the pink wardrobe gets a makeover…

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Sometimes I wonder what possesses me to buy a piece of furniture!  I see it on craigslist, usually late at night, and it seems like a good idea at the time, but then my dad delivers it to the studio and I realize I was, shall we say…optimistic.

Such was the case with the wardrobe that was much boxier and, well…pink, than I expected.


It even came with some freebies inside like coat hangers and a pair of leather boots.  Kriste and I were laughing about the boots, but they were actually really nice and we thought they might fit her husband.  Well, wouldn’t you know it, but Dave got a new pair of free leather boots out of the pink-wardrobe-deal.

We first painted the piece in a couple coats of MMS Milk Paint in Grain Sack, but it looked really boxy.  Like, just a big ‘ole white box.  So, I added some Farmhouse White to the trim to give this box some dimension.  That did the trick.

I lightly distressed the paint around the edges and left it unfinished.  I didn’t want to distress it too heavily, because I really didn’t want that pink to see the light of day again.

It turned out simple and pretty.


I knew I would want to display the wardrobe with the door opened, so the inside needed to be cleaned up and painted.  There was a makeshift rod inside that I removed, so the row of old hooks could be appreciated.  I had my dad install a couple of removable shelves, so it could have a variety of uses – a coat closet, a storage closet, a wardrobe for clothes or linens, etc.

The interior was painted in Lucketts Green, which is a happy surprise in contrast to the quiet exterior.



Given that I thought I was slightly crazy for buying this piece, I think it turned out pretty well!






One of my friends/pickers found the pretty crochet bedspread last week for me.  I was on the hunt for one to dress the antique iron bed I’m going to set up in my space at the Lucketts Spring Market.  I’ve never styled a bed at a market before, so I’m looking forward to this one.  I’ve been gathering quilts and other linens to make the bed look room-ready and nap-worthy…


…which might be tempting at the end of a long day at Lucketts!


  1. Stephanie

    This is the perfect minimal wardrobe. It has a quiet presence to it which I’m drawn too. I would love to own this for a future girl’s bedroom.

  2. Jennifer Banker

    Squeal!!! I love that surprise green inside! It looks just like it should!

    And those quilts are gorgeous! Any chance you’d sell one before Luckett’s? 😉

  3. Martha

    Lucketts Green is just the loveliest color

  4. Donna C.

    Absolutely love the green interior…perfect icing on the cake! Well done!!!

  5. DeAnna

    Oh boy can I see why you purchased this. The cabinet turned out great! Really cute country piece and useful anywhere. I was thinking it would be perfect for my pantry.

  6. Karin

    It sure turned out nice, especially with the green on the inside. Have you considered putting some kind of feet on it? I think the fact that it is a little like a box sitting on the floor might add to the visual weight. I love how you don’t shy away from challenges like this!

    • Kate

      That’s what I was thinking. Feet, rollers or added trim.

      • Jean

        I love bun feet……………………

        And you must have much better ggodies on your Craigslist than I do on mine. sigh

    • Sharon Hankins

      I too had the same thought about some feet on it. Beautifully restored, Marian.

    • Colleen

      I too think added feet of some sort would give this a little more personality! Try it! You can always remove them if you don’t like it! 🙂

      • Cora

        Yes thought the same thing – bun feet would make a huge difference at very little cost or effort.

  7. Karen

    The may be my favorite of the pieces you have done lately. Love the simplicity and contrasting colors. Very very pretty

  8. katienearchicago

    Such a pretty boxy thing it is! Love the green interior. Fun staging!

  9. Victoria

    Love the green inside as contrast. I agree on adding feet but I think it’s crying out to have vines and flowers painted growing up it. Can you suggest that to whoever buys it and ask them to send you a photo?!

  10. Katie

    Really pretty! I like how simple it is. I think it would be perfect as a linen closet in a hallway or bathroom or as a wardrobe in a little girls room. Nice job!

  11. Maureen

    This turned out really well…agree that adding feet would lighten it up a little….and that front panels seems to be a blank canvas begging for a little bit of Miss Mustard Seed painting!

  12. Hannah Rose

    Can’t wait to see all the pictures of your booth at Luckett’s!

  13. Janet (Shabbyfufu)

    I have a free cabinet in pink that is very similar to what you purchased. You have inspired me to just go ahead and paint over the original old paint, which sometimes makes me feel uneasy;-)

  14. Julie

    I feel the same about adding some chunky feet to it. I thought of it before reading the others, but I was delighted to see that others thought the same way I did.

    Love the colors!!

