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My boys have been sharing a room from the point when my youngest, Calvin, was sleeping through the night.  They are 19 months apart and both boys, so it’s just made sense to have them share a room.

Now that they are nine and almost eight, I’m seeing that they are both craving their own space.  Since they have the same interests and are so close in age they pretty much share everything.  While they are best friends and get along most of the time, there is definitely a little too much togetherness and that’s showing as they pick at each other.


So, we have decided to turn the guest room into Calvin’s room.  We only use it a few times a year for guests, so it really makes sense to claim it for one of the boys.

I honestly resisted the idea for a while, but I thought back to my own childhood, when we lived in 900 square foot military housing and I had to give up my room and bunk with my brother whenever guests came.  Having a dedicated guest room may feel like a “need”, but it really isn’t.  Especially when that space can be used every day.


I admit that I will miss having it as one of my “pretty rooms”, but that’s a silly reason to have a room go unused most of the time.

We’ll keep the same bed, so that guests can still stay there when they visit.  I’ll swap out the bedding, curtains and accessories, though, so it looks more boyish.  That means the raspberry buffalo check curtains are coming down, along with the paintings, etc.


He is going to use the dresser that’s in here, but we’ll reorient it in the space.  The dresser and the mirror currently cover the opening to an empty, very small and impractical, 1940’s era closet.  (Which is why it’s covered up.)  We’ll move some of his clothes, shoes, etc. in there.


This switch means I’m most likely going to be selling some things, but I’ll have to shuffle stuff around and see what’s left without a perfect place in our home.


I’m a little excited to have a good excuse to rework a few things in the house.  You know how I am when it comes to moving furniture…

guest room to boy’s room

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