Farmhouse White Dining Room Table

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I have been thinking about painting my dining room table top for ages.  I never actually went through with it, though.  Partly because of time, but mostly because I was a little nervous about painting it.  Yes, I was actually nervous about it!  I have never had an all-white dining room table and I honestly wasn’t sure if I would like it.  As much as I like painted pieces, I am partial to wood tops.


The thing with this table is that the top is made out of an old barn door and, if you take off the runner, you can definitely see that.  There was a sign posted on it back in the day when it was a door.


And, while I don’t think woods used in a room have to match, the top didn’t really relate to anything else in the room.  So, I had the house to myself for a couple of days (which was glorious) and I finally decided to just go for it.

I used Farmhouse White MMSMP and painted it directly over the oiled finish.  I had applied Hemp Oil to it a few years ago, so I wasn’t concerned about the milk paint chipping.


I applied two coats, one right after the other, because it soaked in and dried quickly.   I then distressed the table, dragging 120 grit paper over each board to bring out the grain and add a sense of wear and age.

I decided to finish it off with Tough Coat.  I am just in love with that finish.

This was a good piece to show that Tough Coat can look a little scary when it’s being applied.  It looks like it might be glossy and a brush-stroke-y mess…


…but it dries and levels out and you’re left with a beautiful matte finish.


The minute it was finished, I wondered why in the world it took me so long to paint it.


I love how “quiet” the table is now and it allows other things in the room to shine.


And the distressing brings out just enough detail, so it doesn’t look flat.


It was a good excuse to set up a little summer table and take pictures of it, which, of course, I enjoyed throughly.


mms-9259 mms-9256   mms-9280 mms-9273 

That’s what happens when you leave me in the house alone.  Something will get rearranged or painted, I’ll set up for a dinner party, and take pictures.

I know.  I’m a wild and crazy girl.

Farmhouse White Dining Room Table

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62 Comments on “Farmhouse White Dining Room Table”

      1. Yes! That’s where I got them. You can also find them at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. They are really cheap, too. I think $11.99 for 8 glasses or something like that. And they have smaller “juice” glasses, which I also bought.

  1. I was thinking before I got to your last statement “wonder if her boys talk when gone about what might be different when they get home.”

  2. Marian this looks amazing! Can you tell me about Tough Coat? What it’s made of and does it prevent water damage and chipping? I am looking for a product like this/. Always enjoy your blog posts.

  3. Marian! It looks great! The shop that I am a vendor at sells MMSMP and I’m going to pick me up some Top Coat today. I have a few pieces to paint/finish. Just finished an awesome primitive cabinet with Ironstone over the original green and now just need to top it off. I LOVE how your table turned out! Good choice! I have an antique post office table that I use as a dining table. Though I love the green legs and metallic top, I’d love to paint it white. Would MMSMP work on a large metal piece? Wish you could fly out to California and help me. *wink*

    Thank you for always inspiring us to make OUR homes gorgeous. You are such an inspiration to me – more than you even know.

  4. This room was on the cover of one of my favorite magazines. It is my favorite dining room EVER! Who is the artist that painted the cow?

  5. I read that you said this table top was made from an old barn door, but it surely looks like wood flooring to me! I have been thinking of doing something to update my glass op table (on a wrought iron base) and have been thinking of some sort of planked top. Now I am wondering if flooring would work too. My husband is too handy for his own good and I will show him your pics to see if he thinks flooring would work for me. I especially like that using flooring strips would not add any height to the table top since my chairs work well with the height the glass is now. Since you do this sort of thing a lot more than I do, I would so appreciate any tips on whether this could work for a table top? Thanks in advance!

    1. Yes, I think you could use flooring.

      Mine was definitely a door. When we bought it, it had a Z brace on the back, so we took it all apart, cut the wood down to size and then built it as a table top.

    2. Re the door/floor discussion above, I think that left-over flooring was often used to make doors. When our family bought an 85-year-old cottage last fall, we noticed that all the bedroom doors were made from the same tongue and groove planks as the flooring. I just love them!

    1. It’s form Joss & Main, but you can find it at many home stores like Pier One, World Market and I think Target and Ikea.

  6. Love it! I am planning a strawberry themed first birthday party for my daughter & love the table settings – where did you buy your strawberry baskets? Thanks!

  7. Wow table looks great painted white….refreshes the room!!
    I have a question on Tough Coat. Can Tough Coat be used with other paint products such as chalk paint?

    Again love the look.

    1. Yes, it’s a water based poly product, so you can use it over stained surfaces, painted, etc. Anywhere you would want to use a topcoat.

  8. First of all… the house to yourself for two whole days… ahhhhhhhh,…

    …and wow,! …how that brightened the room! The white is totally refracting and bouncing light in the room and makes the tableware just sparkle. Good choice. I would have been scared too because the wood was nice, but this is way better.


