a mirror, new plants & a sneak peek

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When I was shopping for the Lucketts Spring Market, I found this amazing mirror at a nice price.  I think it was about $20.  I was planning to sell it, but I was just so smitten with it that I decided to keep it.  I didn’t know where I was going to put it, so I was breaking my own “rule”, but I figured I could sell it down the road if I couldn’t find a perfect spot for it.  I at least wanted to give it a try.

I forgot about it after Lucketts, but brought it home during the photo shoot a few weeks ago.  The stylist asked if I had anything large to hang on the wall and this mirror came to mind.  We didn’t end up using it for the shoot, but it reminded me that I wanted to find a home for it.

I decided to hang it over the dresser by the front door and it looks so good there!  It’s also fitting to have a mirror by the front door.  Especially with my crazy hair.


I had an antique print of a pointer hanging there, which I liked, but the mirror seems to fill the space better.  I moved the dog print upstairs.





The details are so pretty, aren’t they?



I shared yesterday that Kriste and I hit a local nursery to pick up some more plants.  I know…I’ve gone a little nutty with the plants, but I’m enjoying them a lot.  Some are doing great, like this guy…


…he is loving life.

This one was having some trouble, though, so I divided it and moved it to a few different locations to figure out where it would thrive.


I picked up this one yesterday…


It’s a “string of pearls”, but the “pearls” are more of an almond shape, which I really like.  I just set the pot in the ironstone tureen, so it can have good drainage.  The “pearls” drape over the lip, hiding the gap.


Since the other ones I have were doing so well, I also picked up some more ferns to replace plants I moved outside.  This one is a button fern…



…and this is a lemon button fern…



Both of those are actually three small pots that are just nestled into the footed ironstone bowls.  Now I need to figure out how to know when a plant is outgrowing its current pot…

I am learning that gardening and plant-tending is a dynamic activity.  I can’t plop a plant somewhere and expect it’s going to stay the same.  I’m sure I’ll always be trading plants out, moving things around.  I think the fact that I like to rearrange things and I like change is helping me embrace that.


Before I sign off for the night, I thought I would share a preview of the photo shoot Kriste and I worked on today.  It was a long one, but it was soooo fun.  Kriste and I were oo-ing and ah-ing as each layer was added and the table scape came together.


We hit the markets at just the right time and found some of the most beautiful produce for the shoot.


The full shoot, along with details on how to replicate the look, will be posted on HGTV.com and I’ll share a link when it’s live.

One of the fun things about photo shoots is getting to have fresh flowers in my house for a few days…



And I’ve been snacking on the produce and yes, the apple pie as well.  I mean, what’s a fall shoot without an apple pie?

a mirror, new plants & a sneak peek

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