I tidied up the studio last week, but a weekend shopping trip, two craigslist deliveries from my dad and two deliveries from people who are “picking” for me left the studio in disarray again.  Kriste and I tackled it this morning – unpacking, pricing, scooting and arranging.  I also went around with sticky notes with instructions for each piece, so Katie and Kriste don’t have to read my mind.

Once things were sorted and lined up, I declared, “No more furniture!!!”

This means I’m going to have to stay off of craigslist and keep blinders on when I’m out shopping for smalls and accessories.  I’m always drawn to furniture, but we really do have enough to work on, enough to fill our tent and certainly enough to have to haul down to Lucketts.

So, it’s been said and I need to stick to it!


In my post about the mini-dresser makeover, I shared that I’m shying away from buying child-sized furniture and salesmen samples, because they haven’t sold very well for me lately.

I couldn’t pass up this sweet little dresser, though.  Not only is it tiny and cute, but I could see it had potential as a practical storage piece – perhaps on a desk for pens and notecards or on a dresser for makeup or jewelry.


But that was it.  I draw the line at one little piece.

Well, until I saw this one…


Those decals clearly needed to go, but otherwise, it’s a great piece and one that could be used in a lot of different ways.

This was a pretty straightforward makeover.  We sanded off the decals and painted the little hutch in MMS Milk Paint Farmhouse White.  I lightly distressed the piece and left the milk paint unfinished.


It’s a nice piece to set on top of a table, buffet or hutch or to hang on the wall.


It has the best latches on the doors and even little hooks to hang teacups from…




…and it chipped in a few places, keeping the fresh paint from looking too new.



There are still many more furniture makeovers and favorite finds to share…


  1. Mandy

    That is exactly what I need for my kitchen!
    Shame I’m way across the pond ?

  2. amy joanne mogish

    Love this piece Marian, looking forward to Lucketts……dreaming of what will come home with me!

  3. Adriana

    What a darling hutch. If you would consider a pre sale and shipping to Michigan….please let me know. It would be wonderful in my studio.


  4. Cheryl


  5. Traer

    Aw..I am drawn to child’s furniture too!! Love the little hutch! It can actually have a grown-up repurpose too!

  6. Laurie

    that is so cute! and if you don’t have enough to do you can make a blue 1/2″ line all along both sides of the piece!

  7. AnnW

    What did your mom think of the decals? Everyone used those in the 40’s and early fifties. Every kid’s dresser or crib was a light maple with bear decals on it. Also, about smalls versus furniture. There are only so many women hours available for your staff to work on furniture. You can sell an infinite amount of items that require no refurbishing. I think we need more MMS stuff, like aprons, shop aprons, tool belts, pens and pencils, Rulers! or small tape measures for when we go furniture hunting. Good job

    • Kim Wagner

      You are right I think my Mom had bear decals to on my crib 🙂

      MMS’s Mom

  8. PJ

    Lovely! This piece would be the perfect setting for my tins of loose teas.

  9. Clare Bauer

    When you say you left the piece “unfinished”, does that mean you did not wax it? Also, I just love your blog. Your pictures are so very helpful and inspiring.

    Clare Bauer
    Madison, WI

    • marian

      Yes, that means I didn’t apply a finish to it – wax, hemp oil or the Tough Coat.

  10. Marlene Stephenson

    This is really a cute piece, yes i can see lots of uses for it.

  11. Vicki Carver

    This is adorable. And if you want to get rid of that tiny dresser and/or crib before Lucketts, just shoot me an email!!!

  12. Beverly Ebersole

    I love the little dresser. I need a new jewelry box. I would love to purchase. I live close (York, PA). I

  13. Naomi S.

    That little hutch/cupboard is so cute! I’m glad you didn’t pass it up because it is quite unique, I think. I’m not an authority but I’ve never seen anything free-standing quite like it. I will be surprised if it doesn’t sell the first day at Lucketts.

  14. Lora Bloomquist

    Oh, we are so alike! I love the vintage children’s furniture items, but they never sell:( But I can’t believe you got rid of the decals…I love those vintage decals…I’m in mourning for their loss. Have to admit…it’ll sell better without them.

  15. Cecelia Krajcar

    I think I have the exact same cabinet, as the last one, in my home in Pinetop, AZ. My decals stayed but they were much cuter….vintage fruits, I think. When we go for the summer I want to take a picture to send you. I think yours will sell lickity split!

  16. Natalie in Ohio

    So sweet! I love Salesmen samples and child-size furniture. They have lots of great home decor uses + they’re darling.

    Please do keep buying the mini-furniture treasures you find to refurbish and sell online! Every piece you’ve shown us has had multiple Followers ask to buy it. 🙂

  17. Wanda D.

    Adorably sweet! I love it!! Did you paint the inside also or is it the original paint? If you did, what color is it? I have such a soft spot for children and salesman pieces. Love all of your work! Thanks!

  18. Jacquie

    I love all the mini furniture and am dying to have some but have never seen it except on your blog!!!


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