Laundry Room Makeover | Part 2 | The Reveal

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Okay, well, it’s almost the laundry room reveal.  This is how it looks after all of the big stuff is done.  I am waiting for the new schoolhouse-style light fixture and I still need to paint the trim on all of the doors, but those are just small finishing details and I don’t want to wait another week to show you the finished space!

vintage style laundry room miss mustard seed

Someone on Instagram asked why I was spending so much time and energy on a room no one sees.  Well, I see it!  That’s why I like my bedroom closet organized and the drawers in my studio tidy.  I’m the only one who sees those spaces, but it matters to me that they are organized and look nice.  Aside from that, more people do see this laundry room, since it’s right off our kitchen and it’s the entrance from the garage.  People are coming and going through this room all the time…

And now it doesn’t feel like a neglected eyesore you need to quickly pass through.  Instead, it’s a welcoming little room that feels more like an extension of the kitchen.  Here is how it looked before…

vintage style laundry room before miss mustard seed

…and now…

Believe it or not, this entire transformation cost less than $500 and that was spent on bead board, trim, four corbels, quality paints, and primers.  The only accessory I bought specifically for the room was the wire shelf over the sink, which was $17 from Hobby Lobby.  I already owned everything else.

Since this was a pretty involved project, I’m going to share all of the details of the products and tools I used as well as tips for tackling a makeover like this in separate post, so this one isn’t a novella.  I’ll also share a post on all of the organization and how I use much of the stuff that looks like it’s just pretty filler.  I really did think through everything carefully to make it functional and pretty.

Obviously, removing the cabinet doors made a huge difference and it was a decision I made partway through the project.  I did keep the doors in case I ever grow tired of looking at all of my stuff!  I will say that it forced me to be more thoughtful about what is stored here.  There were several things I threw in these cabinets when we moved in and many of them could be (and were) relocated to a more sensible home.  It also gave me an opportunity to pull out some of the things I was storing behind closed doors that were really too pretty to be behind closed doors – stacks of mismatched ironstone serving pieces and small plates I use under houseplant pots, cutting boards and wooden bowls, cloches, tea towels, extra dish brushes, etc.

The open shelving is definitely busier, but I don’t mind it in a space like this.  If it ever does bother me, though, I can just put the doors back on.

The other side of the room is a bit quieter visually, so that balances out the room.

A few people suggested removing the pedestals, so I can use the top of the washer & dryer as a folding table.  My pedestals are staying, though, because the one under the washer is a mini-washer that I use quite a bit for things that are delicate or need to be hand-washed.  I also like the height of the front-loaders on the pedestals.  I know they are monster-sized, but they are great machines.

I’ll show inside the closet when I share about the organization of the space.  On the other side of the closet, I parked an antique shopping cart and hung a few things on the wall.

Can you believe we’ve never had a place to hang keys?  We’ve never had a garage or a laundry room off the garage, so we’ve never really had a good spot for a small key hook rail.  It’s just a little thing, but it makes me happy that keys have a proper home and don’t end up strewn on the counter or the kitchen table.  THIS is the one I bought.

On the “hallway” wall between the garage door and the kitchen door, I hung my antique “tourists” sign and made a hook rail out of a piece of the oak buffet from my dining room and some hooks from Hobby Lobby.

And then we are back where we started!  That’s the full 360 of this small space.

I am so pleased with how all of the hard work turned out.  I was washing my brushes in there yesterday and I caught myself looking around, smiling.  Yes, it’s just a laundry room and a glorified hallway, but it’s still a room in our house, no matter how small.  And it deserves a little DIY love and attention, too.

As I mentioned, we’ll swap out the light fixture and I will finish painting the door trim.  As far as other things…I’m still thinking about the floor.  I was set against painting it, but then I decided I would (I even bought the primer for it), but then I thought it doesn’t look too bad with all of the other changes that were made.  So…the debate carries on.  The other thing I’m considering is doing something to the ceiling.  Wouldn’t a painted tin ceiling look amazing?  Along with some crown molding?

It’s fun to think about the finishing details, but for now…I need a break from working on the laundry room!

