Laundry Room Makeover | Part 3 | Tools & Tips

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In part one, you saw the inspiration and progress for the laundry room makeover.  In part two, you saw the reveal.  Now, it’s time to get into the nitty gritty details of the tools and products I used.

First of all, the kind of bead board I used was a thin, tongue and groove plank bead board from Home Depot.  It’s double-beaded, solid wood bead board by Pine Ridge.  I wasn’t able to find it on the Home Depot website, but I found it in the wood paneling section.  It comes in 8′ lengths and a shorter length for chair-rail height installation.

As you can see, it has grooves on the back, which makes it easier to do “rip cuts” (cuts lengthwise), when needed.  Because it’s thin, I found it easy to work with (cut, fit around light switches, etc.) and I was able to sit it right on top of my baseboards, which was a huge time-saver!  It’s also not as expensive as typical bead board planking, since it’s thinner.  I spent about $280 on bead board for the entire room, which was less than wallpaper or sticky-back wood products or many other wall-coverings I researched.

For under the cabinets, I used THESE CORBELS from Home Depot.  (I attached them with the same nails/nailer I used for the bead board, mentioned below.)

As far as the tools I used, I used our miter/chop saw the most.  (THIS is the updated version of the Bosch double bevel compound miter saw we own.)  This was to cut the pieces to size.  You could use a hand saw if you don’t have a miter saw.  It will take so much longer, though!  I will say that I am not one of those girls who is super comfortable with beefy power tools, especially saws.  I am pretty comfortable with the miter saw, though, so it’s a good place to start if you are new to power tools.

I used a DeWalt finishing nailer (with 1 1/4″ nails) to attached the bead board and trim to the walls.  Again, you could use a hammer and brad nails, but you will be renting or buying a finishing nailer halfway through the project!  This is our second DeWalt nailer (we had and heavily used the first one for 11 years) and it’s a great tool if you’re doing a lot of trim work in your house.

We sold our table saw when we moved and I do not like using the circular saw if I can avoid it, so I used the Dremel Multi-Max and Saw Max for my rip cuts and detailed cuts around light switches, outlets, cabinets, door frames, etc.

The Multi Max was good for very fine cuts or tight angles…

…and the Saw Max was good for longer cuts that didn’t require as much precision.  It’s basically a small handheld circular saw, but it’s nowhere near as intimidating.  And, again, since the bead board planks were thin, I could easily use smaller tools like these.

When installing bead board, a level is your friend.  A stud-finder is also your friend.  Before applying the planking to each wall, I used the stud-finder to locate the studs and marked them with a pencil.  With the studs marked, I could make sure I was nailing the planks into wood instead of just drywall.

I also used the level to check the first piece of each row, so the horizontal and vertical lines would be level and plumb.

And caulk is your friend.  It can cover all sorts of unsightly gaps and seams that don’t line up perfectly and cuts that aren’t spot on.  I filled the gaps that were distracting, but didn’t want to fill too much.  A part of the charm of bead board is texture it brings, so I didn’t want it to be completely seamless.

As far as the priming and painting, I used Zinsser Bulls Eye 123 Primer for all of the bead board, doors, and trim.

For the laminate cabinets, I used a specialty bonding primer for slick surfaces called STIX.

So far, the Stix is working well on the laminate, but only time will tell how durable it is.  I will definitely do an update in a few weeks and months.  I did notice that once I painted over the Stix primer, the drying process was slower.  I have to give it overnight to really let it dry hard.  Before that, it felt a little tacky to the touch.

I wanted all of the painted surfaces to be smooth, so I used a Micro-Plush roller cover. (4.5″ for the cabinets and doors and 6.5″ for the walls) to apply the primers and paint.  It has just enough nap to get the paint inside most of the beaded detail, but it doesn’t leave any roller marks.

For the paint, I used Benjamin Moore’s Advanced in a Satin Finish.  Both colors are custom mixes, but here are the recipes…

“Boxwood” is the green used on the cabinets…

And here is the white I used for the trim and walls…

It’s almost bright white, but not quite as stark.

