a chair back, details, & a dog

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Jeff has been on a fishing trip for the past few days, so he gave me a chance to get out of the house today and do a bit of kid-free milling around.  It was so nice to have some unhurried time to myself.  I’ll share what I was shopping for in another post.  In this post, I’ll share some of the details from my kitchen table photo shoot.

As I was photographing the new kitchen table, I swayed the camera over a little to get the butler’s pantry, sneak peek of the dining room, and the newly upholstered checked chair all in a shot together.  Some of you have mentioned here and on Instagram that you’re not sure how our first floor is laid out.  In this shot, the kitchen is to the left and that doorway visible in the far left of the frame is to the laundry room.  The living room is to the right and rear.

But, let’s talk about the checked chairs for a minute.

I realized that when I shared the makeover of these chairs, I didn’t show the pretty feature on the back!

What an oversight!  I used a piece of an antique grain sack to add a little surprise when the chair is seen from behind.  The chairs are each tucked in a corner of the kitchen eating area, so the backs aren’t seen very often, but we do pull them out for extra seating when we have small group at our house.  No one else may notice, but it’s a detail I’ll appreciate.

And, speaking of details, here’s one of a place setting from the table photo shoot…

I’m often asked about patterns and sources for my dishes, but I have mostly collected individual pieces that are in the same style and color family, but they are all different makers and patterns.

And I clipped some blooms from my Annabelle hydrangeas.  I have been able to make quite a few dried bouquets and still have plenty of blooms on the bushes.  I can’t wait to see how they do next year.

And, if you are very observant, you may have seen the wooden dough bowl full of fresh corn on the counter…

  We do a kid/date night swap with some of our friends and they brought us fresh corn and eggs from their farm for watching their kids last week.  I’ve heard about Minnesota corn in August and it is pretty amazing.  I’ve made a couple of cobb salads so far and the sweet corn completely makes it.

The last detail is Sebastian…  he’s almost always laying on the floor, just outside of my shots (and sometimes in them, too)…

a chair back, details, & a dog

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64 Comments on “a chair back, details, & a dog”

  1. All the touches of green are so pretty in amongst the blue and white! Your home just keeps getting better and better.
    Hope Sebastian is enjoying having the boys out of school for the summer.

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  3. Love the back of the chair. I agree. It’s all about the details. Thanks for sharing. Always look forward to your posts.

  4. Your silverware looks exactly like our sterling silver that my father-in-law bought in Germany during WWII. Is yours German? I love ours!

  5. Your video is interrupted Avery couple of seconds by ads. I love watching your videos and this hasn’t occured before. I suspect you are unaware.

  6. Love the pictures (especially the first one). Do you have any recommendations for staining a maple butcher block island? Something not toxic preferably? Thanks so much!

    1. Is it that you want to change the color? If you just want a finish on it, I would suggest a food-safe oil like Hemp Oil.

  7. Your house is looking beautiful! And you have done so much in a short period of time, I love Annabelle Hydrangeas, too- – but I found out the hard way that the leaves are toxic to dogs. My pup got very sick with vomiting and diarrhea after chewing on the leaves ( big vet bill! ) – I make sure that the two I still have are where he can’t get them.

  8. I don’t remember you showing us the plate wall in the living room. It’s so pretty. Can you tell us the what, where and how of hanging plates?

  9. Everything is perfect, as usual, especially the inclusion of Sebastian. I always hope to find him in one of your shots. That’s one way we know it’s a real home and not just a photo of an attractive room. I want to ask about the chair back fabric. Can it be bought online? I’ve never seen it in either of our two fabric stores here in Eugene, Oregon.

    1. It’s antique grain sack. You can find it on Etsy! I buy a lot of my grain sacks from a shop called “GrainSack” and she has beautiful, well priced linens.

    1. I bought it from the wholesaler who I bought my antique linens from for retail. You can buy a similar one from Dreamy Whites, though.

  10. Your house, your photography, amazing! And Sebastion is so handsome, what is he? I’m seeing Lab and some pretty brindle coat, but totally can’t tell lol!

    1. He does have a pretty brindle coat! He is a shepherd mix, but we’re not sure what else is mixed in there. 🙂 One vet said border collie, but we’re not sure. He’s very smart and is definitely a working dog. (He always brings us “presents” when we come home.)

  11. Lovely, as always.

    I have a milk paint question. I have a brown resin turkey that I would love to paint a chalky white to go with blue and white pumpkins at Thanksgiving. Can you paint resin with milk paint?

    Thank you to Marian or anyone else who may know.

    1. Resin might be a little tricky for milk paint, since it won’t allow milk paint to absorb into the surface. If you have some milk paint already, I would just test it on a small spot to see how it sticks.

    2. Hi Nora
      If there’s a problem getting to chalk paint to stick to your resin turkey a base coat of gesso might work. If you don’t have any you can make your own. Just google “homemade gesso.” There are lots of recipes so you might want to browse the possibilities and see which would suit your needs.

  12. I love your home and would like to know the paint color in your dining room? Is your family room the same? I have been a collector of blue and white dishes for years too! THX

    1. The eating area is painted in Stonginton Gray mixed at 50% strength and the living room is the same color at full strength. It’s a Benjamin Moore color and I’m using it through much of our home at different strengths.

