Farmhouse White Dining Room Table

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I have been thinking about painting my dining room table top for ages.  I never actually went through with it, though.  Partly because of time, but mostly because I was a little nervous about painting it.  Yes, I was actually nervous about it!  I have never had an all-white dining room table and I honestly wasn’t sure if I would like it.  As much as I like painted pieces, I am partial to wood tops.


The thing with this table is that the top is made out of an old barn door and, if you take off the runner, you can definitely see that.  There was a sign posted on it back in the day when it was a door.


And, while I don’t think woods used in a room have to match, the top didn’t really relate to anything else in the room.  So, I had the house to myself for a couple of days (which was glorious) and I finally decided to just go for it.

I used Farmhouse White MMSMP and painted it directly over the oiled finish.  I had applied Hemp Oil to it a few years ago, so I wasn’t concerned about the milk paint chipping.


I applied two coats, one right after the other, because it soaked in and dried quickly.   I then distressed the table, dragging 120 grit paper over each board to bring out the grain and add a sense of wear and age.

I decided to finish it off with Tough Coat.  I am just in love with that finish.

This was a good piece to show that Tough Coat can look a little scary when it’s being applied.  It looks like it might be glossy and a brush-stroke-y mess…


…but it dries and levels out and you’re left with a beautiful matte finish.


The minute it was finished, I wondered why in the world it took me so long to paint it.


I love how “quiet” the table is now and it allows other things in the room to shine.


And the distressing brings out just enough detail, so it doesn’t look flat.


It was a good excuse to set up a little summer table and take pictures of it, which, of course, I enjoyed throughly.


mms-9259 mms-9256   mms-9280 mms-9273 

That’s what happens when you leave me in the house alone.  Something will get rearranged or painted, I’ll set up for a dinner party, and take pictures.

I know.  I’m a wild and crazy girl.

Farmhouse White Dining Room Table

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