I think I’ve mentioned it a time or two that I was looking for a bench, settee, sofa, or daybed to put under the window in our master bedroom.  The hunt has been a bit harder than I expected.  Once I compared the measurements of my space (as well as the door leading into the bedroom) to pieces I was finding on craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, I realized that I was looking for something very specific.   It would either take just the right amount of thrifting serendipity or a willingness to splurge on a new piece or an antique one that would have to be shipped.  I found some online that I loved, but they were way outside of the budget I set for this piece. I found a new one that was the right size and within the budget, but I was afraid I might regret not waiting for an antique piece.  I revisited it again and again and couldn’t bring myself to buy it.  I’m so glad I waited because the perfect antique Jenny Lind day bed made an appearance on Facebook Marketplace earlier week!

It was exactly what I had been looking for…an antique daybed that would fill the space without overwhelming it.  It would basically be a free-standing window seat.  I was looking for one that was Swedish or French, but I knew it was far more likely that I would find an American-made antique daybed in my area, especially with Gold Rush and Junk Bonanza canceled.  And even though I knew it was *more* likely, I wasn’t hopeful that I would find the exact thing I envisioned without waiting a long time.

Now, I have waited a few months, but I was resigned to the fact that it could take years to find just the right piece and I decided I would just leave the space open until I crossed paths with the right one.  Well, that happened on Monday!

After not checking Facebook Marketplace or craigslist for a few days, I decided to check on a whim.  I just about jumped out of my chair when I saw an antique Jenny Lind daybed 15 minutes from my house for $100.  I quickly messaged the owner and asked for the dimensions to make sure it would fit.  The measurements were perfect for my little nook and, more importantly, it would fit through the door!  (That’s been a surprisingly tricky thing about this particular room.  If it’s wider than 30″, it’s not going in.)

I was able to pick the daybed up that afternoon…

antique jenny lind daybed | miss mustard seed

I bought and sold a similar bed, but it didn’t have a back and it didn’t expand.

This is the only picture I could find of it.  I bought it from one of my regular pickers in PA and sold it at the first Chapel Market in Alabama in 2013.

antique servant's bed | miss mustard seed

It actually wasn’t a daybed, but a bed that was used for servants and/or laborers. It was so narrow!  It’s hard to imagine an adult male sleeping on it.  It made a great little bench, though, and it’s one of those pieces I’ve thought about often over the years.

The antique Jenny Lind daybed I bought this week is really pretty clever in that the front piece pulls out, extending to make the bed larger.  I won’t be using it that way, but it’s nice to have that option.  

antique jenny lind daybed | miss mustard seed

I already ordered the foam and materials I’ll need to make a custom French-style box cushion.  (You can find a tutorial for making a cushion HERE.)  I’ll definitely do a tutorial for making the cover and tufting it while I’m working on it!

antique jenny lind daybed | miss mustard seed

curtain fabric | wall color

This antique Jenny Lind day bed really is a lovely piece and perfect for my space.  It’s also sturdy and in pristine condition.  I need to dust it a little bit, but otherwise, it just needs a cushion and a few pillows and it’s good to go!

antique jenny lind daybed | miss mustard seed


  1. Kate

    If I put a second bed in our room, my husband would be joking that it was his new bed.

    I had an antique Jenny Lind 3/4 bed for our guest room. It was difficult to find a mattress for the odd size, but I finally found one at Ikea. It was always a bit “creaky” and we had to put a weight limit on it. The joint loosened and the bottom slats collapsed a few times. I loved its curves and delicate shape, so I was willing to keep putting it back together. After my daughter moved in with us briefly and was using the bed daily, we finally decided the frequent repairs were getting ridiculous. I thought about making it into a bench, but really couldn’t bring myself to deconstructing it. I sold it cheaply on FB marketplace to a gentleman who was confident that he could reinforce it and bring it its former beauty.

  2. Karen Holleman

    I know that daybed and its former owner! I’ve followed you for years so it was so fun to fill my good friend in about you and your work. So glad that you got to see and tour her lovely home.

  3. Gloria

    That bed is beautiful and so perfect for your space. I can hardly wait to see how it turns out. You are one blessed lady!! Do you think you will ever offer oil painting classes again. I so enjoyed them during the great pause of Covid. It was nice to have them to look forward to. Thank you so much for them. I believe that when you give to others rewards come to you maybe even in the form of a Jenny Lind bed!!!

    • Marian Parsons

      Thank you! And yes, I will offer them again. I have some large projects, home projects, and other things I’m working on right now, but I hope to off them in late fall or over the winter.

