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I shared on my Facebook page a couple of weeks ago that dinner is usually one of the first things to “go” when I’m busy.  I actually like cooking, but planning is my downfall.  I like to be “in the mood” for what I make and eat, so I don’t like to plan out a menu.  This becomes problematic at the grocery store when I buy things that I think I might be in the mood for, but then again, maybe I won’t.

I’ve learned that if I can get a little help with the planning, I can make a good dinner happen, even on a busy day.

So, when Plated asked if I would like to work with them, try out a couple of their meals and share it on my blog, I loved the idea.  This sounds like a service that I would like.


Here’s what Plated is…


For our first meal, I selected the chicken avocado burgers with sweet potato fries. ( Apparently, I’m one of the last people who knew that you could mix an avocado into ground chicken or I would’ve been all over that when I did Whole30.)


It comes with a large recipe card, showing what the completed recipe looks like…


…as well as step-by-step instructions and tips.


All of the ingredients for each meal come in bags that are clearly labeled, so you can just pop them in the fridge and pull them out when you’re ready to cook.


Everything is included to make the dishes, except olive oil, salt and pepper.  Plated sends you all of the fresh produce, meat, spices, herbs, etc.  Everything you need to complete the dish as well as a list of the cooking tools and utensils you need.




One thing that I really liked is that the recipe pushed me to take dinner up a notch.  Instead of just using mayo, they had me make garlic lemon aioli to top the burgers.  If I was following a recipe, I probably would’ve just skipped that, but since I had all of the ingredients, perfectly portioned, I made it and it really added a lot to the dish.


The portions were very generous…similar to restaurant portions, I would say.  After making the first dish, I realized that the ingredients meant to make two burgers could’ve made 3-4. They gave me three potatoes to make fries for two servings, but I ended up just using two and we still had some leftover.  I liked that the portions were on the generous side, so we had leftovers and it was a better value.



I also loved tips they had for preparation.  They suggested toasting the buns in the pan right after cooking the chicken avocado burgers and that was so much better than just warming them up or toasting them in the oven.


Believe it or not, I am still recovering from having my wisdom teeth removed over a month ago, so I had to eat mine with a fork and knife, cutting it up into tiny bites.  (I still can’t open my jaw all the way and some of my gum on the left side is numb.)


Both Jeff and I loved the dinner so much, I followed the recipe a second time with my own ingredients, just reusing the recipe card.

The other meal we chose was an Italian stir fry with chicken sausage and veggies.  That one was delicious, too, and again, we had enough to have for lunch the next day.  I supplemented the dish with angel hair pasta to stretch it out even further.


After cooking two meals with them, here’s what I loved about Plated.

  • The meals were simple, but really tasty and felt “special”.  I even pulled out the cloth napkins.
  • Everything is perfectly portioned, so you’re not left with a half-used container of something you bought specifically for one recipe.  Stuff like that usually turns into a science experiment and eventually goes to waste in my house.
  • I felt like I was learning chef secrets as I was preparing the food.
  • The calorie information is provided for each service.
  • They have a wide variety of meals to choose from including vegan, vegetarian, beef, chicken, seafood and even dessert.
  • The produce and meat were all top-quality ingredients.  Even the avocado was perfectly ripe.
  • I loved that I didn’t have to think about what to make for dinner.  The pressure was off.

The meals average $12/plate, which I felt like was a pretty good price once you start adding up all of the ingredients and, as a bonus, you can reuse the recipe cards for the ones you really loved.  In that way, it has a lot more value than a restaurant meal that can be tough to copy in your own kitchen.

I wouldn’t personally get a meal for every night of the week, but I love the idea of picking one or two plates each week, just to spice things up.  I could also see ordering these if I have company coming or if I know a busy week is on the horizon.

If you’re interested in giving Plated at try, they currently have a promotion for new users where you get two free plates with your first order of four plates.  You can sign up HERE.



