a trunk, a wicker chair & a side table

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The studio has been a flurry of activity so far this week.  It’s our last full week before Lucketts and we’re making a push to get everything finished, photographed, priced and packed.  There are so many pieces that I haven’t even had the chance to share!  A market scale, a barrel scale, an amazing clock (that works) from a telegraph office, textiles, baskets, fans, totes, and lots of ironstone.

I do find myself wrestling with the familiar doubts that always nag me before an event.  Am I bringing too much?  Not enough?  It really feels like overkill one moment and nowhere near adequate the next.

Even though it’s all a little ridiculous, I think it’s a part of that nervous energy that balls up before something exciting.  I always felt it before a performance when I was into that sort of thing and it always drove me to do better.  I hope that’s the case for Lucketts this year!  I know it’s a special event for planners, vendors, and shoppers alike, and I want to do my part to contribute to that.

I’d rather have too much stuff than not enough, so I’m going on a final shopping trip on Thursday and I’ve been hitting craigslist to see if I can snag a few more small dressers.

Today, though, I’m highlighting a few pieces from the “living room” vignette I shared Monday.

A few of you noticed the trunk on casters…

…it’s an amazing piece that I snapped up the moment I saw it.  No hesitation.  It has a beautiful patina to the old paint and, even though it’s worn, it’s worn in just the right way.

It’s a great size to use as a coffee table or at the end of a bed.

Another sweet piece is this child’s wicker rocker.  I loved the color of the paint and the woven detail on the back.

I added a small pillow wrapped in an old pillow case to soften the seat.

And lastly, I found this table at an antique shop in Virginia when I was driving home from North Carolina a couple of weeks ago.  I bought it with the intention of selling it at Lucketts, but I really love it and it’s not often that I find side tables that I love.  So, it’s a keeper.

The side table already has rings on it, so no one has to stress about using coasters!  Just a little perk of buying beat-up old furniture.

Tomorrow, I have a couple of upholstered pieces to finish up and I need to start working on the logistical aspects of the sale (setting up the registers, making signs, drawing up a layout for the big pieces, etc.).

I’m hoping this will be my best Lucketts booth, yet!

a trunk, a wicker chair & a side table

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23 Comments on “a trunk, a wicker chair & a side table”

  1. That sweet rocker needs a teddy bear the color of an old pine chest! If I lived closer I’d bring one to you…..

  2. I wish you had about 100 of the trunks~ I’d love one!
    The color is nummy too!
    Best wishes at Lucketts Marian!

  3. What is the name of the green you used on the trunk in the picture. I already have two pieces in that vintage color and would like to paint my trunk also

  4. Your staging is beautiful. Perhaps you included this in a previous post, but what is the fabric on the pillows on the chair and sofa? I love it! Good luck at Luckett’s—wished I lived closer and could attend.

  5. Did you paint the truck in MMS or was it already painted?
    Love it
    I just picked up an old trunk… Stained not painted, and I have been going back and fourth if I should paint it….

  6. I can totally relate yo your yo-yo anxieties about whether you’re bringing enough or too much. I agree that it’s better to have too much, but it’s impossible to predict how things will go down. So please try to relax and have a good time. Folks want to buy when they like the folks who are selling, and they will like you.

  7. We received our VIP tickets last week! My son for Christmas gave myself, his sister, his wife and his mother in law a room for three nights and VIP tickets! Girls road trip. We are coming from Wilmington, NC and are so excited!! See you then!

  8. You have some great pieces, have a great time at Lucketts. I am from Okla. but wish i lived closer.

  9. Wish I could come and help you out and “soak up”all this yummy-ness!! Northern Indiana needs an event like this!!

  10. The little side table is my choice. If you ever decide to sell it….I’ll be happy to take it off your hands!

    Best of everything at Lucketts. Hope it’s profitable and you have a ton of fun.

  11. Oh gosh, I forgot to mention that I received my order of your little sheep painting from Society 6 last weekend and I love, love, love those little guys! Can’t wait to frame them! Thanks for making them available.

  12. . I am coming from the Seattle area to visit my daughters in VA and we plan to make a special day of shopping at Lucketts. I hope to get a chance to say hello when we visit your space. I am so looking forward to the whole experience.

  13. The child’s wicker rocker I had one given to me years ago from my Mother’s 93 year old neighbor, it was her son’s. The green trunk I have one which is a dull worn red color which was a retired man’s tool box. I took off the wheels and I keep them in the trunk, I put slider pads instead for safety for my wood floors, had a piece of heavy glass made for the top and also put a flat no shine sealer on it, I didn’t know what kind of paint it was, I wanted it to be safe for my little dog. It is used for a cofee table in my living room LOVE THIS STUFF……You have a GREAT eye for decorating….LOVE looking at your web site…Thank yoiu so much for sharing…………….elaine

  14. I rescued a trunk from a skip when my neighbour’s son was clearing her house. It was heavily varnished, rather than painted. I stripped and waxed the top and painted the base but its in need of a ‘new’ look and some castors (wheels). Having seen yours, may prompt me into action!

  15. I love the green table and want to recreate it for my living room, is that Lucketts green or a custom mix that you used for it?

  16. I don’t know if be jealous of them or be happy of reading the blog but whatever the sensation I am having are immensely positive and I will definitely read it and will recommend all of you to do the same.

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