dear reader | what are you afraid of?

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When I posted my first “dear reader” post, I asked for suggestions of what you, my readers, would like me to write specifically to you.

I received this suggestion from Krista and I really loved it, so this is what I’m writing about today…

“I do have a suggestion for the “Dear Reader” series, “What are you afraid of?”  What I mean by this is I have ideas, plans, goals for my own business/craft projects but I always put them off.  I’m too busy with house cleaning, gardening, and kids to just do my own thing.  So I never ‘do my own thing’.  And I wonder why.  Why can’t I just make time for me to do what I want to do?  Certain things can wait so why don’t I try?  I think I’m just afraid to do it.  How did you do it?  How were you able to justify time on what you wanted to do when you first started out?  Do you know what I mean?”


Dear Krista and other readers who keep putting “it” off.  Whatever “it” may be,

First off, Krista, yes.  I know what you mean.

For so many of us, today crowds out the someday.  Someday seems easy and full of possibility, but then someday becomes today and it’s just another ordinary day filled with errands, laundry, picking up, helping with homework, playing chauffeur.  And then that someday, that was once so full of possibility, is now a forgettable yesterday.

And those yesterdays start stacking up and you realize that for the somedays to live up to their potential, a change needs to happen in the todays.

(If you’re not tracking with me, have a cup of coffee and then try reading it again.)

In other words, if you never do anything, you’ll never do anything.


So, you have to take those first scary steps today.  Not tomorrow.  And definitely not someday.

This can apply to starting a business, a weight loss/health journey, working on your home, a project, anything.  Big or small.  It’s those “if I could only…  I would…” kinds of things.

So, think about that for a minute.  What would you like to do?  Who would you like to be?

For me, I would like to be more balanced.  I can be so lopsided in life and I wish I wasn’t like that. I would like to be more organized.  I would like to be thinner and fitter.  I would like to design a line of furniture.  I would like to go to France, Belgium and Sweden and fill a container with amazing things to bring back to the US.  Just to name a few.  Off the top of my head.

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Now.  What is stopping you from doing the things on your list?  What fears start to prickle when actually think of taking steps towards those things?  What barriers do you hit?

I know, for me, I’m afraid that if I strive to be more balanced, my business will lose momentum.  I know that being fitter and thinner means self-discipline and that I can’t eat all the chocolate chip cookies whenever I want.  Designing a line of furniture is so intimidating!  Why would a company even want to partner with me?  Miss Mustard Who?  And what if it was a failure?  And France…ah, yes.  It seems an eternity away, because it means a big savings account just for that trip.  And there are bigger priorities right now.

You’re probably having similar conversations with yourself right now about the things on your list.  These are reasons A, B and C as to why I can’t fill-in-the-blank.

So, I’m not suggesting that those reasons aren’t valid or sensible or huge obstacles.  I’m not saying that you just disregard them.  Throw responsibility and commitment out the window and do what you want.


I’m suggesting that you make small investments, baby steps to work towards what you want.  Sort of like the change jar that can add up over time.  Pennies that become a trip to France.  Smart food choices that become a 20 lb weight loss.  30 minute workouts that become a healthier me.  Planning smarter and setting priorities, sticking to a bedtime and slowly finding balance.

So, Krista, I suggest this to you.  Write what you want and today (maybe tomorrow if it’s really late), take one step towards one thing on your list.

And tomorrow, take another step.

And the next day…

Small steps aren’t so scary, are they?

dear reader | what are you afraid of?

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