If you missed it, HERE is part one and here are the other posts in this laundry room makeover series…

Part Two – The Reveal

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Laundry Room Makeover | Part 2 | The Reveal

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109 Comments on “Laundry Room Makeover | Part 2 | The Reveal”

  1. My question is, ‘why wouldn’t you want to spend time, effort & money for such a big impact & improvement in an area where you have to spend a lot of time’?! It is so pretty and I think your time & effort were well spent! Is the art above the key hook painted on a cigar box? And did you do it or the cow painting? Every accessory is perfect (as usual)!

    1. Yes! The small landscape is on a cigar box. I bought both pieces of art from different artists.

  2. Whittier’s hymn, poem has the strain, “Drop thy still dews of quietness, till all our strivings cease. Take from our souls the strain and stress, and let our ordered lives confess, the beauty of Thy peace.” I find it helpful to have things in order and pretty, too.

  3. What a difference!! It is so cute and homey. The way you made those cabinets look so adorable blows me away.

  4. I think the floor looks just fine since you brought in brown tones with the baskets , bags and woven cart. The colors all work together so well.

  5. my wife is a big fan and I can see why – great transformation. But please tell me you’re going to trim out around the ceiling. the beadboard looks great, but it looks unfinished.

    1. Yes, I am deciding if I want to add anything to the ceiling (more bead board, ceiling tiles, etc.) before I add any trim on top. If I leave it as is, I will add some crown.

  6. I love everything about this room so far. You have made me consider putting some time, effort and a little money into redoing our laundry room. it is very tiny and a room that almost no one sees due to its location, but why shouldn’t a room where we spend so much time doing necessary chores be pretty too and not just a functional storage space? Thank you for the inspiration! I think a tin ceiling would be the icing on the cake so to speak, and the perfect finishing touch for this farmhouse feel room. You never cease to amaze me with your creativity.

  7. Thanks for mentioning the little shelf from Hobby Lobby. I was just about to ask.

    It’s always helpful to see your works in progress and the completion of your work. I, for one, benefit from it immensely. It helps me “see” what I can do with just some work and supplies….many of which are already on a shelf, or in a closet somewhere.

    I’m amazed by the before/after pictures. You’ve made a complete transformation. Well, almost. Can’t wait to see the light fixture!

  8. How pretty! If you have to spend a lot of time in this room is should be visually pleasing. I love the idea for the ceiling. Great job! Personally, I would have put the ” Property for sale” sign over the dirty laundry. Just saying ;).

  9. Love, Love, Love IT!!
    Really happy to see that you painted the bead-board inside the open cabinets green too 🙂
    All of the pretty storage and accessories help tie everything together perfectly.
    You never disappoint – What’s next?

  10. Love the idea of painting on the ceiling. I can see a stencil or freehand with the colors and softness of your dining room mural. I can already picture it in my mind, and I do like the stencil idea, (large stencil design, soft color). Please don’t do the metal tiles on the ceiling, that’s too predictable. Love the room, love the beadboard walls. 🙂

  11. It looks wonderful! I can’t wait to do something about my laundry room, though it’s a bit smaller than yours so I’m not sure how to maximize the space. Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. It’s a wonderful, happy space, Marian. I recently had some comments, similar to those you received when we painted and decorated our outdoor garden shed. “Why would you do all that to a storage shed?” Well, because it makes ME happy, and it gives me a space that makes it enjoyable to work. Good for you, doing what makes you happy. It’s simply beautiful.

  13. Just love it! Your post actually has me thinking about ‘editing’ what I have. I struggle with ‘keeping’ everything cause I like it….and have regretted a few things I no longer have. But your space is so ‘you, Miss Mustard Seed’….and notice how you carefully keep and create with your favorite things…..anyway, love love love your space…even if it is ‘just’ a laundry room. 🙂

  14. You go girl! It looks wonderful. Your home is for YOU, and your (3) boys. Whether or not other people ever see a part of your home should never have be a part of any decision to decorate/improve. If it makes your heart sing–do it!

  15. Great job, Marian! I think the floor looks good as is. It visually flows with your wood floor. I’m with Jim…a small crown or quarter-round near the ceiling would give a neat finishing touch to your bead board. Love your transformation! Oronoco Gold Rush Days are coming August 17-19. Hope to see you there!

