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Today, Kriste and I shared the studio with some lovely ladies who came for the BYOF (bring your own furniture) workshop.

It’s always so fun to introduce people to milk paint and watch them transform their own pieces with just a little guidance and instruction.


Here are the transformations…

Then: A magazine rack saved from the side of the road.

Now: Painted in a custom-mixed green, distressed and finished with Hemp Oil.


Before: A stool made by the owner’s father in shop class when he was a boy.

Now: Painted in Tricycle layered over Mustard Seed Yellow with a Hemp Oil resist between the two.  Distressed and finished with Hemp Oil.


Before: A sweet table painted in a blue the owner didn’t really like.

Now: Lucketts Green layered over Boxwood with a Hemp Oil resist between the two.  Distressed and finished with Hemp Oil.


I love how you can still see bits of the blue showing through.

Before: A side table purchased at an antique store that’s been waiting on the “to-do” list far too long.

Now: Two coats of Lucketts Green, lightly distressed and finished with Hemp Oil.


Before: A free chair that was picked up from a furniture repair shop that was giving away pieces that were never claimed by the owners.  It has been waiting to be painted for 30 years!

Now: Painted in a custom mixed blue/green (3 parts Layla’s Mint to 1 part Bergere) over Grain Sack.  Distressed and finished with Antiquing Wax.


Before: A grandma’s cabinet that was ready for a refresh.

Now: Artissimo layered over Schloss, distressed and finished with Antiquing Wax.

Before: A $25 vanity that was a little stuffy and boring.

After: Painted in Eulalie’s Sky over Kitchen Scale with a Wax Puck resist between the two layers, subtle distressing and finished with Hemp Oil.  We also reupholstered the seat and gave it a new handle (painted in Farmhouse White.)

I hope you enjoyed all of the furniture makeovers as much as we did!

Do you have a favorite?

Visit HERE to see if there is a retailer in your area who offers workshops.  I have a glitter workshop coming up in November and I’ll be scheduling more painting workshop in January!


  1. Toni

    I love all of these!!!!

  2. Karen

    They’re all so beautiful! And styled to perfection. I love the colors and I learned that hemp oil can be used as a resist

  3. B Folk

    They are all beautiful, and all the owners should be proud and satisfied with their work. My personal favorite is the last, the “stuffy vanity”; love the contrast between the new upholstery and the paint color. Too bad you’re not in the Pacific NW!

  4. Nancy

    I love them all but the vanity is something I’d do just the way she did. That blue is so perfect. Well done, women! I wish you lived closer to Iowa. 🙂

  5. Terri

    Did I read “hemp oil resist”? Whaaaaat? I have a brand new large bottle to replace one that was used up and I didn’t know about this. Oh my goodness…please do tell! Or did I miss this application on a previous post?

    As for the pieces, they are all perfect. Absolutely perfect. How much fun that surely was! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Cristen Coombs

    Oh my gosh. That vanity! Sigh

  7. Cindy in Oklahoma

    I’m crazy about Grandma’s now gorgeous shade of blue cabinet! And the delicate little green side table…. This is inspiring me to take the paint plunge on a couple of things around here….

  8. Julie

    Love them all esp. the grandma cabinet! Gorgeous blue!

  9. Julie

    ummmm…. ‘Farmhouse White’???? New color?! 😀
    of course every piece was simply fabulous, I catch myself scrolling v-e-r-y slowly so I can draw out the pleasure. A lot like eating the spaghetti pie at Old Chicago, lol!!

  10. Jan

    Just beautiful. I’ve done a couple of pieces myself and I find it so satisfying to give an old piece of furniture a new lease of life ?

  11. Alice

    Yes, and amen to all who “Wished that you were closer” to their [home state]…like a LOT closer. Me too, in Southern New Hampshire—hint, hint.

  12. Angie M

    Oh my! Each piece is so lovely! Love all the make-overs.

  13. Cindy A.

    I love to see all the makeovers! Please tell us more about hemp oil resist!

  14. Leslie

    My favorites are the side table in green and the grandma’s cabinet is dark grey. This looks like it was a fun day! Would have loved to join you – too far away. 🙁

  15. Jenn A

    So fun to see all the transformations! Makes me want to get my paint out right now! Thanks for showing us.

  16. Jelena

    Before and after pictures are always so much fun!
    My favorite is that little Lucketts Green side table. The “grandma’s table” in Artissimo comes in a close second.

  17. MaryLisa Noyes

    I love the after pieces. What a difference!!!

  18. Jacquie

    I sure wish I was near somewhere that had classes because I love the choppy look but have had no luck with this paint and I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong!

  19. Denise

    This recused chair is beautiful; cozy and cottage-y.

  20. Sharon Hankins

    Oh they’re all so beautiful. I love the vanity makeover! I also loved the way you styled the red & yellow apples with the red & yellow stool! Great idea.

  21. Amy

    Love them all…hard to pick a favorite but maybe the red and yellow stool! I’m interested to know what are your most popular colors during these sessions and if it changes with season or stays the same…I guess I would like to hear more about who chooses what colors and why…maybe more about the session and the painters thoughts…if that’s a post you could do???? Thanks

  22. Sue Schneid22

    Wow! Looks like green won the day! Really gorgeous makeovers! My favorite was the chair that was left behind…loved the color mix and the distressing and layered finish was so natural looking. Perfect!

  23. Carlotta

    I don’t have a favorite-I like ’em all!!!! I know the ladies are probably proud to have them finished. They are so pretty. Wish I lived nearby & I’d be bringing my pieces of furniture to your shop. I’m really liking all the changes you’ve made to your blog(or is it an email?). It seems like you got a shot of enthusiasm since you asked your readers for their input and then you revamped what you bring to us readers. Keep up the good work.

  24. Hannah Rose

    Everybody did a GREAT job, but my favorites are the last two. I especially love that vanity!

  25. Naomi S.

    All the projects are beautifully done. However, I have a thing for old chairs and that round-backed one done in the two greens over grainsack is just gorgeous! I also love the way the grandma’s cabinet turned out. Such a difference!

    I am so envious of everyone who gets to come to your workshops that I believe that I might be turning Lucketts Green!

    Great work, ladies!

  26. Kathy Milliken

    The vanity and grandmas cabinet! Love those two! But all are beautiful, and I’m sure everyone had a great time!

  27. Laurie

    I don’t know if you put stuff like these before and after photos in your look book or not but you really should! Talk about selling someone on the idea of milk paint, these do!!

  28. Eileen

    I love them all, but Grandma’s shows the biggest transformation. Fun.

  29. Aimee

    My heart skipped a beat when I saw grandma’s cabinet!!!

  30. Sarah

    They are all so fabulous! I love the cabinet in Artissimo over Schloss!

  31. Delilah

    My favorite is “grandmas cabinet” that was painted in Artissimo! They all turned out beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing!

  32. K

    This post was so much fun to read! Great transformations!

  33. Shirley

    Love Love Love the vanity! The fabric for the seat is perfect.

  34. Brit

    Had to do a double take because I used to own that exact same vanity and stool before my MIL somehow sold it or gave it away or something for me. Cute transformation!

  35. Lauren Baxter

    Some great, wonderful and nice pieces!! I really love that bright light blue vanity at the end, a beautiful color.

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Decor

  36. Mary (Cottage B at Home~Vintage Country Living)

    Love the custom, oh so subtle colors and techniques used for the chair especially!! Gorgeous…Wish I could attend one of your workshops out here on the east coast. Thanks for sharing these wonderful projects from your class!

    Mary from Cottage B at Home ~ Vintage Country Living


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