10 years ago. All that being said, I want to inform all your Walmart critics of a very positive side of the Walmart family. I live in the Kansas City area & we a re about a 3 hour drive to Bentonville, Arkansas, the headquarters for Walmart. Alice Walton has built & supported one of the premier museums of American art & artists in the country. It has free admission , amazing exhibits as well as permanent collections. She has transformed 300+ acres of woods into a glorious setting for the museum. She has promoted, salvaged & supported both contemporary artists& long deceased that are famous & unknown. The buildings that house the museum are architectural masterpieces. Anyway, I just wanted to let your readers know that all the money they have is not just in the Walton family pockets, and also to encourage anyone that loves art like I know Marion does to visit this charming town & stay at the 21st Century Museum Hotel, which is also marvelous.


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