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I hope you had a great weekend!  For the most part, I stepped away from work, so I could rest up for the busy week ahead.

Anyway, I browse for cool things online pretty regularly.  I particularly like Etsy, eBay, and craigslist.  I sometimes trip across really great buys that I snap right up, but I’ll also find pieces that are a good price, but not a good enough price for me to resell and I don’t have a perfect spot for them, so I just pass them up.

Sooo, I thought I would share some of the things I come across with others who might want to buy them.

Today, I hunted around for some well-priced quilts.


I paid $125 online a few years ago for the one in the picture above.

When I’m shopping for quilts, I look for ones around $150.  Of course, less is better, but I have learned that I can find pretty nice quilts around that price point.  They usually have some fraying, small holes, staining, etc.  Those imperfections make them affordable, but I make sure they don’t detract from their overall beauty.  So, I picked out quilts that fit those qualifications.


The first one is actually a coverlet, but it’s pretty great and I had to resist buying it myself.  I will resist.


Blue & white Coverlet | $109


 I thought this multi-colored fan quilt was so cute.  I like how blue and white are the dominant colors, but it has some pinks, yellows and greens as well.


Fan Quilt | $125


This berry basket quilt has amazing quilting and I think it could be strategically folded to hide any imperfections.  Based on the descriptions and closeups, I think this picture isn’t quite doing the quilt justice.


Blue & White Berry Basket Quilt | $125


This one is pretty amazing.  I have almost bought it a couple of times, but there’s some red in the green fabric pattern and that doesn’t really work for me, but the pattern is stunning and I know it’ll work for someone!


Green & White Quilt | $125


This tree of life quilt doesn’t have intricate quilting, but I think the pattern is really pretty and I  it would be great in a little girl’s room, folded up at the end of the bed.


Pink & White Tree of Life Quilt | $149


I love red work and this quilt is such a great example of it…


Red Work Quilt | $150


And what’s even better than red work?  Blue work...  The “good night” square is my favorite.


Blue Work Quilt | $150


I know this one looks crazy at first glance, but imagine it in a sport-themed kid’s room or man cave.  Denver Broncos, UVA, just pick your favorite blue & orange team!


Blue & Orange Quilt | $85


I’ll share some more of these posts in the future, but let me know if there is something specific you would like me to “shop” for!

If you want to know how I use and care for my antique quilts, check out my post – Using Old Quilts Every Day.



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personal shopping | quilts & coverlets

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