All of the doors are painted in Coventry Gray by Benjamin Moore, also in Advanced in the Satin finish.

I hope that answers all of the questions about the products I used, but let me know if I missed anything!  In the next laundry room post, I’ll share sources on the decor and details on the organization.

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  1. PJ

    I so appreciate the details of which products you used for your laminate cabinets. I painted mine just a few months ago, but think I will be repainting soon with Stix as my primer. Thank you!

  2. Kellene

    Thanks for all the great info!! ❤

  3. Marianne

    Have you heard if STIX is a good primer over oil paint? I have lots of almond colored oil painted trim in my house from previous owner and I’m finding it difficult to cover. And thanks for showing the tools – I’m great with huge electric garden tools, but the wood cutting tools frighten me. Must get over that.

    • Marian Parsons

      I don’t know specifically, but I would think it would be fine. Just lightly sand the oil-based paint first (as long as it’s not pre-1978).

    • Vicki B

      They do make a “sanding primer” or “de-glossing primer”. I think that is what it is called. Lowes or Home Depot people should know what you are talking about. I bought a house years ago and put that all over the wood work and them painted with latex paint. Hope that helps.

      • Denic

        Thanks for sharing that info! I’ve looked everywhere : )

  4. Donna

    Thank you so much for sharing the specific tools you used for completing this project. Currently working on my first major diy remodeling project (completely gutted our living room down to studs and starting all over with new drywall, mudding, and painting. I wished I had known there was a tool called a multi max and saw max. Purchased my first circular saw and I agree, it is a little intimidating at first. Getting more comfortable with it the more I use it but pretty sure I will be adding a saw max and multi max to my Santa list this year.

    I spend way to much time overthinking projects and second guessing myself….your blog has been a true inspiration to me and helps me to get out of my comfort zone and just GO FOR IT!!! Thank you for that.

    • Marian Parsons

      Oh yeah, and the multimax has a drywall blade. It wouldn’t be good for long cuts, but great for going around outlets, etc.

  5. mary

    Love it so much! The green is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the process – I got lots of good ideas for my own laundry room ….. : )

    (Would you consider a tiny bit of crown molding across the tops of the open cabinets?)

  6. Vicki B

    Thanks for sharing the boxwood formula. I just love that color. Can you tell us where you got that cute little tray over the sink?

    • Donna

      Vicki B
      I think she shared in part two of the Laundry Room reveal she picked it up at Hobby Lobby for $17….it is absolutely adorable

      • Sherry Kunkle

        Had that wire shelf on sale for 14.99 @ Hobby Lobby — I bought one a few days ago. : )

  7. Tanya Derrey

    What a gorgeous before and after, I love how fresh and welcoming that paint is!

  8. Amy

    Was the coventry gray doors at full strength or was it half tint like you do with the Stoneington gray?

  9. Patricia Aspenberg

    Absolutely beautiful and very practical. A very well designed space and beautiful to look at . Great job!

  10. Chris

    STIX has been my primer for all difficult surfaces for a few years now. Laminate cabinets with STIX and Benjamin Moore Aura paint in semi gloss have lasted 8 years so far with no chipping or scratches. Love the look of your laundry room! Always more fun to do the necessary working in pleasant surroundings – and when it is visible to other spaces it needs to fit in

  11. Chris Moore of Seattle

    Could you do a small post on what paint roller cover gives what finish on what kind of surface? I never know and sometimes I’m not happy with the finish for the item.

  12. Vicki

    Love the details of your wonderful laundry room renovation. You did an amazing job

  13. Barb

    It looks like a new room. I’m guessing that’s what you were going for 😉. My big question is how you moved your washer/dryer out with Jeff out of town. Our front loader weighs 300 lbs according to the delivery guys. Love the detail of vertical on the top. Such great interest and another inspiration.

  14. Connie

    Beautiful! Only one item I’d change and that is the sink skirt. I usually love your aesthetic but that is a bit too “cutesy country” for me.