  15. Cheryl

    Turned out pretty well indeed!!??❤️

  16. TKraft Art & Interiors

    Again you’ve worked your magic on this piece. She had great bones to start but I’m thinking she was trying to tell you something by trading in her boots I think she wanted new shoes or perhaps a pair of fancy bunn feet to lift her spirits off the floor…

  17. George

    Very nice work Marian. I like the way the inside turned out. Would you consider putting feet on it, perhaps bun feet?
    BTW … been a fan since the Gettysburg cavalry photos.

    • Miss Mustard Seed

      You know, I thought about feet or casters and felt like it would make an already tall piece look even taller, but I agree that it will give it some lift. I’ll think about it!

      • Donna

        It seems the majority of comments want to put feet or casters. However, I am drawn to it because it is unique in that it does not have feet. I love the colour contrast with the green interior. Your work is AWESOME!!!

  18. Krista

    That’s adorable! I agree with the others…feet on the bottom would be cute!

  19. Jessica @ Petal + Ply

    🙂 🙂 It look amazing in white and green. The inside is so cute with the little hooks and new shelves!

  20. Nan, Odessa, DE

    STOP complaining you have the ability to make all furniture look good!!!
    I am not surprised at this.

    Do you have the wooden hangers for sale? Think you could ship to DE?

    How many trucks will you need to take all these items to Luckett?

    Waiting for your next post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Melinda

    I love the simplicity of this wardrobe. I love primitive pieces!

  22. Holly

    I love what you do… You have such a talent.

  23. Monique DEnoncin

    Good job. I always liked the interior color contrast and have done that with a corner cabinet .
    Interesting how much less boxy the pink wardrobe looks compared to its new ” face lift “.

  24. PJ

    Love the simplicity of this piece! My friend has a similar piece that she rescued from her dad’s workshop. It now serves as a pantry in her kitchen.

  25. Emily

    Wow what a transformation! Seeing it before being painted it looks tired and old and you (and the milk paint!) have given it new life. Beautiful.

  26. Christina

    I think it would be pretty if you added some chunky bun feet to the bottom.

  27. Graham

    Love it! I remember you once mentioned the search terms you use to find things on Craigslist. Any chance you could mention them again? You seem to find the greatest things and I’m hoping your area isn’t the only one with treasures just waiting to be found.

  28. Annette

    Hi this is great. I think feet to elevate it would be even better!

  29. Deb

    Like the piece lots, but would have added bun feet and stripped the hardware. Love the green interior – would not have thought to do that!

  30. Donna Doble-Brown

    This just goes to show, AGAIN, what some paint can do! I love it! And the green interior is PERFECT!

  31. Debbie

    Growing up in a house with no closets, it is hard for me to connect with wardrobes. They hold very little clothing! This one, however has personality….brought out by her new paint job!! Wish I had it in my office/sewing room to store fabrics in…especially with the green inside. I think bun feet or casters would be a nice addition.

  32. DiB

    Very pretty result. I really did like the pink also, if it were freshened up.

  33. Naomi S.

    Talk about making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear! (A saying my grandmother used to voice, usually in the negative as in “You can’t make a silk purse out of…). Well, I’d say you did! The paint makes it charming in it’s simplicity and utilitarianism. And the green inside is frosting on the cake! Simplicity in spades and in the right room it will be just what’s needed. Good job, Marian!

  34. Sherry

    Read your latest post and really enjoyed the wardrobe transformation. I sold at the Alameda Point Antique fair last weekend and set up a bed in my space, using 6 totes as the base and moving blankets on top to soften it. Worked great! 9 totes just fit a full size. Can’t wait to see your Luckets pics

  35. Vicki King

    You saved it with the Farmhouse White trim! And again with Luckett’s Green inside – I’m telling you, it’s a fabulous combination — everything goes with it! Saving my $ to do my kitchen: green on bottom and white on top. Haven’t decided inside yet.

    This wardrobe is an outstanding example of what you do with old furniture, Marian. You just have a knack for it. Your third eye must be open! HA.

    I do agree with the round bun feet people (and not the casters). — the Artful eye 2.

  36. Karene

    LOVE IT!!! I’m in the camp with feet but I think chunky rectangle feet would be a better match for her straight simple lines.

  37. anneb

    Like how you don’t have your pics “prop-perfect” but still eye-catching.
    LOVE how you’re ending your posts with a little thot here and there … The dryer sheet one cracked me up!

  38. Ronnie Gunn Tucker

    So lucky to have a dad so involved with making things happen. 🙂

  39. Jane Sellers

    Looking forward to seeing you at Lucketts!

  40. Sue Pagels

    I actually like it both ways but yes (horrors!) I’m a pink fan!

  41. Marsha

    A lovely piece—I really like the green interior. Beautiful pictures, as usual.


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