how to clean old bottles

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Before I get going, I wanted to let those who have been waiting for hemp sheets know that I just got a shipment in today!  I will list them in the online shop on Thursday, July 14, at 8:00 pm EST along with some other recent finds.


I shared on my “favorites lately” list that I’ve found an affection for old bottles.  I was never really into them before, but all it takes is meeting one bottle I really like and then the hunt is on for more!

When I was shopping with my mom last week, at one store, I bought five pieces of furniture and a $2.00 “table relish” bottle.


While I haven’t been a big bottle collector, I did learn the trick to cleaning them a few years ago when we went through my Opa’s attic.  He had tons of old bottles and most of them were cloudy and dirty and it was impossible to scrub them with a brush, because of the tiny necks.

It just takes two simple ingredients – vinegar and rice.  It really doesn’t matter what kind of vinegar (I used white) or rice, except the rice can’t be cooked or partially cooked (like instant rice).  It has to be dried grains of rice.


Put some rice, about a spoonful and some vinegar, about 2-3 tablespoons, into the bottle.  Cover with some plastic wrap and shake for a minute.


The rice acts as a “brush” and the vinegar cleans and disinfects.  Rinse out the rice and vinegar with water and there you have it!  A sparkling clean bottle!




Happy bottle hunting!

PS – The winner of the LG SideKick™ is Abby Elizabeth Garcia!  Congrats!  You’ll be hearing from a representative of LG on the details.  

how to clean old bottles

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