design ramblings | claw foot & garden tubs

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In this week’s design ramblings, Kriste and I talk about the bathrooms of two of our viewers who sent in pictures.

The first space, belonging to Brooke, is lovely!  Both Kriste and I gasped over the claw foot tub.  It’s a beautiful space, but the tub, that should be the feature, gets a little lost against the white walls.

brookes bath

The second space, Katy’s, is a pretty typical builder-grade bathroom with a garden tub and separate shower.  Katy really wants to take the tub and shower out, install a shower/tub combo and add some built-ins to make the space more efficient for how they use it.


And now, we ramble.

I had some serious giggles before we started shooting this one, but I managed to pull it together.

In case you want a closer look at them, here are the inspiration pictures I shared.  These two are from my master bathroom…

mms-1 mms-3964

…and this last one is from a B & B in Charlottesville, Va.  See how the painted tub sets it off from the white bead board?  And how the cute antique stool (that I totally wanted to stuff in my suitcase) adds some more life to the space?


For the sconces, without seeing the other lighting in the space, I was thinking something like this from Pottery Barn


…just to add some sparkle and frame out the bath.  If Brooke doesn’t want to hardwire something into the wall, she can add always add some candle sconces.

I hope our ramblings gave you some ideas, Brooke, Katy and everyone else who was watching!

design ramblings | claw foot & garden tubs

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7 Comments on “design ramblings | claw foot & garden tubs”

  1. Oh my goodness! oh my goodness! You chose to ramble about my bathroom! I feel so honored!! Thank you so much for your great ideas! I love them! I’m going to get to work and send you an after picture 🙂 ha ha! So many things i wouldn’t have thought about! I appreciate you taking the time to talk about my space! Thank you again! Loving these episodes! It was a delightful surprise to find this one today! You’re both the best! Thanks again!

    1. What fun! You do have a lovely space, Brooke. Have you thought about hanging a framed oval antique mirror in the space just between the window and your tub (horizontally). A worn silvered look would be lovely if you don’t want a full-on reflection. A chair rail might also be nice to add a bit more “texture” to your bath nook. I think the sconces, and/or a chandelier are a lovely idea too, if you don’t want to tackle with paint.

      Best regards,
      Julie M.

  2. Hi, Just about to put in a slipper bath into one of our bathrooms, I think maybe as you say go bold. I would either paint the bath or paint the wall definitely…how about a hot pink?Hot Pink is bold and goes beautiful with the grey!

  3. You ladies are so beautiful and your smiles make my day! I really enjoy your ramblings and your “not an answer, answer” was spot on.

    It would be fun to see a snippet of a blooper or funny moment at the end of each rambling session that didn’t make it on to the actual episode. Check out Marie TV, she always does that and I always wait until the end to see it. Just a thought.

    One of your many fans. 🙂

  4. Our vintage bathroom is modeled after a photograph of my father’s sister posing by a clawfoot
    tub, lace curtains, checkerboard floor etc. She was an early photographic model. Probably daring because she is wearing a white cotton nightie, white stockings that are rolled at the top
    with a tad of skin showing. Also kicked off one of her shoes. The only thing off is a new
    white vanity that looks old with a vintage white mirror that is very fancy to complete the look.
    I think Aunt Grayce would approve. Her picture is on the railing of the beadboard. I love the
    idea of painting the tub a contrasting color.

  5. Hello ladies,

    I have the perfect challenge for you both: My 5 X 5 bathroom and no storage space. As soon as I can I’ll get a picture sent to you.

    You’ve added yet another dimension to your business/blog and I look forward to your next “ramblings.” And I agree with April’s suggestion…at the very end include one or two of the edited out “ramblings.” Maybe of you gals giggling!

    Love from Ontario (California, that is)


  6. For people planning on adding free standing tubs, Sarah Richardson puts the overflow pipe on the backside of the tub. That way you walk in and see the beautiful tub, not a pipe sticking up in the center of the tub. I vote for a paint color in the alcove & a chandelier.

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