Disclosure: I was sent four plates (two meals, a $48 value) in order to write this review.  I did not receive additional compensation, but the links in this post are affiliate links.  I honestly love the idea of this service and plan to be a repeat Plated customer.  They definitely won me over and I’m happy to be able to spread the word about their service.

eating well made easy | chicken avocado burgers

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61 Comments on “eating well made easy | chicken avocado burgers”

  1. Ouch..$48 for a home cooked meal that serves two adults and two kids.. Basically, they do the shopping for you and provide the recipe- but you still have to do all the work, and all the clean up.
    My young adult son and daughter both tried this plan when Plated offered boxes at intro promotional price. They were not impressed.
    This would only be worth your while if you were spending hundreds of dollars a week eating out and substituted PLATED as a cost saving measure.

    1. No, it’s $12/plate, so we got two dinners for two people and there was enough to serve our oldest son as well. Our youngest is very picky, so we usually make him something else.

      As I said in the post, I wouldn’t do this every day, but I like the idea of once or twice a week, just to spice things up. We rarely eat out, so this would be a treat for us and less expensive than going to a restaurant.

      1. You can’t just order a meal once in a while. This is a subscription service, so the minimum would be $48 a week. Plated prices are based on the number of plates you order, with a minimum of 4 plates per order/week. Most of them are about $12 each, though, so just for comparison, a 2-person 3-meal order would come out to $72 per week. You can, though, order the minimum two plates for two people and the total would be $48.

  2. ya, not so excited to read this post today. I’ve never read a bad review of something a blogger was given for free.

    1. I personally don’t do a lot of reviews, but I have received a few items over the years that I didn’t like. I feel like it would be inappropriate for me to accept their product as an ambassador for their brand and then smear them on my blog, though, so I prefer to let them know I wasn’t pleased and send the product back/decline the service, etc.

      1. Thanks, Marian, for the reply. The fact that you would send the product back/decline the service makes sense . . . and if other bloggers do this as well, that may explain why I’ve only run across glowing reviews.

        Interesting form of advertising in this social media age . . . . and recommendations may be best taken with a grain of salt.

        1. I totally agree. I think this form of advertising/reviews is based on trust. There are some bloggers I’ve been reading for years and I trust their opinions and I’ve learned about some great products. Nothing wrong with approaching paid/compensated reviews with a bit of skepticism, though. 🙂

  3. Marian, I just LOVE you blog…usually…but this one just does seem practical for the average mom, or wife…many, many of us do not do fancy expensive meals. The prices are quite high, even if you have leftovers. Simple stocking your pantry would help will easy meal planning. Once a month shopping for non perishables…then shop occasionally for….”fresh avocados” or what ever you are in the mood for. I always wondered how in the world you get everything done…like running your home…assuming you had extra help to shop and do chores. Free is good…but for the rest of us….NOT SO GOOD! Still I will be enjoying reading other people’s comments regarding today’s subject ……sometimes that’s the BEST PART of blogs! Let us know if you decide to join in start buying these meals….

    1. I have actually never had any help with cleaning, cooking, errands, etc. All of that is a part of homemaking to me and I can’t imagine hiring it out. It sometimes means that the floors are a little fuzzy or dinner is a grazing plate, but that’s life!

      I thought $12/plate wasn’t bad given what most people pay when eating out. Obviously, it’s not as economical as meal planning, but that’s why I wouldn’t do it every night. 🙂

      1. So FUNNY… sure can stir up the pot in conversation…GOOD FOR YOU! I found it interesting so many get heated over this subject. I wouldn’t have guessed you would be doing Plated meals every night…and yes it’s cheaper than eating out. Like I said earlier, it so interesting reading every comment…not always are they on the positive side but it is stirring up conversation. We all LOVE YOUR BLOG…go forth and have a BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!! Your FAITHFUL READER, Karen

  4. I don’t mind this type of post. I like seeing pretty pictures of food and getting cooking ideas like mixing ground chicken and avocado (I, too, did the Whole30 as part of your group earlier in the year). However, $48 for two meals- even with leftovers- isn’t something I’m going to buy but I’m perfectly okay reading about it once in awhile.

