ironstone cake pedestal

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If you’re an ironstone collector, then you know that cake pedestals are like the Holy Grail of ironstone.  Well, maybe not the Holy Grail, but they are rare and expensive when they do surface.  I snagged one with my pooled birthday money last year and I’m so glad I did.  It really is one of my favorite things.


So, my jaw dropped and I got all giddy when I spotted another one in an antique mall a couple of weeks ago.  It’s obviously not as high and it’s has a blue & white transferware pattern, but it is heavy and old and still an ironstone cake pedestal.


And it was a steal…$25, which is crazy, given that these sell for $300 or so on eBay.




This piece has a pretty sizable chip on it, but that doesn’t bother me at all.


The hallmark is one of the loveliest I’ve ever seen…



So, of course, this one is a keeper.

For now.

ironstone cake pedestal

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20 Comments on “ironstone cake pedestal”

  1. This seems like a really good find and your right, the price was a steal and is still beautiful…..even with a chip. I am not that familiar with iron stone, but from what I have seen and read it is really nice. Recently I ran across a piece of iron stone or what I believe to be iron stone, that I can’t seem to find out anything on. It was made by Elsmore & Forster Imperial Parisian Granite. I have found several pieces online but nothing matching this one. If you or you know someone familiar with them I would greatly appreciate it.

  2. Oh wow! When you decide to part her she must come to me! I am a blue and white transferware fein. Chip would feel so welcome, comfortable and not at all self conscious in my family of blue and white treasures. Just send me the email when she is ready to move:) All us girls with some wear around the edges have to watch out for each other. Jean

  3. Oh my gosh , it’s wonderful. What a treat to find something like that, and how cute is it in your house too! Lucky little cake stand has the perfect home now!


  4. Looks like it was meant to be….I mean, really, the color of it on that runner and with your other items right there. Home Sweet Home!

  5. Absolutely lovely! It may be a “fruit compote” dish because of the sides curving up. Would be too easy to chip the finish cutting a cake on it. No matter though!!!!

  6. A few years ago I found a very similar pedestal stand to yours on eBay UK..for a ridiculously cheap price.I think it cost more to ship it than the actual cost, which was under $40 for a piece made around 1840 or so!!.My pattern is the blue willow, and I was told that it was a ‘cheese plate’ by the antique dealer.The reason that it was so inexpensive is that at one point, the pedestal part had to be reglued to the plate- but who is to know??

  7. I love ironstone, I found a small cake plate a couple of months ago. When I spotted it I thought oh my, this can’t be I flipped it over and the hallmark was there. I about had a heart attack. The price was under 20 dollars. I ran to the counter and paid for it as fast as I could. The whole time at the counter I ws thinking someone was going to say oh sorry that’s price is incorrect. When I got it home u asked several dealers if they thought it was the real deal. Yep. I knew it was but I just could believe I found one. I look at it every day it’s so dang cute.

  8. Stunning! I do not collect ironstone but do have a weakness for transferware. I also seem to have a thing for cake stands. I have quite a few of them in my house. I would have snatched that up if I saw it. What a beautiful find!

  9. Gorgeous! I would have snatched that right up. I love ironstone, but I also have a thing for blue transferware – old and at a good price!

  10. Hi Marian,
    I’m also a lover and collector extraordinaire of Ironstone as I’ve been collecting for years as to what I thought to be the best of the best! Today I learned a valuable lesson in ” Ironstone 101 ” from my husband. I thought I was the ironstone expert but he proved me wrong this time around 🙂 I’ve been on a buying frenzy lately ( ironstone) which I’ll blame on this frigid Midwestern weather? Anyway, it was pointed out to me, much to my dismay, that 3 of my recent purchases are bogus as indicated by the rough finish not only underneath the item but also, if there is a cover, under the ridge. If you can’t quite see that it’s unglazed, you can then do the finger test. Unlike the OLDER (60’s) unglazed the NEWER (antiques) glazed will be not only look smooth but will also feel smooth as it’s the same glaze as on the surface of the item. I may have been duped unknowingly but I still like the items but I’m not exactly loving them. I have chosen to pass this linformation on to your captive audience as a favor to my lesson learned.. I now own one of many creamers out there with the hallmark ” Sterling” and under that is “Colonial which should be a wake up call in itself. And that is ” English Ironstone, J & G Meakin, England..” Buyer Beware and may we all have the good fortune of Ms.Marian and the ubiquitous cakeplate, not just one but two. Ya gotta’ love her!

  11. Whoops…I need to correct a goof…it must be the weather…brrr! I referred to the Newer ironstone as an antique and the Older ironstone as in the 60’s which is the other way around. The Older and an antique has the smooth glaze not only on the bottom of the item but also on the bottom rim of any cover which a person can either see or feel by touching. The Newer and around the 60’s +++ has a rough look and feels rough to the touch due to being unglazed. I assume most of you caught the gist of it but for those who didn’t, my sincere apologies. Keep on a’ hunting for those ironstone treasures and if you’re unsure, just do the touch test…you’ll be happy that you did! Let’s hope we all discover an Ironsone pedestal cake plate or two, and an antique one at that…

  12. Love ironstone. I recently found a pudding mold (for super cheap) and saw yours in your photo of the shelf/hutch on the white ironstone pedestal. I was wondering how would you use it in decorating? or do you just keep it stacked in display?? I looked on Pinterest but couldn’t find any great ideas in using it. Thanks

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