  16. I agree! We decorate our home for us – not for others. If you want to see a pretty laundry room, then so be it! (And why wouldn’t someone want that would be my question.).

    May I ask where the rug is from?

    Funny. We have plenty of places we could hang keys, but we never have. My keys are always in my purse and my husband keeps up with his. We have a few odds and end keys for things, but they are in a cabinet.

  17. Just amazing and a “happy” room … truly a functional mud room with pretty right beside it! Good job!

  18. We have only a laundry closet, but I decorated the inside and now it makes me happy when I open the doors to do laundry!

  19. I’m a second for needing the floor painting tutorial! And I wondered if you would change it out somehow. It takes away from all the charm of the rest of the room and is a hard transition from the lovely wood floors in the kitchen. Easy for me to say…I don’ t have to do the work. 🙂

  20. Your talents, like your energy, seem limitless and I doubt that you know how much you inspire your readers. I chuckled when I read how an organized closet or decorated room makes you feel because those things make me so happy too. I just wanted you to know how I much I look forward to your posts.

  21. Love how you transform everthing. I agree with you about your home. I live here, and I like things organized. Doesn’t matter what other people think or don’t see. Thanks for sharing .

  22. I just love the colors, and the floor looks just fine IMO. A laundry area that’s inviting makes the chore easier to do!

  23. Beautiful!!!
    I smile because I just signed a contract to have my laundry room finished. The rest of my basement is finished, but the laundry room is still down to the studs. I don’t look forward to going down and doing my laundry. It is just not a nice space.

    Your room is inspirational and I too have big plans for storage, artwork and displays.

    Thanks Marian. Perfect timing.


  24. Marian, it is perfect…so much character and as a garage entrance, gives everyone a taste of what’s to come for the rest of your house! One of my favorite things is the transom window…I’m a big fan. My grandparents pre-1900 home had these throughout and they opened, giving an opportunity for air to circulate through the house (obviously before a/c!). They had swinging doors into the dining room also. So much character! Enjoy your laundry room and thank you for the beautiful inspiration!

    1. I love the transom window, too. We have a few of them on the first floor and they are one of the things that sold me on this house!

  25. What an awesome transformation! We are installing beadboard in our kitchen. Im curious what primer you used and type of paint? Thank you

  26. I love it! It is beautiful and adds so much to your home! I was thinking the same thing about the tile floor…I think it looks rather nice now. It is functional also. All your projects are wonderful.

  27. You really have transformed a average laundry room into a beautiful custom personalized laundry area. I agree with you on not removing your pedestals from your front loaders. The height is perfect for loading and unloading laundry without having to bend down.
    Speaking of front loaders please let me know what your secret is for cleaning the seal around your washer? I have a front loader and I constantly have to battle with mildew build-up. I run a special bleach cleaner through it on a regular basis as well but its hard keeping it clean and smelling fresh. I hear others who have front loaders complain about the same thing.

    1. My washer is about 3 years old. I never ever close my washer door completely. I usually leave it open until the moisture appears to be gone after washing, then leave it open a few inches until the next load. I read up on this before purchasing them. You can google the multitude of ways to clean the rubber gasket.

      1. Yep, I leave my washer door open overnight after the last load, so it dries out and I’ve never had a problem with it.

  28. Fabulous job on this little room. You inspire me to really get to work on my little laundry that is open to my galley kitchen on the far end. Anyone who walks in my back door that opens directly into my dining area can turn toward my kitchen and see my laundry room. It needs help!
    What is the wooden thing with the slats next to your key holder?
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas with all of us.

  29. Taller washers and dryers are pretty handy. We have a good size laundry/utility room, but I never fold laundry in there. I dump clean laundry on my bed and sort and fold there. It’s an incentive to put it away asap so the bed can be used. Otherwise, clean laundry would probably hang out in laundry baskets indefinitely.

    Are you going to install crown molding? Those little uneven gaps at the top where the vertical bead board meets the ceiling would bug me. Or maybe it’s only noticeable in photos?