  13. Marian, I was just in Bergen, Norway in a lovely old AirB&B and there was a copy of a gorgeous home magazine on the coffee table. The cover shot was of reupholstered chairs with vintage striped grain sacks on the backs – just like these. Thought of you and knew you’d love them!

    1. It definitely sounds like something I would love. I bet Norway was beautiful! I’d love to go there some day.

  14. Yes, LOVE how the greens are flowing so well with all your “blues”. I would also love to know the color & brand of the paint on the walls, as well, like others have asked in this post……THX!
    I JUST CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF GREEN these last 10 years; was always a “blue” decor person. But never wanted to give up my blue salt glaze pottery collection and other blue dish collections, like yours. You have shown us all how to meld them together so naturally! Thank you SO MUCH!

  15. Marion, I just love everything you do! So inspiring! I wish I still had your energy and young age..
    BTW, I have 8 matching cups to your Devon Cottage dinner plates. I wonder if you would be interested?

  16. Please tell me how you dry your hydrangeas?This is the first year I have a bunch and I have no idea what I’m doing !Help! Also ,love what you do….👍❤️❤️

    1. I asked for some advice and got a mix of answers. Some suggested leaving them to dry on the bush and others suggested putting them in a vase with a little water and some with no water. I ended up trying all three and they are all drying well!

  17. Hi Marian!
    Your post today was so full of such fun details! The ivy in the big ole’ crock is something I would love to have in my home! Your table setting is so warm and inviting! It made me want to go and set my beautiful kitchen table made by my Husband! I’m a real cloth napkin fanatic and your white ones with the almost navy blue stripe are perfectly charming! I’ll be on the look out for some similar to yours!!

    Til tomorrow…..Lucy

    Thanks for such a fun time and watch out after those lovely blue and white chairs

  18. If I had any residual sadness about the red fabric on those chairs, these photos have banished those feelings for good!! It’s all just SO lovely, Marian.

  19. I love your photographs every day…so peaceful and inspiring, but my favorites are the ones Sebastian is in….he’s your “crowning glory”

  20. I love those checked chairs. You make it look so effortless. I can do it, but it takes me about 3 days complete a project like that. Your house is absolutely LOVELY!!!
    What a job you’ve done in such a short time. Well done!!!!

  21. Marian, your house is a very, very fine house. You’ve made a wonderful home in just one short year, inside and out. You should feel so accomplished, and I hope at least a little bit proud (or a whole lot proud!). It’s beautiful.

  22. I love the touches of green in your home! I’m into green and cream the way you’re into blue and white. I’m drooling over the green chest behind sweet Sebastian. I’m planning to use your milk paint in Boxwood, Lucketts Green and Linen to paint a few old pieces I have. They will help to break up all of the natural wood my husband won’t let me paint. And I too am a fan of Annabelle Hydrangeas, with a dozen in a row against the back of my tea green house. I just found you recently and have been devouring your old posts, so inspirational!!!

  23. Love everything!!! You have inspired me, and taught me so much about reupholstering! One question…how do you keep your house so clean with a family and fur baby?
    Thank you for all that you do!

    1. Well, I generally tidy up before taking a lot of pictures! We do have our trouble spots and messes and furry floors at times. I am generally a neat person, so I keep things pretty clean. I have a low threshold for mess and dirt.

  24. Love the chair backs, exactly what I hoped you’d done. I’ve never heard of corn in a Cobb salad…will have to try it! If I can get my husband to eat it another way than straight off the cob!

  25. I know I’m supposed to be looking at the foreground, but I LOVE that cow painting over your family room fireplace! I have a special spot for cows–he’s an especially sweet one. Your home is lovely!

  26. Oh my goodness! I’ve been hiding my curiosity so’s you wouldn’t feel stalked! Appearantly it’s rare for females to be into maps, but I am. I have dozens of your wonderful photos saved to piece together the layout. One of the best features of this house is it’s lack of wasted space with hallways. I will release your photos!

  27. Good morning talented MMS,

    There are not enough superlatives to describe your kitchen, butler’s pantry and inviting stairway. The greens, the blues, the whites make me want to share a cup of tea when you return from Europe. I’ ve never offered a critique but I’m bothered by the bottom cushions not lining up with the top cushions on your sweet chairs. So, I’m wondering if you might consider the solid blue that matches the plaid as the lower cushion. I used it on the insides of 2 wing chairs with the plaid on the sides and back. I hesitate to mention this because maybe it doesn’t bother you. Hugs, Diney

    1. Believe it or not, I did my best with lining up the stripes at the front (it wasn’t going to match on the sides unless I pieced pieces together and I didn’t want the seams), but I’m happy with the way they turned out. I’m not a perfectionist with that sort of thing, though! 🙂

  28. Hello…My name is Ann and I am from Louisiana….Seeing the Beautiful ears of corn on your counter top…made me want to ask if you have ever had Fried Corn on the Cobb? If you ever fry fish…this is a Must…. You would just dampen the corn on the cobb and roll it in your fish batter…whether it be Fish Fry or Corn Meal….making sure the seasoning is sticking to the corn….and drop it in your oil that you fired your fish in… You can also use frozen corn on cobb…just let thaw some so your seasoning will stick to it… We hardly ever fry fish that we don’t fry corn…Let me know if you try it and how you like it…By the way…this is my first time to visit your blog and I Love it already…

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