  15. Karen

    Love! I just added a laundry room to my downstairs loo (it used to be in our garage, ugh!) and wanted to do something in green. You’ve made my decision easy. Thank you! I also bought an old cast iron sink that I wanted to incorporate. I’m constructing the basin you’ve displayed ASAP. I will send pics when done so you can see what you’ve inspired.

  16. Sharon

    So very helpful to know the products you use. I see a very long Christmas list in my future. I have a question, why do you recommend the STIX product for the cabinets over a Zinsser product? May thanks for your inspiration!

  17. Debra Lloyd

    Ta, ta ( mighty kudos) !! Very very nice ! I’m glad you gave the source info for everything especially the wire shelf from Hobby Lobby. I know where I’m going tomorrow ! I was a little unconvinced about the green cabinets but love how they turned out. I like the green in your kitchen as well. I love the headboard. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it done like that. It’s definitely an idea for any makeover I may do although we used real breadboard in our home when we built it 12 years ago. But this method is beautiful. All in all, a job very well done.

  18. Becca

    Please. Do a tutorial on how to make a sink skirt.
    I keep coming back to the before / after pics. AMAZING transformation.

  19. Lisa

    You didn’t mention but when I scoured the pictures of your wonderful room it looks as though you might have filled all the shelf holes. If so (oh, how tedious!) what type of caulk did you use? Just an amazing job Marian! I can’t tell you how much I love ❤️ the green! I totally agree that there is no reason why a highly functional room like this can’t be pretty and stylish. Thanks!

    • Marian Parsons

      Actually, I didn’t, but the dark paint color hides them.

  20. Kt

    How thin was the bead board? Thanks for sharing all the details!

    • Marian Parsons

      About 1/4″

  21. Cecil Carroll

    Hi, Thank you so much for sharing the specific tools you used for completing this project. Me and my wife have been planing for remodeling our living room. I wished I had known there was a tool called a multi max and saw max. Purchased my first circular saw and I agree, it is a little intimidating at first. Getting more comfortable with it the more I use it but pretty sure I will be adding a saw max and multi max to my Santa list this year. Thanks for the sharing such an informative article.

    • Marian Parsons

      They have their limitations, but they are great for all sorts of small cutting jobs (metal, tile, wood, drywall, etc.)

  22. Stacy

    Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! I love everything you do! I was wondering about the farrow and ball paint match.
    Is there a Ben Moore match list somewhere or is that what you wanted printed on the lid sticker? Thank you!

  23. Jean

    You are amazing! I’m wondering what Jeff’s reaction was to this wonderful transformation and do your boys realize all moms don’t do what you do? Thanks for sharing with us all the fabulous things that you do 😊

  24. Kim

    Love the laundry room! You used trim pieces for the outside corners on the walls. What did you do on the inside corners?

  25. Claudia

    Thank you for taking the time to share these details! I have a mitre saw I’m comfortable with but a big part of the reason I haven’t used it in ages is because I don’t have a good table for it to rest on (I live in an apartment and have moved a bunch in the last few years). I thought it needed to go on a sBut I see this riser under your mitre saw and I think it could be exactly what I needed!

  26. Morrell Alvin

    Very helpful! Looks like a nice place to spend time doing the laundry!!

  27. Janelle

    Is there a followup to this post on how the paint, etc is holding up?

  28. Roberta

    Amazing! You are “Wonder Woman” doing this solo😍 Someday I want to conquer my fear of saws and wood trim! Thanks for all the inspiration! This space makes me smile as well! It’s these spaces that “no one sees” that we definitely need to do for ourselves🤗

  29. Darel

    These are really wonderful tips for me for room makeover. I really like this article. Thank you for sharing it.

  30. hasmi

    Another fantastic article thanks for sharing such information

  31. bell

    Wow this is really to good information about the laundry room makeover tools tips

  32. camron

    thanks sharing thiam article

  33. jolly

    wow, its looks so amazing setup of laundry room. i just love this laundry makeover room, its so stunning great work keep it up. thanks for sharing this amazing article about laundry room makeover.



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