what would fit in my carry on…

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I already shared that I found several pieces in New Hampshire that I would’ve bought in a heartbeat if I had my van.  But, I didn’t.

And, since my suitcase was already over 50 lbs, I could only buy things that would fit into my carry on bag.

Of course, that included ironstone!  I feel like I can find ironstone anywhere I go.  This sweet old sugar jar was just $16.50.  I saw it and immediately plucked it off the shelf to pay for it.  I have loved ironstone for years, but I go through phases of what I look for and get excited about.  Right now, it’s really old pieces with fruit/nut handles on the lids.  This one has an apple…


I also love the pattern on the base of the sugar jar.  I actually have the matching plates and handleless cups and they are some of my favorite.


I also bought a lithograph cow for $8.00.

mms-2697 mms-2700

I have some fun ideas for for this handsome man, but we’ll see how they turn out!

And I’m really excited about these paper whites…


I’ve always wanted to have them for Christmas, but couldn’t find them locally.  I’ve never forced bulbs before, so I hope they do their thing!  Any tips?

I also bought a wallet and some boot socks, but otherwise just enjoyed window shopping.


I’m now working on catching up.  I have due dates on three of my large design projects this month, so it’ll be a push to November 1.  Here’s a peek at something I did today…


what would fit in my carry on…

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