evolution of my home | part 9 | the boys’ room

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And now it’s time for part nine of my in-depth house tour, showing how our home has evolved over the (almost) nine years we’ve lived in it.  This is how the boys’ room looks today…


We have two boys who are 19 months apart.  They’re now 8 (Marshall) and almost 7 (Calvin, the one with type 1 diabetes).  Yes, we have a lot of wrestling and have had many of trips to the emergency room that have involved staples, stitches and super glue.  They are a huge part of my life, but not a huge part of the blog, since this is a DIY/home blog, not a mommy blog.

But, here they are…


They are getting to the age where they help out with my business a bit more and have some understanding of what I do, though the whole “my mom is Miss Mustard Seed as a job” thing is still a little confusing to them.

They are my hand models for kid craft tutorials I write for for HGTV.com…


…and costume models as well.  Although, sometimes reluctantly.


And they do help me move furniture on occasion.

Their room has always been a tricky one for me.  For the first few years of their lives, they were moved around from the nursery, now Jeff’s office, to what is currently the guest room and then finally into the larger of the two upstairs rooms, which they now share.  I don’t have a “before” picture of this room, but we didn’t make a ton of dramatic changes to this room.  I painted the walls blue, put the trim on the ceiling and changed out the light fixture.  That was pretty much it.

When I moved them into the room, I painted blocks of color on the wall to frame out baby pictures and made curtains.  Their room was furnished mostly with “leftovers” along with a pair of unbunked-bunk beds that my parents bought for us.


I had artwork on the walls, but one night Marshall was convinced that all of it would jump off and fall on him and Calvin, so they took it all down, leaving empty nails and sparse walls.  Calvin, being his own “man”, taped his own art to the wall over his bed.


We kept most of their toys in their room at this time, but when I moved my business into the studio, we were able to move them to the basement, where they have more room to play.


I mentioned the worthless closet in the guest room and the closet in this room is a mirror image and just as worthless.  I love living in an older home, but I must admit that I feel a pang of envy when I see kids’ rooms with great closets.  I’ve always wanted to put a door on it, but it just has a curtain.


The white dresser was in my room when I was a little girl.  My parents bought it at a yard sale for $35 and they have definitely gotten their money’s worth out of it.


This winter, I finally decided to give their room some attention.  The walls were looking a little dingy and I was excited about putting a room together for them with intention.

I painted the walls in a rich blue, Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore.  Yes, it’s a dark color in a small room, but I think it makes the space feel cozy in a good way.  The navy also worked better with the orange-hued pine floors and bright white trim.  It even sets off the mis-matched furniture better.

I also decided to bunk the beds to allow for more floor/play space.


It did open up the room quite a bit, but it didn’t last very long.  The ceilings upstairs are very low.  I am 5’5 and I can reach up and touch them with my hand without stepping on my toes.  The bunk beds fit, but there wasn’t very much clearance for the top bunk, so we unbunked the beds and positioned them to flank the window centered under the sloped ceiling.


It suited the space so much better and looks much more like a room for “big boys.”


The ticking quilts are from Pine Cone Hill, the sheets are from Kohl’s and my mom made the log cabin quilts at the ends of the beds for my brother when he was a boy.  I love that I can use them in this space.


The felt Virginia (UVA) pennant banner belonged to my Opa, who graduated from UVA after serving in WWII.  The old family pictures are all of him and his family.  I painted the tennis sign on an old table leaf with MMS Milk Paint in Lucketts Green, Ironstone and Typewriter.


The old tennis rackets and golf clubs were either found in my Opa’s attic or picked up from antique stores.  The frames are from Target and the globe was $1 at a yard sale.


The pine cabinet was purchased off Craig’s List.  I think it was $35.


I picked up the felt banners in antique stores for $5/each.  I’m still looking for a few more for the other window in the room.


I picked up the pillow made out of a 1947 Gettysburg banner off Etsy.  The wooden rocker belonged to my Oma.  We actually have a picture of her sitting in it as a toddler.


I ordered the monogram pillows off Etsy and the stuffed animals were a souvenir from our trip to the Grand Canyon a few summers ago.

mms-6361 mms-6354 mms-6357

I’m still working on this side of the room.  I’m hoping Jeff can find the time to build some wooden “lockers” for toy, clothes and book storage.



Just to show you it’s a real room, I wanted to give you a peek at how much junk I had to remove from the room for the pictures!  All of the stuff under the beds and piled on the dresser was moved out into the hall, behind the tripod, as I was taking pictures.



I’ll keep you updated as I make some more tweaks in their room, but it’s basically finished.

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There’s still more of the house to tour!  I’ll show the halls and stairwell, the basement (per your request), which includes our laundry area and workshop, the exterior and I’ll even show Jeff’s office.

All of that coming soon…

evolution of my home | part 9 | the boys’ room

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