  4. Cathy

    I would love to see who that bed opens up to make a larger bed. I want to create something like that for a wide window seat area. Lovely little bed.

  5. Connie

    What a wonderful find!! Patience worked for you, worth the wait. I cant wait to see it finished with the cushion.

  6. Beth Cameron

    Fantastic score !! Perfect for you space and fun that it extends like Scandinavian benches do. I’ve seen lots of photos os them but never on in person. Enjoy your treasure.

  7. Bea

    So glad that you found the perfect daybed that you were looking for. Patience does pay off! I’m looking forward to seeing it finished with the cushion and pillows.

  8. Jeannie McBride

    That bed is adorable! It’s not easy to be patient! I just recently finally found a student rolltop desk (within my budget!!!) that I’ve wanted for years! So excited.
    Just want you to know that I really enjoy your blog & love hearing about your home, family & adventures.

  9. Sharon W.

    I admire your perseverance and good fortune. I specifically joined facebook because everyone talks about all the treasures they find on Marketplace. No luck for me, but maybe I don’t need anything!!
    Your home is beautiful and thank you for sharing your projects and journey with us.

  10. Claire

    I love it when we wait and just the right thing pops up. What a find!

  11. Shelly

    Love it! I bet the cushion you make will be lovely! Now if needed, you can actually use it. I was hoping you were not going to paint it. LOL

  12. Jessica

    This is unrelated to your post. If you could ask your congregation and followers to pray for our neighbors in southwest Louisiana who suffered unspeakable devastation from hurricane Laura. I live in southeast Louisiana and have been through Katrina. They need all the help and prayers they can get. Thanks 💕🙏

  13. Michele M.

    Your diligence certainly paid off.

    You are amazing at finding the most incredible treasures – it’s uncanny, really.

    Well done, Marian. I absolutely adore that JL daybed. It’s AWESOME!

  14. Anita Roth

    I used a Jenny Lind crib when my girls were little. Always loved the style ♥️ Now my granddaughter who will be born the beginning of December will be using it.Makes my heart happy!

  15. Sharon Rexroad

    I’ve seen similar ones here in Missouri but am intent on building my own daybed using six rose back chairs which were my very first auction purchase. (glutton for punishment > see Sharon). Can’t wait for your cushion tutorial!

  16. Carol

    How far would you have traveled for the perfect one if you hadn’t seen this one?

  17. Patty

    What a beautiful piece! You are so fortunate and we are so fortunate to follow you and see the new plans for this sweet antique.

  18. Carole

    Yes, my marketplace is a dud too. I never find anything great when I look!

  19. Nancy Johnson

    I have been thinking about adding a day bed to my “room of one’s own.” This is the most beautiful example I have ever seen, and it looks gorgeous against your Aviary Toile draperies. What a bargain!

  20. Elizabeth

    What a great find! Fits your style perfectly and the space. The little wheels are cute too!

  21. Charlotte

    Beautiful find! I love Jenny Lind beds but haven’t seen one that fits my bed yet. Patience definitely pays off! I’ve been searching for a mirror to go over my fireplace and it’s such a weird size/layout/depth and I almost bought a new wood frame mirror from Lowe’s but they wanted $60! Today, we stopped at our fave antique store and I scored an antique solid wood mirror that came from an old either wash stand or dresser for $20!!!! I love it! Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  22. Betty McIntyre

    In our mountain cabin guest room I use two twin Jenny Lind beds with beautiful quilts as comforters. I bought them many years ago in a thrift store very inexpensively.

  23. MaryLisa

    Should be really nice in that space. Will it be painted? Asking for a friend lol

  24. Sally

    Perfection as always! 👏

  25. Lucinda

    Where do you buy your foam from. I need something 5” thick

    • Marian Parsons

      I bought it from onlinefabricstore.com

  26. Mary S



    Marian, just love your antique Jenny Lind bed. It is so nice — and so perfect for that spot! I am looking forward to seeing your finished cushion on it. So happy that you found this! It was definitely meant for you!

  28. Jeffrey Favreau

    Just lovely. Yes it is difficult to be patience and wait for that right piece. 🙂 But so worth it sometime, I scored 1 year ago on Marketplace a high top secretary for $125 and yes I did paint it and distress it. Love all you do, can’t wait to see the finished product.

  29. mary m

    What a great find. I too had a 3/4 Jenny Lind bed. We have a local mattress factory in the next town. Imagine that! I took Jenny over there and they were absolutely delighted to make a new mattress for it. I think they loved making something that was quirky for a change. The bed needed something called a bunkie as a box spring. Came out perfectly. They told me that at one time there was no standardizing measurement for mattresses so it was a challenge. I also learned that
    Victorian furniture was the first manufactured furniture in this country. So after that little venture i took my civil war vintage cradle to them and they made a perfect mattress because the old one was tired. It actually had an impression in the middle from all the babies who had used it.