  5. You should get your jaw back to normal ASAP, or you may lose the ability. Put moist heat on your TMJ (jaw joints) and then gently using your fingers coax your mouth open as far as possible, a little farther each day. You really should be back to normal by now, so don’t put it off.

  6. You’re joking, right? I am retired, and living on my state teachers pension and my social security. $45 is nearly what I spend for food FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK. I think you must be really out of touch with WHO your readers are (or how “real” Americans are “REALLY LIVING”). I am actually a tad offended by this entire business. Surely we have not yet become THAT effete.

    1. Gretta, I know this isn’t going to be for everyone or fit in every budget. If you read my business story, I totally understand what it’s like to angst at the grocery store over what to buy and what to put back. I think this service would work great for certain people. I personally love the idea and respect the founders of Plated as entrepreneurs.

    1. The negative comments aren’t directed at Marion personally- but they spring from a state of shock at seeing such elite meal plans promoted by someone we admire as ‘Queen of Thrifty’..
      There is no way that I could believe that Marion would actually spend $48 for such a simple meal..
      And, since I have two NYC kids who have already tried the meals, and found them wanting, I feel that it’s perfectly justified to give feed back.

    2. I agree Sue…..why is everyone so crabby about this post. Take what information you need or like and move on with your day. Marian you are the most honest and pure person and I value your opinion and whether I try PLATED or not…… I learned about a business I never heard about before I read this post ! xox

      1. This isn’t being ‘crabby’, nor disrespectful. think that to keep a blog ‘real’- you need more than just positive comments on a sponsored product . Why would you have unquestioning belief ? Sponsored products are basically powerful marketing tools, and it behooves one to be suspicious. When I see ‘sponsored products’ (no matter who the reviewer might be), I immediately question whether the product is as good as the reviewer maintains- or if there is bias toward the product as it is a way to make money. This particular product just doesn’t seem to fit into the value system that is espoused by Marion’s blog. My eyebrows would be raised just as high if she suddenly promoted ‘fois gras or caviar but I can’t imagine finding that in Marion’s kitchen either. Just saying..

  7. The comment by Gretta made me write this comment. Plated is a business that was started by two guys with a passion for food. That was their choice to launch a business just like Gretta’s choice was to be a teacher and retire on a fixed income. I saw them on Shark
    Tank and they were asking for constructive criticism from experts in the field. The men on Shark Tank helped them and did not vilify them for trying new things. Marion was not asking for people to judge Plated and their pricing. She was putting information out to share with her readers and make a nice meal for her family. When you put yourself out there and ask for people to give you constructive criticism it does not give one license to be rude. Kudos to you Miss Mustard Seed for publishing Gretta and her negativity but I will skip reading comments from now on and just read the content.

  8. Marion, I’ve been using another service like Plated and I have to say I love it. Sure, my pantry would be fully stocked and my recipes completely organized if this was a perfect world, but it’s not and I would rather spend a little extra money to have everything sent to me then have to order pizza. It may not be for everyone, but I for one love it and so do my kids and husband.
    Ignore these negative posts. People can be poopy 🙂

    1. I love your blog too…but agree that this post was no good! WAY too expensive for a family on a budget..we could eat out for that much! Your practical thrifty DIY stuff is what I love your blog for…stick with home deco and furniture makeovers! That’s what your great at!

  9. I buy cut up vegetables from the salad bar at 3.99/pound. There are people I know who would be aghast. For me I know I wouldn’t chop them up. My choice to spend my money this wsy. Same with plated. Thanks Marian for letting me know about this service.