  30. Yes, tin ceiling and crown molding – perfect finishing touch! It really looks adorable. I love all the signs and the rack. Fyi – if you ever decide to put the doors back on the lower cabinet where the curtain is…I took off laminate doors on a built-in bookcase and made new wood doors with added trim to look like a recessed panel doors. All painted the same color and with cute knobs, it added charm and detail for minimal cost..

  31. I LOVE it!!! It’s not just a laundry room…it’s a “mud room” too! You have made it multifunctional! Fabulous!

  32. Like all the other rooms in your home—beautiful! The wall treatment, the corbels, the open shelves, the styling, you have made this room so inviting. Our laundry is just actually a pass through, wide enough to walk passed the washer and dryer from garage into a hall, but seeing your beauty inspires me to make it more. It is neat and functional, but needs some fluffing. It amazes me how you have changed this home all for the much better and much more lovely in such a short time…

  33. Looks so country and cozy! Adding a simple one handle sink faucet would be ideal as well. The basket on wheels looks a bit much in that tiny wall space but I can see it working as a hamper catch-all for dirty kitchen or misc. cloth towels that get washed in a separate load. I completely agree that EVERY room in a house should be tended to no matter how large or small it is 🙂

  34. This room is my favorite! I love when efficiency, utility and beauty unite. I’m going to find the cute key hooks for my sister’s pass through laundry room. They walk right by it and dump their keys on the kitchen counter. I’m going to fix that for her.

  35. The laundry room turned out amazing. You did a great job transforming this room. It almost would make me want to do laundry for a change. LOL

  36. I think the floor looks fine as it is….kind of goes with the baskets and the warm boxwood..btw. Where sis you get the metal shelf above the sink…loving it


  37. Lovely, lovely–and I think I would prefer the ceiling as is (with the addition of crown molding). There is so much texture in this small space already. I like the idea of a tin ceiling in another room that is in need of texture and detail, though. I also prefer the floor as is–it flows well with your wooden floors, is durable, adds warmth and ties in with your existing wood pieces. I feel like we are all offering our opinions of YOUR home and YOUR handiwork. But I think it’s mostly because we all enjoy these topics and discussing the different options and possibilities : )

  38. It looks great and I think we deserve pretty spaces while we do chores. A friend once asked me why I spent so much time decorating when I rarely had visitors. It is for me and not to impress anyone else. Like you, I often just smile when I look around at the things that give me pleasure in my home.

  39. Loveliest project, thank you for sharing! Do you mind sharing your secret storage location for laundry detergent? I’ve not had a relationship with a pedestal w/d set so maybe it’s stored in one of those? I ask because I’ totally down with open shelves in my own life but don’t love my bright orange detergent box!

  40. Hooray for you! Doing the transformation because YOU get to see the room! … and love the vintage clothes dryer — perfect location

  41. Well, I think it looks pretty great. My laundry room is my favorite room. I seem to spend a lot of time there, so why shouldn’t it look pretty. I even put an ice maker and wine chiller in mine, so it can actually serve as a small wet bar. I too have green cabinets and a swirly green granite. Keys and purse hooks are essential to my life and I have a garage stool that I bought for my dad that he never used. It was a horrid orange (glow in the dark), but it has been multiple colors until it became lavender. Enjoy your own special room. It too may become your favorite!

  42. I think maybe just quarter round molding rather than crown for the ceiling and perhaps in the closet you could do a counter shelf to fold on? Plus rather than tiling the ceiling which I think might make the room heavy you could redo that counter under the sink somehow? Maybe make frame it with cedar wood? No matter how you choose to do it I think it looks amazing…sooooo much better than before! Great Job!

  43. Incredible job. And I have never seen anyone who can accomplish big projects in such short periods of time. Amazing!

  44. Had you ever thought of removing the door to the kitchen? You would be amazed at how much extra room you would feel like the hall would have and I bet you will rarely if ever close that door….

  45. WOW. Just WOW. And a tin ceiling would look AMAZING. You hit it out of the park! I’m still marveling at your mural in the dining room as well!

  46. I love it and I would improve a space I walked through or had to deal with laundry in, too! You made it look better than I ever imagined, I should have known you would! I have big pieces of art from my artist friend in my laundry room-over my cabinets, over a shelf. I do plan to tackle one wall in our laundry room to hang something over my electric panel since it is in the laundry room, too.
    It is long so I haven’t found the right painting for it yet. I think it is safe to hang a canvas over it since it has a metal door and right now it has a magnet on it to remind me to get the chimney swept out, oooh so not my style! I am thinking a long framed chalkboard until I find the right piece?