  30. Beth B

    I bought an antique JL cradle at an online estate sale auction for $20!!! It’s so big it barely fits through the door of my guest room. It’s patiently waiting for grandchildren. I love it and love your daybed!

    • mary m

      Beth, My daughter had a “problem” with the side rails being too far apart on my bentwood antique cradle.. So what i did was make a sling that tied to the top rail, went underneath the mattress, up the other side and tied on the opposite rail. I told her that she survived the crib and it has been used since 1865 Charleston<SC with no problem. My fix was okay with her. Now it sits at the end of a guest room bed filled with antique dolls.

  31. Suzette

    I love the Jenny Lin Bed!
    So glad it made its way to your home!!!!
    I looked two states over for a wood plant stand. We came home…walked in Goodwill an there it was!
    I jerked it up an put it in the buggy instantly!
    You know it when you see it!♥️

  32. Helene

    My first baby’s crib was a Jenny Lind bought second hand at our parish tag sale. Happy memories! It was stained dark just like yours. I think the stain is stunning against your blue and white drapes. Congratulations!

  33. Molly

    What a Score!! Well done 👍
    I love this ! ❤️

  34. Kristi

    I have one just like the one you sold. I have been wanting to use it as a day bed or bench for years, but I do not see and can not find a cushion for it.

  35. Cheri Dietzman

    Hooray, you found it! It looks perfect in that space and I can’t wait to see what you do with it! Now I need to find one — I’m thinking for my studio/office. I think I’d have to go with a smaller version.

  36. Katie Mansfield

    We have been working on reinforcing our Jenny Lind daybed this weekend. My husband felt that it was always too rickety to sit on. He re=made a new seat so that the sides and the back are basically just a shell. It used to be at my grandparent’s lake house in Wisconsin. I slept on it when I was a kid and I remembered my grandmother pulling it out and making it up for us at night. By the time it got to me, it no longer pulled out and I wondered if I had imagined it pulling out. Your post answered that question for me. At some point it was modified probably for stability. Now it’s been modified again. The French style mattress idea is one I might try. Thanks for the inspiration.

  37. Deb Cooper

    I have a daybed that’s been in my family for probably 100 years, I recently moved it to a different spot and while it was upside down I saw my aunt’s name scrawled on the bottom. She was about 5 years old at the time and would be 85 years old today. I am having a hard time finding the right cushions for it. Any suggestions? Or a picture with your cushions?

  38. Hyedi

    The entire reason I am here at this moment, is completely the fault of my obsession to find EXACTLY BOTH or either one, of the spindle beds above! For the same reason, to boot! I’m just crazy over the look of the narrow ‘handyman’ bed and the spindle day bed. I live in a very remote area, and every time I find one of these beds, it’s hours away…and Marian, I have been looking for years! No joke. I just found one on FB marketplace but of course it’s in Indiana, 10 hours away.
    I can totally understand how you had that bed on your mind all these years, one of those things where you regret it, but my motto is always,’ if it slipped through your hands, it wasn’t meant for you. When you find another one ,that’s the one you were meant to get. ‘
    (In life AND love too 🥰, also house hunting, lol)
    I have been studying the art of making a French cushion for my future Jenny Lind bed and to read that your doing one, I’m just so excited to watch your video!! Like we both have the same thing on our to do lists!! I’m giving you a 🖐🏼 high five.

  39. Nancy Meyers

    I have a bed similar to your Jenny Lind but the front arms are straight up. It has the pull out and we have used it as a couch piece but the cushions would have to be replaced. The times have forced me to sell it and was wondering since you have followers who like it, maybe one of them might be interested.. It is in good condition except for one of the front arms has some damage. I’ve had it for over 35 years and have no idea what it’s value is..

    • Marian Parsons

      Where are you located? You might want to try putting it on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. Things tend to go pretty fast on those platforms.

  40. Nancy

    Live in St Charles Mo. Thank you

  41. Ruth Reese

    I have an almost identical Jenny Lind daybed in storage that I would sell for the right price. It’s been in the family for generations and my parents painted it in the sixties, but it would strip down to its original wood. I downsized and just don’t have room. Not sure how someone could contact me about it… Possibly through Mustard Seed? I live in Colorado.

    • Samantha Metheney

      My niece desperately wants this daybed!! Can you contact me as soon as possible please?? Not sure if I can leave my email address here but I will leave my phone number… 567–241-1193. I would really really love to communicate with you about this! Thank you so much!


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