  10. I am reminded about a storm caused by sweet Ina Garten on her blog when she posted a recipe for chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting. Wow the comments were firey because she suggested they could be brought to the kid’s school for a party. Well, I don’t have to tell many of you here that today a mom just can’t do that. Ina is from my generation and we never were constrained by peanut allergies at school parties. I guess the moms just brought something else. I don’t remember!
    What a nice treat for a busy mom to have a ready to fix meal with instructions occasionally and more nutritious than takeout! Good for you Marian.
    Look at all the money you have save all of us with your DYI ideas and instructions.?

  11. I’ll admit it. I totally clicked on the link and almost signed up. That looks so good. Then I remember that we put an offer in on our first house and I swore I was going to save every penny. I spend more that 24$ on meals all the time( I have a fixation on french food and organic meats and vegetables)
    For the future do you know if its organic ingredients? That would make or break me signing up once we move.

  12. Poor Marion, you changed it up and got flack!
    I love your blogs ,save & read them when I want to relax. This was another case on point… Just an opinion. Goodness… I love your honesty even in replies.
    Good goin girl!
    My theory has been take an hr or two like Sat or Sun for the next wk, bake a doz russets and boil a doz eggs. You can use either one for lunch or supper ( dinner for you city folk 😉 ) and jazz these stoles up during the wk. potatoes can be wedges, fried, baked or potato salad. Eggs can be breakfast, snack, lunch or supper.
    Meat is my main dish to build around along w/ romaine lettuce stalks and fruit. You can prepare a salad with long lasting romaine and either jazz it up with egg or fruit, or use fruit as your dessert.
    Still I love your tidbits. It’s like hearing from an old friend! Keep them coming! MJ

  13. Well, the meal looked delicious and I think it would be a great thing to try if you are so inclined to do so. We have tried Southern Foods in the past but I like the idea of fresh veggies included for a complete meal along with recipe card so you can make cheaper the next go round. It’s a great concept….but not in everyone’s budget for sure. I will definitely check out their website. Thanks for broadening our horizons Marian!

  14. I’m surprised you would write this post after all the feedback from your readers last week. I don’t need to see a food post on a decorating blog.

  15. Geez people, why get all snippy about a food post? Marion was just sharing what she received from this company and how it turned out. She was forthright with what she was sent and how she might use the company in the future. It’s almost like there’s this ‘if I can’t afford it, then I don’t want to hear about it’ attitude that is prevalent lately. Yeah, well, there is a lot of things I can’t afford either, but the point of blogs is sharing about what is going on in the bloggers life. I appreciate hearing about Plated and how it worked for Marion. Come on ladies, lighten up. Give Marion a break!

  16. Marion, I never comment on blogs but since I’ve paid for Plated and not reviewed it and am not a blogger or related in anyway to you, I want to jump in here. My husband and have tried Plated and thought it was exceptional. We are foodies. Not everybody is. We’re (now) a household of 2. Not everybody is. I like to paint furniture. Not everyone does. Some folks are thrifty. Not everyone is. You have a blog (and a platform) to use as you like. Use it how you like. Bravo for you! And Bravo for plated! People…if you don’t want to spend $12/plate, you don’t have to. But you aren’t the only ones reading Marion’s blog.

  17. Looks delicious! I always want to try new recipes, but it is such a time commitment between buying special ingredients, making my way through the recipe hoping I am doing things correctly and then realizing I need to tweak it to make it work for my family. This looks like a no brainer way to try new recipes. Love the pictures that go with the recipe and nice that you can recreate the whole meal on your own. Kinda like a cooking class delivered to your front door.

  18. Well, well, well did you ever shake things up today! Your dear readers need to remember we are all not the same peas in a pod. All this fuss over trying a service available to the homemaker. We all make choices in our life and we live with the choices we make. Good grief readers, it’s not like Marion was sharing about a free vacation to a Hawaiian Resort and telling everyone we should all go on our next vacation there.

    And some of us just might be a little more blessed than others and might be able to try the Plated option ONCE IN WHILE to spice up our weekly dinner routine. I felt your opinion was honest and helpful, for any reader wondering whether to or not to give Plated a try. I truly appreciated your blog today.

