the ticking chair & the rushed stool

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The antique hemp sheets I ordered finally arrived and they are spread out all over my living room floor at the moment!  Antique textiles make me happy, so I’m totally at peace with the beautiful mess.


You can find them in my online shop HERE.


My mom and I set out yesterday to find some new-to-me antique shops to scour.  As I declared last week, I am done with furniture, but I still need to buy “smalls” and “littles” to fill up the shelves, cabinets and tabletops.  We intentionally didn’t take my van, so I wouldn’t be tempted.  We still managed to fit a ridiculous amount of stuff in my mom’s car and I convinced myself that a fabulous green double-washtub sink with zinc lining wasn’t a piece of furniture.  (And I’m sticking with that.)

We found lots of ironstone, market baskets and farmhouse-style accessories to fit with my theme.  I’ll take pictures once we unpack the goodies in the studio.

A still have a few makeovers from the past couple of weeks to share, first!

Some of you noticed the chair hanging onto the edge of the picture of the chippy oak buffet


Here’s a better look at it…


I actually acquired this chair almost a year ago and it’s been hanging out in the to-do stash ever since.  I just didn’t want to have to face removing all of that nailhead trim!  I didn’t take a proper “before” picture of it, but you can see it lined up against the wall here…


I liked the warmth of the wood, even though the finish was a bit shiny, so I left it unpainted.  I upholstered it in some antique blue & white mattress ticking with braided jute trim.   If you have a similar chair you want to strip and upholster, this six part tutorial will help you with that!


I used a sag-less burlap for the back.  It was leftover from my tufted sofa upholstery project.


In addition to French chairs, I have a thing for little stools.  I especially love ones that are woven or rushed.  I found this one with beautiful rushing, but the legs were shiny and orange.  Even Kriste didn’t see my vision for it, but I asked her to paint the legs in Farmhouse White…


…followed by a light distressing.


It made the rushing the feature and now we’re both smitten with it!  I’ll be selling it as well, because that is the point of this entire endeavor…


More furniture makeovers and favorites finds coming up soon…


  1. Argelia Brown

    Stupid question, but would one hemp sheet be enough for a wing back chair? I could use different material for the back. Thank you.

  2. Carlotta

    As usual, I like the makeovers. I have a friend-just like you- who gets in there & gets more things accomplished!!!! What is sag-less burlap & where can it be purchased? Also, what are the benefits of using it as opposed to regular burlap? Thanks. Wish I lived near enough to you to come to your place of business or to Luckett’s.

    • marian

      It just has a tighter weave than traditional burlap, so I like it better for upholstery projects. It does still shed and have that earthy smell like regular burlap, so I would only use it for specific projects, but it’s cheap! Search “sagless burlap” on

  3. Julie

    Help! How did you get the nail head trim out?? I have a couple of ‘antique’ dining chairs with the fake leather upholstery on the seat and the back of the chair above the spindles in a Hunter Green that is a little too 80’s for me. I am NOT AT ALL looking forward to taking out, what looks like hundreds of those little suckers 😛

    • marian

      Just popped them out one at a time with a tack-puller. It isn’t fun, but Katie and I took turns on it, which helped!

  4. Lynn Mosher

    Marian, I always love the different ways you recover French chairs. I have two that I hope to do soon. I save your ideas to help me decide. Although, I still can’t decide if I want to leave the wood or paint it. {sigh} Thank you! 😀

  5. Courtney Taylor

    Oh goodness I can’t wait to see the sink!! I’ve been looking for one. Are you selling it? Can’t wait to see you at Lucketts!

  6. Michelle

    You amaze me. That stool is perfection. I’ve had my bedroom side tables partially painted two different ways and I can’t see any vision to paint the whole set! It’s been six months!! Oh well. No guts no glory I guess. Probably should just do something-anything.
    But I digress, love that you had a vision and that it is perfection! Inspiring!

  7. Hannah

    I have that exact same chair… and the same reason for putting off reupholstering it. Nailheads for days! But it will be so pretty if I ever get around to it. 🙂

  8. Naomi S.

    The chair is lovely. What is it about those french chairs that makes them so appealing when upholstered in “rustic” fabric? Sometimes I think I don’t like them done that way, but then, somehow, they appeal to me again! Anyway, I have a question: what is a reasonable price to pay for a chair like the one you just showed, say at a thrift store or craigslist? I guess condition would dictate the price to an extent, but if it’s in good to excellent condition, what would you pay for it in order to re-do and sell?

    Can’t wait to see what else you’ve got to show us, especially the sink.

  9. LostRoses

    Very cool! I think that’s actually twisted seagrass rather than rush seating on your stool but it is charming.

  10. Krys

    Good Morning Marian~ I would love the opportunity to purchase a Hemp Sheet when they become available. They are still in the sold out stage on your store site. Great projects redo,
    I learn and enjoy all your blog postings.

  11. Kathi Mundigler

    So loving all of the Farmhouse White being featured lately. And as always your vignettes are wonderful. I am constantly forwarding things to my daughter for inspiration for our shows. Thank you!k

  12. Samantha Hall

    I am absolutely smitten with that chair! The fabric on it is perfect.

  13. Sally

    If you could can you reveal where you purchase your braided twine for the trim? I love the look and would love to purchase some! Absolutely Love everything you do!

  14. Christina

    Beautiful! How much is the ticking chair?
    Can it be bought online or are you saving it for Lucketts?


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