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I remember a conversation I had with Jeanne Oliver a few years ago.  We were talking about art and the classes she offers through her website.  At the time, she was offering a painting class that was based on copying the work of masters.  I remember not knowing quite how to feel about that…a class that is encouraging a student of art to copy the work of someone else.  Isn’t that a no-no?

Well, that conversation was such an encouragement to me.  Jeanne shared how copying can be a wonderful way to learn new techniques and explore your own style within the framework of someone else’s work.  Copying is a bad thing when you just rip someone off and don’t give them credit or when you’re delving into the world of copyright infringement, but when you’re using it as a learning tool, there is a lot of value in it.

I have often thought of that conversation when I’m inspired by the work of others or when I see work that was inspired by my own.

It’s been especially on my mind as I’ve been doing more painting, with the landscape dressers, murals for Lucketts, and now water colors and sketches.


I’m learning and I need to look to the work of others for inspiration and instruction.

So, I was having a chat with Calvin about his room the other day and he asked me to paint some “Star Wars guys” for his room.  He really wants a full mural, but #1 – his room, with the sloped ceilings and awkward dormer, isn’t conducive to a mural and #2 – this room will double as a guest room and my in-laws don’t need Boba Fett staring them down each night before bed.

I decided that some Star Wars artwork would be a nice option.

I looked around for inspiration and found the most amazing artist, Clementine from Blule.  She shares a painting each day on her blog for free.  Well, sign me up for that!  Anyway, she has painted a host of Star Wars characters and I loved the style, even though I had never even attempted anything like it.

Clementine lives on the other side of the world and we’ve never met, but as I worked on these paintings for Calvin’s room, she was my teacher.  I examined each of her paintings and tried to mimic them, sometimes breaking free to do my own thing, just putting my toe in the creative waters.


mms-9955 mms-9956 mms-9957

I had such a blast creating these for Calvin, with all of the splatters and running, and he was excited about the fact that I painted them just for his new room.  I’m going to pick up some frames for them later this week and will get to work on other elements to turn the guest room into his room.

And, as a bonus, I had a good excuse to play around with some new-to-me painting techniques.

By the way, I e-mailed Clementine to ask her permission to post my copies of her work on my blog and she graciously said it was okay.  She sells originals and prints of her work and ships worldwide from her online gallery, if you’re interested.  You can also follow her on Instagram HERE.

And, just so much days aren’t boring, I spent yesterday cooking and canning!


Never a dull moment…

artwork for Calvin’s room

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30 Comments on “artwork for Calvin’s room”

  1. Seriously fun! Isn’t it great to do something so different from what you usually do?And how precious and memorable to be able to create something for your son. They will become an heirloom to him. Love the new watercolor gig you’re on. I’ve also only used acrylics for painting furniture, walls, etc. Am thinking I need to take a class and learn something new…

  2. These are just so cool! Such a departure from your usual work…I love to see how your skill can be applied in so many areas 🙂

    1. Me Too!!!!!!! Flowers are one thing but…..Star Wars characters!!!!!
      Marian is there ANYTHING you can’t do?????

  3. Marian! These are so wonderful! Bravo. ? Also, read the book “Steal Like an Artist” by Austin Kleon if you haven’t already. ❤️

  4. These are so very cool! Can’t wait to see his finished room- my boys have a Star Wars room that we aren’t quite finished with, but almost… 🙂

  5. I love these! Well, I am not a Star Wars fan, at all. But my four boys are, and I never wanted to decorate that way. But this seems so much more tasteful and classy than what’s out there. Well done on letting Calvin have his own interest and you making it happen!!!

  6. Oh wow, love how your paintings turned out! You are so great at that and I’m sure your son is very happy with the results! Great job and love them!!

  7. My favorite part of visiting the Louvre was watching the artists setting next to a masterpiece and copying it. I was amazed at how they could make it look just like the ones hanging on the walls. It was fascinating.

  8. Wow Marian — I went to the Blule website and she is like a celebrity. Was going to design a space for Prince. Her paintings are unique. Thanks for the introduction to her. Calvin is going to love that artwork on his walls.

  9. OMG I love these and my six year old son would flip for something like this. I can’t paint, but I’m pretty good at photography. I might have to try taking photos of some of his Star Wars LEGO characters and using the Waterlogue app to get a similar look. It isn’t the same as original art, but my son would love it!

  10. It’s my understanding that many of the now famous artists studied under the famous artists of the time in order to learn their techniques. I love impressionist art. Those artists were often influenced to develop their particular style from their peers.

  11. Your Star Wars paintings are wonderful, Marian! You are full of surprises in terms of your artistic talent! Calvin is going to be the envy of all his friends when they see your paintings. Get ready for a slew of orders!

  12. I’m so glad I read your post today because I have to admit I copied your cow painting! I literally pulled it up on my computer and then proceed to try and paint it. I haven’t framed it yet, but copying is a form of flattery and I love that picture in your dining room.

    Have fun painting! I just took it up and LOVE it!

  13. I LOVE all artwork but especially water colors – years ago I bought paints and paper, but nothing came of it….maybe when I retire! Until then, I feed my creativity by painting furniture and doing other crafts. Love that you shared these with us and I know Calvin will be thrilled to have them in his room! You are amazing.

  14. I’m sure he will want to keep those up for years! I made a wooden shark for my sons’ wall, drew, cutout, and painted it, when they were about 5 or 6. I recently asked my 17 year old if he wanted me to take it down and put something else in it’s place, and he said no. (Granted, he is a San Jose Sharks fan and also one who is not prone to change, but the Star Wars theme is also ageless!)
    Thanks for inspiration in a way that we don’t normally think to use these skills.

  15. Marian, Let me add my voice to the many who are saying “Bravo” and “Good Job!” This is a real victory, especially for someone who has just taken up watercolors. I love what you have done and am looking forward to seeing future art! Congratulations!

  16. I love to see all the different creatives sides of you. I just put up jars of spiced peaches….a first for me. I love peaches and usually make some kind of peach butter or jam but last year Brad and I discovered we both liked the old-fashioned spiced peaches…so I did a little research, rolled out the supplies and got to it. We’ll see the results later this year when it’s cold outside and the idea of sweet summer peach (maybe over hot pancakes?) beckons. Every summer when I buy cherries I think of you. I wonder if you’ve ever indulged in a cherry pitter since you love cherries so much. I’m glad to see you are canning some for your winter pleasure! Isn’t it fun to have these kinds of things to give as special gifts during the holidays too?! I still do my usual pickles, tomato soup, tomato sauce and am going to give peach & cherry, plus peach and raspberry conserve a try this year.
    Okay, enough about canning on a “Painting” page. I was just tickled to see this side of you.
    I’m so enjoying seeing your watercolor works too. I love your landscapes. I’m still smitten with all the painted furniture. You are an inspiration and a joy to follow. Thanks for sharing with all of us!

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