    Ta Ta For Now

  19. Living on the edge of civilization in New Hampshire I doubt if they make house calls here. I think I have seen something like this on TV. How many have ordered from Omaha Steak House for a treat? What an interesting idea of combining chicken and avocado! I will try it soon.

  20. Why can’t folks get your name correct? “Marian” not “Marion!!” — It’s in the introduction, right up there in the corner. If you’re going to complain, at least get her name correct :o) I know, it has nothing to do with this post, it just bugs me.

  21. Marian, I couldn’t help but comment to speak words of life into you today. 🙂 I probably won’t ever use a service like this but I still enjoyed the post. Your photos are always beautiful and I love the idea of adding the avocado to the meat and a flavored mayonnaise. I have been on a real sweet potato kick recently, making fries and roasted cubes in the oven. 🙂 Thank you for always being a constant source of inspiration and encouragement to me!! 🙂

  22. Wow, what an uproar over a simple sponsored post! The recipes sound delicious and your pictures were beautiful as always. While I probably would never use this service, it was interesting to read about it, and I’ll definitely try avocado in my ground turkey. I’m happy you share all kinds of experiences with us, your readers. I think sometimes the blog readers get jealous over ‘gifts’ that you receive from sponsors, but they shouldn’t. It’s one of the perks of having a blog, just as other occupations have perks…drug rep lunches if you work in a doctor’s office; free chiropractic adjustments if you work for a chiropractor; discounted prices on building materials if your husband is a contractor, etc.. I don’t know why people have to be so mean!

  23. I never hear of this company before but I used your link and ended up posting on FB. Great idea for busy times…

  24. Although this service isn’t right for everyone, I think it’s a nice alternative to fast food etc. Lets face it, that’s expensive too and not at all healthy. My son will be graduating from college with a good job and no cooking skills and I’m hoping he’ll use something like this to learn how to eat/cook healthy meals.

  25. Hi Marian-I just had to write because I read your blog every day, and will continue to do so. I look forward to reading your posts, especially after a long day at work. I don’t always find every single post applicable to my life, but I enjoy your honest style and I feel like you care, overall, about the people that read your blog. I was disappointed by all of the rude comments that you got today. Please don’t be discouraged, continue to post what you find interesting, or of value. People can just move on and not read your posts if they aren’t interested. It’s your blog! I thought that it was an interesting post, I am glad that you shared the information, and for those of us that can’t afford the service, we can still use the idea of making an aioli, adding avocado to our ground chicken, or how to crisp up the buns (I always put them in the oven or toaster so I like the idea of using the pan, to save time). Thank you for taking the time to share, and keep doing what you are doing. We appreciate you. Robyn

  26. I rarely comment because there are so many comments and I figure mine will just get lost but I really enjoy your blog and the comments to this one made it extra entertaining?.

  27. Yummy! I agree price seems high when you still have to prepare it yourself BUT both recipes look delicious (feedback for the company).

    As for the snarky commenters:
    A. If you don’t like the price, don’t buy. I’m sure for as many penny pinchers as are reading this post there are just as many well-to-do readers who wouldn’t blink an eye at the price. I personally view this blog as a furniture, DIY, & decor inspiration blog not a frugal living blog.
    B. DIY’ers gotta eat too! I love a little foodspiration to tuck away for busy days painting.

    1. I was talking to my mom about this post and she said, ‘If I have to pay $12/plate for dinner, I want something to cook it for me.” I argued with her that I love the fact that I get to learn how to prepare chef-inspired dishes, so I can repeat them. To me, that’s a bonus that I don’t get from a restaurant. We are each coming at things from a different place and that’s okay. 🙂

      1. Marian, just as Ina gave her readers a new recipe to try, you gave us one too! I’m definitely going to make the burger with avocado and an aioli sauce !
        I would have never ever attempted a slipcover for my wing back chair if I had not seen your videos.
        It came out beautifully! Thanks.

