slipcovered settee

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I usually don’t work on the weekends, but it’s crunch time as Lucketts is quickly approaching.  So, after sitting out in the rain most of the morning to cheer my boys on at soccer, my mom and I spent a few hours in the studio to cross some more things off the to-do list.

My mom priced the shipment of German dish brushes, hemp twine, and fly swatters as well as the antique pieces I purchased last week.  I worked on a few pieces of furniture and styled and photographed the settee I finished on Friday…

This started out as a Queen Ann settee I purchased off of craigslist.  I honestly bought it because the price was so good.  It had a nice shape, but I didn’t expect much from it.  It looked a lot like a piece that would be in the waiting room of a dentist’s office.  I was expecting it to be lightweight and basic, but something that could be improved by a slipcover.

I was pleasantly surprised, though, when my dad delivered it to the studio.  It was a solid, heavy, and quality piece of furniture.  The cushion is even down-filled.

The navy damask upholstery was in great condition, so I left it intact, but I wanted to give it a fresh look with a slipcover made out of antique hemp sheets.

I used the same pin-fitting method that I’ve been using for years.  You can find my updated 5 part video series on making a slipcover HERE.

My slipcovers are never perfect, but old hemp sheets, with their exposed seams and patches, lend themselves nicely to imperfect sewing.

I must admit that I have fallen in love with this piece.  It’s simple and sturdy, yet has a grace about it.

But, I can’t keep everything, so it will be coming to Lucketts, along with some of the other pieces I used to create this “living room”…

I’ll share about those in another post…

slipcovered settee

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22 Comments on “slipcovered settee”

  1. Are you kidding me?! That piece is so dang darling! Your skills, Marian, are off the hook! Man, I wish I lived on the East Coast; I would snatch up that baby in a heartbeat. Well done!

  2. Your slipcovered pieces always inspire me. I love the shape of this piece. The camel back on it is so lovely and would look great floating in a room so it could be admired from all angles.

    Good luck at the show!

    Nancy @ Slightly Coastal Blog

    P.S. I just applied to do my very first show. I thought about getting a booth but I think just doing 2-3 shows a year might be a great place to start.

  3. The slipcover really makes all the difference! I wouldn’t have looked twice at that settee in its original form. It looks so much softer and prettier “undercover.” 🙂

  4. Very inspiring, I have a settee I love, but don’t love the fabric. Iv sewn for many many yrs but never slipcovers, I really should give ur videos a go !

  5. Great looking room and slipcover. Makes a person want to go sit in it. Wish I was not so far from Lukett’s! What is the green paint color on the box and little chair? It is perfect as well! Great job!

  6. Could you show pictures of the German dish brushes and flyswatter? I cant make the sale but love your items. But the brushes and the soap you get in big blocks where can you get them. Do you sell these on line? Thanks Debbie

  7. What would you ask for at a furniture store to buy this sofa?
    Is it a sofa, what would they know it as?
    Do you suppose I can still buy one new? I have seen similar pieces with
    “stretchers” showing under them. I think “stretchers”. I would like one in black and white stripe or check!!!!
    This will sell quickly!

    1. This is a Queen Ann camel-back love seat with rolled arms, so that’s what I would ask for.

  8. Hi Miss Mustard Seed – I know you’ll have a great show! Please do like you have in years past – as busy as you are! – and show us some pictures of your space once you’ve styled it. I just love your special MMS look. It always delights the eye. Wish I could be there this year but maybe next year!

  9. I made a chair and a half slip cover a few years per your instructions. I would run back and forth to the computer screen. lol I must say after many washings they still look mighty fine. If you have never sewn a slip cover please
    consider Marian’s great tutorial.

  10. I LOVE the settee, especially the ruffle. It’s a lovely piece and should be snapped up as soon as Luckett’s opens…
    So wish I was attending again. Maybe next year…. Best of luck for the weekend and safe travels to and from.

    PS Whatever will your parents do without you, and you without them, when you move????

  11. I love the slipcovered settee! I’m in North Carolina this week with my inlaws, preparing for a sale this weekend at our historic schoolhouse outside of Clinton. I’ve been feeling very “Miss Mustard Seedy” as I mix my own custom chalk paints and use my dark wax ! Truthfully, I’m no Miss Mustard Seed, but I am having fun. It’s all work thIs week, but fun, fun, fun as my dear MIL and I pack up and head off on our second and now annual girls road trip to Luckett’s! Can’t wait to see your gorgeous space.

    If any of your readers happen to live in NC, our school house is just over an hour form Raleigh, Wilmington, and less than that from Goldsboro, Smithfield and Fayetteville! Check us out on Facebook at The Old School at McDaniel Crossroads or on Craigslist in those cities under garage sales, “The Mother of all Mother’s Day Sales”.

  12. This is beautiful. We have a camelback sofa which I reupholstered in dropcloth, but with 3 boys who have found a way to sit on every single part of it, the fabric is already pilled and stained. I wish I would have had the guts to do the slipcover in the first place. That said, I am slowly working my way through a collection of chairs I’ve purchased from thriftstores and Facebook and am slipcovering each one of them. I’m working on my first right now made from an old matelasse bedspread we no longer use. Every time I feel afraid I literally repeat a phrase from your videos – “if you can sew a straight line you can make this!” It would be fun to have a group/forum here where we could post our pictures of things we’ve worked on.

  13. Hi Marian,
    This love seat looks great! You sew beautifully. The only person I ever knew who could make slipcovers is my mother-in-law. She was a wonderful seamstress but doesn’t sew anymore due to arthritis and poor eyesight. 🙁
    I live in Maryland not that far away from Lucketts. Have been there once in the Fall but unfortunately it falls on the same weekend as a big car show my husband and I go to (we have a 1955 Chevy).
    Good Luck at the show!

  14. Marian, the throw pillow fabric in these photos (the blue and green and brown print) caught my eye. Can you share where that can be purchased? Thank you!!

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  16. Hi Marian,
    I have a very similar settee I would like to slipcover. I want to use hemp sheets as well. About how many yards of fabric will I need? What is the size of hemp sheets you purchase? They come in all different sizes so I’m not sure what would work best.
    I’m grateful that you share your talents and inspire me.
    Thank you- Julie

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