  9. I also have a question about Tough Coat, can it be used over stain in place of a poly top coat? I am working on a farmouse table top of my own. =)

  10. Oh wow I’ve been thinking about doing this to our existing wood table– I have new chairs from restoration hardware and have been searching for the right table. In the meantime would love to do this. But I tried painting our wood bar stools (farmhouse white over existing enamel blue milk paint) and , it was a bit of a fail. Pieces flake off daily, so I’m not really enthused to take on a whole table. But looks fabulous!

  11. You should arrange to be left alone in the house more often. Excellent job painting, styling and photographing the barndoor/table. Brava.

  12. The table looks great. I know you had asked about pop up ads and just thought I would let you know I get them quite a bit on your psge. I have a tablet. I think I am falling in love with topcoat as well.

  13. gorgeous, and someone has given you a Jade plant, which brings good fortune when it is received as a gift ♥

  14. Love it!!!! I’ve been trying to decide whether to paint the top of mine and now I am!!!! And yes, you are a wild and crazy girl! Lol

  15. Funny thing- I was rereading your evolution of your dining room just yesterday since I am painting dining room chairs. Now, you’ll have to update it again!
    Good job and enjoyed your post.:0)

  16. Ok! That does it! I am painting my 100-year-old black walnut dining table! It will look amazing but I haven’t found the courage until now. Thanks, Marian!

  17. Hi love the white and blue theme. I also love the China pattern on your plates. Does it have a name? Thank you for your inspiration.

  18. Great post, beautiful photos. Loved everything about it except the ads! Unfortunatley, the pop ups on your blog ar overwhelming and distracting and can’t be eliminated. The reader view doesn’t show your photos 🙁 hope you don’t mind the feedback.

    1. Are you looking at my blog on a tablet or iPad? I’m trying to figure out what “pop-ups” readers are seeing, because I’m not supposed to have any pop-ups on my site and I don’t see any on my laptop or iPhone. I don’t usually read on an iPad, though… Let me know what you’re seeing, so we can hopefully get it fixed.

      1. I am reading on an iPad. I got a pop-up from Universal theme park in Orlando. Then another pop-up from Blue Plate mayo. Hope that helps. BTW, where did you get the chair pads? Love them!

        1. Marian, I Have the same issues. Also reading on an iPad and the pop-up is between the photos and at the bottom of the page… Very distracting and your site crashes all the time. It will reload 4-5 times before I can get through the post. I’m sorry to say, Sometimes I give up in frustration! I hope this helps…

  19. I love how your table looks! I want to paint mine, but am wondering how to avoid brush strokes. what sort of paint brush did you use? Really looks so pretty!!

  20. It looks beautiful and I love how the distressing shows each plank. I painted mine with Ironstone last year and love it. My top was an orangy oak so I was glad to see it go.

      1. I dry dust my painted/finished surfaces and, if there is a spill or some crusted-on food, I’ll scrub it with a damp towel and mild cleaner and then wipe it dry.

  21. Hi Marian, I’m in the process of painting two beautiful dressers that will ultimately become bathroom vanities. Could you tell me if Tough Coat works in a wet areas such as the top of my vanities? I’m planning to leave the wood tops unpainted. Thanks for sharing your beauty. Xx Ali

    1. I wouldn’t suggest it for a vanity top where there would be standing water. I would suggest a finish that is made to use in wet environments, like a Spar finish, tung oil, waterlox, outdoor poly, etc.

  22. Beautiful – as always! It’s funny how just painting the table top changes the look of the whole room! I love it!

  23. Marian…I’m currently painting my bathroom cabinets and was planning on using Minwax Poly to seal them. Is Tough Coat the same, or is it better/easier to use than regular poly?

    1. I personally like it better than the Minwax Polycrylic. It’s a little thinner and self-leveling, so you don’t have brush strokes. I also like the matte finish.

  24. I have been a faithful reader of your blogs. I find that the increasing number of ads appearing on your page really hamper the flow of your musings and photographs. I am going to take a break for a while–will check back sometime in the future. Good luck

  25. Love your dining room chair fabric, is it just a cover and if so where did you purchase them?? Thanks!!

  26. Just beautiful! Do you mind me asking where you picked up the cow picture? I’m in love with cow photos these days.

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  28. Marian, I just love your table! I’ve been redoing an old round pedestal table. The top pretty much fell apart when I took it off. My husband and I glued all the planks back together but it looks very rustic, so I decided to go with the look. How did you keep paint out of the cracks between the planks? Yours look so nice and clean!
    I know you put this project up a few years ago. Hopefully, you will see this comment!

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