You know I love my blues, whites, and greens, but I can’t seem to resist sneaking one yellow piece into my booth at Lucketts each year.  And I decided, this year, it would be this piece…

It was a pretty little dresser, but the hardware was a bummer.  One of the handles had been most likely lost or broken and was replaced with something that just didn’t work.  At first glance, you might not notice, but if you look a little longer, one is clearly larger and more ornate than the others.

So, I removed the hardware and gave the piece a light sanding before painting the body in Mustard Seed Yellow and the drawers in Farmhouse White.

I had some issues with red bleeding through in just one spot, so I sealed it with Tough Coat before applying the second coat.

I wanted to leave the top unpainted, but it needed a little freshening up.  It had a pretty patina, so I didn’t want to strip it entirely.  Instead, I gave it a light sanding and the applied some Hemp Oil to hydrate the wood and bring out the richness of the patina.  It doesn’t cover all blemishes, but it does make it look worlds better!

When the paint was dry, I lightly sanded it with 120 grit paper, allowing the paint to chip and flake randomly.  I sealed it with Tough Coat and replaced the hardware with some ceramic pulls that have been hanging out in my stash and happened to be the perfect fit.

I found that wooden checkerboard during my shopping trip last week.  Isn’t it a great piece?

The paint on this little dresser chipped and flaked just perfectly on this piece.

And the pulls are just the cherry on top!  I purchased them on clearance (with extra 40%) from Anthropologie a few months ago.

The accessories, along with the dresser, will be coming to the Lucketts Spring Market as well!

Tomorrow, I have more painting, sewing, styling, and photographing on the to-do list…


  1. Marsha Kern

    I love it! I sure hope Jeff gets a church in KS or MO it would be so WONDERFUL to have you in this area that way you could have a sale in this area that I could attend. Lucketts is just too far for me to drive!!!

  2. J Carroll

    A church in Missouri would be awesome. Cape girardeau is nice I hear 😉

  3. Sally Gee

    Indiana would be awesome, but I could handle Missouri!

  4. Chris Moore

    Nope! She has to move to THE GREAT NORTHWEST. Seattle, Portland etc. They would be welcomed with open arms.

  5. Lori

    I like to see what you do with painted furniture. I am not sure, but in the pictures the handles look a little too bluish-white to fit the paint colors. May be the lighting though. Have a great time at Luckett’s would love to come if I lived a bit closer!

    • Leslie Collison

      I agree with you Lori. But probably does look different in the person. I am sure someone will fall in love with the cutie and take it home. Styling is spot on as usual, Miss Marian. Best of luck to you on your up coming show. Living in California prevents me from shopping your booth again! Shucky Darn…

    • Cindy Rosborough

      I thought the same thing… their white is too cool for the warm white on the dresser. Can they be painted also?

    • Marian Parsons

      Yeah, I sort of felt that way, too, but they are the only handles I have that fit and I really wanted to use them. I thought they were unique, too, and fit with the style of the piece. I think they would be even better on a blue/gray piece, though.

      • Julie Briones

        I LOVE the hardware. And I like the way it looks. REALLY *makes* the piece!

  6. Peg

    That’s final! My daughter needs a dresser and they are sooooo expensive… I hope to find a used one to two-tone! Love the mustard/yellow color. Styled very nice in the end too.

  7. Leighann

    Love it! I’m a sucker for yellow too.

  8. Debbie H.

    I am NOT a “yellow” kinda gal but this piece is YUMMY! I want that hardware! What a gorgeous makeover!!

  9. Hope

    Was bonding agent mixed in with the paint?

  10. Marian Parsons

    No, I didn’t mix it in.

  11. Christine Cowen


    The bottom draw looked like you had to fix it. What was wrong and what did do to correct it?

    • Marian Parsons

      It just needed drawer stops to keep it from sliding in too far. I’ll share some pictures if I can, because it’s an easy fix.

  12. Paula Prislovsky

    Love how this piece turned out! The hardware really unusual!

  13. Joan

    I LOVE IT, <3 …
    … the handles are BEAUTIFUL on it, I love that they are a soft grey, giving a slight "metallic pull" look !
    Beautiful Marian! So inspired ONCE MORE ! ! ! You've put together a very classy piece !
    Thanks, you, for all you do.
    Good luck with Luckett's ! Thinking of you there during all these busy times and wishing all the best with the exciting new future!

  14. Amy Brawley

    The handles might look better in a matt paint and aged a little

    • Marian Parsons

      They are ceramic, so I don’t think it would work very well to paint them.

  15. Jerry Stocks

    I agree with all said about the handles. They are too modern. Hope you get sent to South Carolina.

  16. Mary

    Of all of the wonderful pieces you have done this is my least favorite. Sorry. Love the pulls and
    they would be wonderful with the paint removed.

    • Marian Parsons

      The handles actually aren’t painted. They are ceramic.

  17. Mary

    How unique to have ceramic pulls. Kind of Eastlake? I have never seen ceramic pulls like that.

  18. Jo

    I’d be in line for that dresser if I could be ! Love EVERYTHING about it! <3


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