  28. Thanks for the post, Marian! Your photos are beautiful (as always). 🙂

    I just want to say that even though I may never use this service, I appreciated hearing about it and getting ideas for the meals I can cook at home. Last time I checked this was your blog, and so you have a right to write about anything you want. Not everyone is alike, and for as many people as you had that didn’t like this post, there are probably that many or more who did. I love hearing about DIY, furniture, and makeovers too, but it’s nice to have some variation. Keep up the great work! I look forward to your posts every day.

  29. Marian, I enjoyed this post because I was curious about what a Plated package contained; and I knew you would report your findings with your usual honesty. And make it all look pretty, too. Yeah, it’s kinda pricey but then how much value does one put on time spent/wasted grocery shopping, standing in the check-out line and lugging the stuff home (especially perishables in this hot weather). I’m not Plated’s target audience but I found your post interesting. This might be a good start for certain people I know who can’t even cook spaghetti – no seriouslyl!!!! I have visited your blog daily for probably four years now because I’m guaranteed to learn a new skill, read how to grow a business, even enjoy a few laughs along the way and be assured that all your posts come from a place of integrity and hard work and a keen sense of style and beauty. Thank you, Marian, for just being you!

  30. Dear Sweet Marian~
    You have gifts beyond measure! Please continue to use them as you believe they are intended. You know the only One you’re accountable for use of those gifts. Not everyone gets it. But I do, many others do as well. You’re a real inspiration to me, as you share your life, gifts and creativity. Be encouraged! Continue to dig deep into your imagination and creativity. And then of course do the wife thing, mom thing, daughter thing, friend thing, and then fix whatever you want for supper!

  31. WOW!! The ladies are fired up for this one!! I, personally, enjoyed the post. I know this is typically a decorating blog. But ladies, did you not grieve with Marian when her son was diagnosed with Diabetes? We all had positive things to say about that non-decorating post. Did you not jump on the ban-wagon when she started Whole30? Many of us benefited from those posts as well.
    My point, this is MORE than a decorating blog. Marian shares her life with us – the good, the bad, and the ugly! I, for one, enjoy reading about different things she is able to try. I trust her judgement and appreciate her candor.
    Having said that, like many of you I would not spend the money to try this service either. So I am happy to have gained some insight on this type of service without having spent the money.
    Thanks, Marian!

  32. Please always post anything and everything. I will read it and decide for myself if it is for me or not. I won’t ever try plated. But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t interested in it. I enjoy all the posts. I don’t really remember how I found your site but you talked about Lucketts so much, I looked it up. And then I WENT, with my sister. AND WE HAD A BLAST. So, I’m going to say that you are doing a great job. Don’t listen to the nay sayers or the haters. There are always a few. Stay true to yourself and you can NEVER go wrong.

  33. While I actually enjoyed the post and totally agree that some of the overly negative comments were off base here – I would like to ask the ladies who are scolding those posters….Aren’t you guilty of the same thing? Let them have an opinion for goodness sakes! The thing that turns me off the most is when a blog has an army of angry defenders. “If you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all”??? Puh-lease…..Marian has asked for opinions more than once. She can handle herself and doesn’t need us to protect her. After all this is her blog, her sponsored post and her words. She has said recently that she cares what her readers think so as long as people aren’t outright mean, let everyone have their opinion please.

  34. For all the people coming to the defense of Marian…you get she’s a business person, with an agenda and goals…you know-LIKE A BUSINESS??? Right? Everything she does, this blog, the advertising, the sponsored posts, it’s a business! She’s not your friend, neighbor, sister or relative. She’s a business person with the goal of prospering. So you needn’t behave as if we are out to get her, she’s not “Poor Marian”.

  35. To Chris who seems to think that some here are stupid and need to be “educated” by her as to who and what missmustardseed is, well dear, I’m sure that they “get it” ! I would imagine that the group here are also bloggers, business persons, prospering in their own way. Surely you don’t think they sit around eating Bon bons waiting to be told what to say or not by you. My last post ever. I don’t like to be insulted by a random person that doesn’t know who these ladies or men are but decides she needs to tell them how to respond.