  47. When we bought this house one of the first rooms I did was my laundry area. I painted and stenciled scenes on walls and hung shelving to display my collection of vintage laundry toys. . It was a quick cheap fix but it still works after 20 years. We do our homes to please ourselves not for other people to like or dislike. The most important spaces are the ones we are in. ( I love that Hobby Lobby shelf over the sink)!

  48. This is so amazing! You seriously inspire me. I just discovered your paint a few weeks ago and spent the weekend refinishing our kitchen table using one of your tutorials and the farmhouse white paint. IN LOVE!

  49. For one thing, the laundry room is your entrance to the house, so you want it to look welcoming. It makes me smile! Also, it gave you at least two blog posts, so it is “content” for you. I love it and it is very inspiring. My laundry room is in the basement with lots of old kitchen cabinets, so I guess I’d better get moving, to fix them up. I love the landscape on the cigar box. Could you show us how to do that for ourselves. It is a really interesting piece. Than

  50. This is silly, but my favorite part is the TOURISTS sign! I love the literal idea of being a temporary visitor to a laundry room! Yes to crown molding.

    1. Ha, I love that sign, too! 🙂 And yes, some sort of crown or trim along the ceiling would polish it up. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t want to do anything else to the ceiling first.

  51. What’s the interesting piece next to the painting on the cigar box? It looks like part of an old wooden windmill?

  52. It does look lovely, and I absolutely agree your laundry room should look pretty! We certainly spend enough time in those rooms. I have to chuckle a bit that you say “only” $500 though lol!

    1. Well, it’s not chump change, but it’s a dramatic room makeover for that amount. It would be much less if you just use bead board on the cabinets and paint everything else.

  53. Looks great so far – LOVE the idea of a faux tin ceiling!! I’m thinking of doing one in our windowless guest bath..

  54. I just love this space!! And I agree with you about ‘why that room.’ If we have to be in that room it might as well be cute! We re-made our laundry room a few years ago using a vintage oak hutch converted into the sink area and the sink is a galvanized tub – all painted the same as the open shelving so it is cohesive. Our pantry closet looked the same as your large closet – we installed sliding vintage doors and tossed the bifold doors. I kinda love being in that room except for the dirty laundry 😉

  55. How nice, You always do such a good job. Love the wood on the walls, that must have been a lot of work!

  56. I love it! My laundry room looks almost exactly the same as your “before” picture, with the same white laminate cupboards and tall washer/dryer. The green with the corbels has got me thinking of updating ours in that way. I had always just thought I would need to get new cabinets, but painting them was genius. I can’t believe I didn’t think of that because I usually paint anything and everything. Thank you for continuing to share your evolving home with us.

  57. What about a beadboard ceiling with some type trim to finish it off? I also like the floor the way it is.

  58. Aww I remember both the cow painting and the sign from your kitchen in Pennsylvania they bring back fond memories of your old house but look great in their new home.

  59. Very Nice!!! I would put the trim around the top but not the ceiling tile tins or anything else up there……too busy…too much going on.
    I also would not paint the floor. It looks fine. What if the washer ever overflows? That would be a nightmare with pealing painted watery goop!!! Your utility sink, as I am sure, gets a workout . So, why would you make it more difficult for yourself when cleaning dogs, paint equipment, boys sports stuff etc to have to be careful not to drip on the floor? Also, a painted floor would show EVERY footstep/people and dog prints. And coming in from the garage in all kinds of weather……why be a cleaning slave to such a small utility area. You have so many other gorgeous areas of your home that people will want to spend time in that they will really just breeze through here.
    Just some thoughts…..

    1. Yeah, all good thoughts. I do think the paint would hold up find to regular moisture and dirt, but it does depend on the products used.

  60. OH!!! I have a little idea you may or may not like…….on your transom window glass, you could get frosted spray paint and stencil, with old school lettering, the word “EXIT” . You have quite a few doors in the area and it might be
    charming to see that up there!!!

