Sorry I was a little late getting the online sale up and running tonight!  I will be switching to another shopping cart that will allow me to schedule events, so that doesn’t happen.  Anyway, just hang in there as we’re going through a blog redesign and other updates to make things run faster, smoother, and look even prettier!

Anyway, the sale is live now and I have listed the latest antiques as well as some more German brushes, fly swatter, hemp sheets, European linens, etc.  Lots of goodies.

So, remember this “deconstructed chair” I wrote about a little white ago?  Okay, a looong while ago?


Well, Kriste and I have been chipping away at it here and there, but I made some real progress on it today.  I had been at my desk, painting, sketching, writing, and creating, and my eyes were starting to cross, so I needed to shift gears.


I decided to upholster the inside of the chair in an antique French linen sheet that I purchased a couple of years ago off Etsy.  It had my initials on it and I just couldn’t resist.  I haven’t had the nerve to cut it up, but this felt like the right time, the right piece for it.


Now, my nice “break” from eye-crossing-tasks turned into a frustrating wrestling match with fabric.  I tell you, I was sweating! I was trying to get a layer of burlap, old horse hair stuffing,  muslin, cotton batting,  cotton twill fabric (as a lining), and finally the linen sheet, all lined up properly and stapled securely into place.

And it was no easy task.

mms-2551 mms-2553

And, even though I used the old fabric as a template and everything looked good prior to stapling, clearly, the piping seams are off!  I’ve done backs in three sections before and I’ve never had that happen.  I don’t know how things went so awry!

I know perfectionists everywhere are itchy just looking at it.  Just relax.  It’s going to be fine.


This is a piece that is already riddled with imperfections…a slightly rickety arm, an old linen sheet with seams and repairs, and some staining from age…and it’s beautiful none-the-less.  I also know from experience that every upholstered piece looks better once the cushion is in the place…


And I’ll have a pillow in the chair that will further disguise the uneven seams.  Since this chair is for me, I am totally cool with that.

Aaaand this is why I don’t do upholstery for clients.   I know my imperfection tolerance level (yes, that’s a thing) and I don’t know theirs.

The back isn’t attached, yet, because I need to do the decking first, and that will neaten things up as well.  Anyway, I know it’s going to be amazing.

On a side note, Sebastian did not like upholstery work.  Well, to be more specific, he didn’t like the chugging of the compressor and pop of the pneumatic staple gun.  I kept talking to him in soft sing-song tones to soothe and assure him, but he waited by the door until I was done with that scary, noisy nonsense.


While I’m on the subject of old linen, I wanted to share these gorgeous blue and white embroidered linens that I recently got in from my supplier in Europe.


I have several panels of fabric and I can’t wait for the right project to come along for them.  They would make amazing curtains, pillows, or upholstery for another pair of “French twins“.


They’ll be waiting in the fabric stash until that then…


PS – I’ll be presenting twice at the Sage Farm Antique Show in New Hampshire on Saturday, October 8, 2016.  I’ll be speaking about “Decorating on a Budget” at 11:30 am and the “Starting & Running a Creative Business” at 3:30 pm.  I’m really excited about both topics and I hope you’re able to stop by if you’re in the neighborhood!

I’ll also be visiting Signature Finishes in Grafton, MA on Monday morning at 10:00 am and hope to meet lots of lovely ladies with amazing Bah-ston accents while I’m there!  Stop on in, if you can (accent or no).


  1. Susan f

    Really making progress!! Again, I am inspired!!

  2. B Folk

    So far, looks lovely.

  3. nancy w.

    One of the best ways to calm a dog who is a little unsure of something like noise or thunderstorm is to just go about your business as usual. They tend to take their cue from you. If you are unconcerned or unruffled they will be also. Hope that works for you and Sebastion.Talking to him while continuing on with your work was a good idea. Best wishes to you both.

  4. Kelly

    My dog hates my staple gun too, and it’s just a regular one that doesn’t hook up to an air compressor. Instead of running away though, she gets between me and the stapler. She tries to stand inside of my arms between me and the chair, like she’s protecting me from it. 🙂

  5. Terri

    Gorgeous! I’m with you, Marian about the perfection thing. As for Sebastian, our Bentley doesn’t like the compressor or popping of the nail gun. He goes to his kennel to wait it out. He’s a rescue and we’re not sure why, but our other dog is fine with it.

  6. Wendy Martinez

    Loved the shot of your workspace and pooch! I had not seen that angle before and it just made me happy and wish that I lived closer so I could come take a peek!

  7. Janis Raines

    I love the fabric!

  8. Meadowsweet Cottage

    While having Kriste use the compressor and nail gun, you feed Sebastian an amazingly delicious treat every time that scary noise reverberates. Pretty soon he’ll be hoping the nail gun appears! This tip from our wonderful dog trainer has helped us get our fur baby over every intimidating noise. Hope it helps!

  9. B

    Just don’t tell Sebastian “it’s ok” – that to him signals his reaction/behavior is ok. Just go about business as usual.

  10. Kerri

    My little pups hate the pneumatic nail gun and pretty much any loud construction noises as well. Be careful, he may try and run off if he gets a chance. I jist recently found the only thing that calms them is putting them in their crate and covering it with a blanket.

  11. teri

    Ear muffs… I hate loud noises too !

  12. Pamela Groppe

    Wonky and all, love the new fabric on the chair. I have a couple chairs similar to this that I keep wanting to tackle. I just haven’t mustered up the energy. They are gorgeous and I need to just bite the bullet and dive in or hire it out, knowing I will end up with a lovely set that will last me a good long while.

  13. Jane Pickett

    Hi Marion,. I can’t wait to meet you at Signature Finishes in Grafton. Read your blog daily and I’m so impressed with the growth of your blog, and your business. When DO you sleep?

    • Becca

      The most inspiring part of your post is the fact that you gave yourself (and, the rest of us) permission to keep going, imperfection and all. The pillow solves everything and means you can work toward completion instead of getting stuck and possibly not finishing. Thanks for sharing this work in progress!

  14. Naomi Shelton

    That chair is going to be gorgeous–I just know! Of course I wouldn’t be able to live with the off-kilter seam, but that’s my problem! How cool that it has your initials on it. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  15. Linda @ q is for quandie

    The ‘imperfections’ are exactly what I LOVE about pieces like your chair. I know it’s going to be gorgeous when it’s finished, can’t wait to see it.

  16. Paula Runyan

    So, that wobble in the back part, you just did not get it centered and stapled in the bottom area. The wrinkles show that it is pulled sharply to one side. Pretty easy to fix 🙂

    • marian

      Yes! I need to do the decking before I can staple the bottom of the back and that will fix a lot of the issues happening currently. I had to walk away for a while, though!

      • Paula Runyan

        the bottom of that part is not normally stapled where the decking goes.There should be a gap that allows you to reach your hand thru and touch the actual back fabric when it is in place. I had to learn all this on my own, so know how frustrating it it.

  17. Karen

    I am one of those…. LOL Glad the easy fix was explained. Love the linen with your initials. What a find!

  18. songbirdalicia

    Someone please explain what is “decking”? Thank you.

    • marian

      It’s the fabric on the chair under the cushion.


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