    1. Sandi, Karen and Chris,

      All of your input is valuable, so I do hope you continue leaving comments with your thoughts. I rarely delete comments, because open dialog is generally a good thing. We have common ground…a love of all things home, but we do also have our differences. Different ways of interpreting things, saying things, communicating.

      Some readers are skeptical and suspicious of sponsored posts and it’s okay for them to voice that. It helps me in the decision-making process when I’m considering whether to partner with other companies in the future. On the flip side, there are loyal readers who have been “with me” through a lot and they are my friends. I’ve met them at workshops, Lucketts, at the studio. We hug and cry and laugh together. There is a genuine fondness that has been built between us, despite the unconventional medium. And it’s okay for them to want to defend me, support me and encourage me when they think I need it.

      If you knew me in “real life”, you would know that I am a peace-maker. I love to find where we agree and not where we differ. I like resolution and want to be in a good place with people and for them to be in a good place with each other. In the end, I do hope you can all agree to disagree and wish each other the best.

  36. Just signed up, very excited to try this! My husband and I are busy professionals that don’t get home until late evening and I travel frequently. We tend to eat out for most meals, but want to cook more for health and financial reasons. This seems to be a perfect solution and I wouldn’t have know about this service (or been brave enough to try) if it weren’t for your post. Thank you!

  37. I just saw this post and after reading the flood of negative comments – I just had to say something, not usually a commenter, but this is compelling!
    First, I have been using Plated for about 6 months now. I agree with everything Marian says; I don’t use it every week and I only pick one or two meals a week when i do. All of the meals (and I am not exaggerating here) were delicious, and yes, I remember the chicken/avocado burger and I too was not aware you could put avocado into a chicken burger and have amazing results! I work full time, am over 50, have a 16 yr old and an 18 yr old who just left for college. OK, I never have time to cook and I LOVE to cook. I find a recipe that sounds great, I buy all the stuff (including something exotic that I will probably never use again) and then never get to it because of that thing called life that is always in the way.
    I found it the most amazing learning tool – I learned techniques I had never tried or never understood why you would do that or tried without clear instructions. Ingredients I had never used but always saw and thought I wouldn’t like. The best thing is now I have at LEAST 15 new meals and a dozen or so side dishes that I never, ever would have made that are simple, delicious (and purchased on my own, cheap). Yes, the service itself probably is pricey, but working full time and not being able to cook like I used to, this was the solution. Having everything pre-measured and right there is beyond convenient.
    Here’s the last thing I’ll mention that is one of those ‘unintended consequences – or gifts in this case’ of this service. My son just left for college last week. He had never cooked and wanted to learn how to cook some things on his own. Enter Plated, the Instructor in a Box. He would help me choose a meal that he would like to eat and try to cook from their weekly menu. When it arrived, he would cook, with me coaching from the sidelines and him asking questions – “why do I have to get the pan hot before I put the steak in?…etc.”. He learned basic techniques, he learned about sauces – yes, he learned what aioli is and now makes it constantly for anything, he learned about marinating – even for 10 minutes and the difference it makes, he learned that not all vegetables are the enemy (he loves leeks- with aioli – who’d a thought?). Anyway, for a learning tool it was and worked better than I could have done or any book I could have bought for my kids (and me). No, its not for everyone, but I think that’s the point of a good blog – something of interest for more than just the few. With Plated you can pick days or weeks that want deliveries and (for example), an entire month I didn’t want the service. I love it and would recommend it to anyone. My son is thrilled he knows something beyond mac n cheese and I cherish those hours he and I had in the kitchen together before he headed out on his own life adventure.

  38. My niece has just started using this, (not sure if it is the same company, but the concept is the same.) She is working a full-time job and going to school 3 nights a week. This is working well for her. I like going to the market so it is not for me, but I have to say if I was in my niece’s shoes I would be using this service.

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