    1. I had actually considered putting the word “laundry” up there in the same style! Not sure if I’ll do it yet, though.

      1. lolololo…I actually first thought the word ‘laundry” too!!!! …but then I saw you had one of your own “Laundry”
        tin tags above your sink….so I thought a bit more and came up with “EXIT”….and it is an exit and would fit easier!!! Wish I had some of those windows!!!!

  61. I don’t understand why someone would say something like that, “why would you spend so much time decorating a space that no one sees”? Really, I decorate all the spaces in my house, even the ones that only I see, because I see them and I want them to look nice. The same reason I make my bed every single day, because I I take the time to decorate my bedroom and want it to look nice……for me! You did a great job Marian, as always.

  62. Marian, Your laundry room looks fabulous!!! I’m curious though, what is hanging to the left of your keys? I’ve tried to find an answer on your post, but don’t see it anywhere. I love the dimension it adds!

  63. It looks fabulous!
    From what I can tell I have the same washer as you do. It really concerns me that there isn’t much water used to wash a cycle. I guess I’m used to a load really swishing around in a tub of water. But when I check in on my load washing it seems that the clothes are just wet going around. They’re not in water so to speak. It concerns me as to how clean they’re getting. I mean there’s no agitation so to speak other than just going around. Have you ever noticed that?

  64. I can’t express how much I love this room and your house for that matter. I wish I lived close, I wish we were friends and that I came over once a week for tea. 😂 😂
    The green and the beadboard together are perfection. The tin ceiling would be fabulous.

  65. I love what you did. It is exactly what I’ve been wanting to do. I don’t even have a laundry room but an area in a garage like area. We certainly do not live in there but it would make me feel better when I’m in there. I’m with you on this.

    1. I agree! Even if it’s in the garage, you have to go out there to do the laundry, so why not make it as nice as you can?

  66. I agree with Anne, that you’ve not only transformed the look of your laundry room, you’ve also set up a functional mud room. It’s no small task to do that so gracefully in a compact space. Your upgrade of the cupboards is stunning. The went from plain, boxy laminate cabinets to a funky display and storage area. You amaze me with your ability to envision these transformations and make them happen. The passage from garage to kitchen is almost a second front door, especially when it gets extra cold and snowy out. That’s why your efforts make sense to me. If I were you, I’d leave the door to kitchen open all of the time. The rooms flow beautifully, and the makeover should be enjoyed as much as possible.

  67. Wow! My favorite $500.00 transformation. It’s beautiful!! You did a great job and I love that you are using green, my favorite color.

  68. It feels welcoming. I spend a lot of time in my tiny laundry room. Where do you fold clothes or hang clothing that needs to be hung immediately from the dryer? As my boy’s age, their clothing it bulkier and I need more hanging space in our laundry room. Seems like every time I use the living room, unexpected guest arrive!

    1. I will show in my organizational post, but the close has large wire shelving in it that houses our laundry baskets. So, I fold out of the dryer and put them in the baskets (or sometimes I fold on the floor.) There is also a rod in the closet for some hanging space.

  69. Is it weird that this might be my favorite room in your house? A tin ceiling would be the icing on the cake!

  70. Yes to a small and simple top of the walls beadboard. But no to tin ceiling tiles, enough details and who cares looking up at such a tiny room’s ceiling. And for the floor, painting it with an off white or other white with a thin line around in blue like the fabric under the sink or the green of the top cabinets. As you wish, it is nice as it is already.

  71. Marian,
    Love what you did with the space! What an inspiration! I love the art work and the beadboard. It is just perfect and I am going to try to mimic it when I have some time. My favorite part is the repurposed piece of oak for the hooks. Well, I love the artwork and the fact that it is so user-friendly looking. I do like it. As for the floor, I would probably leave it like it is. Of course, we live on a farm and I want my floors to be a similar color to the dirt so that what we track in doesn’t show up so much!

  72. Hi Marian, i love that you used the green! I have always been a “blue” girl, but have been thinking of incorporating some green. It adds so much life and is a great compliment to the blues in your home. I will be checking out your great color schemes for inspiration!
    Thank you for continuing to share your life with all of us!

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