the cast iron rabbit

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   I don’t carry a lot of wholesale items in my booth each year at the Lucketts Spring Market, but I do bring a few.  It’s nice to have multiples of some items and to have “fillers” that can supplement the antiques.

A couple of weeks ago, I was placing an order for garden scissors and a few other “fillers” that sold well last year and I came across the sweetest cast iron rabbit.  Not only just a rabbit, but a rabbit with a little woven rucksack with leather straps.  It seemed perfect for a spring market.

I hadn’t ordered them before, I added just two to my order to see how they looked in person…

I also had a sneaking suspicion that Kriste would be in love with it and would want to buy one.  I was right on that!  I kept the other one and ordered more to carry at the market.

And, if it wasn’t already cute enough, the basket is removable.

Who knows what little treasures will be in his keeping?  He might hold a little plant or a few tiny art supplies for me!

What would he hold for you?

the cast iron rabbit

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48 Comments on “the cast iron rabbit”

  1. I am sure he would like to hold some easter grass with a few jelly bean eggs at easter time. After that maybe a tiny succulent plant that doesn’t require hardly any watering. Or in a bathroom on the counter with a few q-tips in his basket. But one thing for sure is I know I love to give him a home!

  2. Love, love, love rabbits and am an avid collector! I would add him to the kitchen to hold tooth picks, teaspoons or mini spatulas, the bar area for cocktail stirrers or straws or dressing area for Qtips, lipsticks or earrings. Would sure love to adopt this cutie!

  3. 😀 Goodness that is cute! Those leather straps! 😀
    My first thought was to spill my pink Benedryl pills in there !
    Haha, allergy helping bunny…

  4. I just realized I have a similar bunny I always put out at Easter. He’s chalkware, I think with a removable tiny clay pot. And I think I have a couple of companion bunnies I purchased at the same time. The question is…. where are they? Going to the attic right now…. where I’m sure I’ll get sidetracked and spend the day discovering other long forgotten goodies. …or lamenting the fact that I’ve taken so many of them to Goodwill!! Which will give me something to do tomorrow… wandering through Goodwill looking to buy some of them back… ha!

    Seriously, this little guy is adorable.

  5. Hi Marian
    I am an avid Bunny collector…My sister and I used to own an antique store with the word “Bunny” as part of the store name, but the economy killed us and we closed our Bunny Store in 2010. This bunny brought me fond memories and I tried to find him online since there is no possible way for me to travel to Lucketts….and luckily, I found one cast iron bunny remaining on Amazon. His name is Mr. Hamilton, per Amazon. Thank you for your wonderful blog each day…I find hope and inspiration from you…and I have your books…and your magazine covers too. God continues to bless those that seek Him, and I pray He continues His showers on you and your family. Till tomorrow, when I look forward to your words and thoughts….

  6. Of course, jelly beans for Easter, but then maybe some forsythia or pussy willow branches for Spring. Too cute!

  7. Ok I think I need the little rabbit. He is so cute …. and that basket. Well, mercy! I think I would fill the basket with some dried lavender of dried hydrangea.

  8. I am a avid lover of bunnies! I just think they look so cute most anywhere! I am very interested s well if you decide to carry these on your online store! Too cute! The detail is so enchanting!

  9. Would love to purchase one of these cute rabbits. Will you carry online to purchase unfortunately not able to make the drive to Lucketts.

  10. Please, please, please tell us he will be available in the online store. Dozens of us would love him!!

  11. I picked up a two foot tall paper mache rabbit at our recycling center that has a free swap shop. Since Easter
    passed I thought he was done for the year. Think again. I am going to rig up a wicker back pack and set him
    on my stainless steel shelf over my stove. I also have a paper mache egg that is quite big and would be the
    perfect scale next to the tall rabbit. Thanks Marion for the inspiration.

  12. Please sell him/her in the online shop. Luckett’s is not even remotely possible for me, but a sweet bunny would sure make me happy!

  13.,, Amazon does have them, but they are 4.00 more than nuthatch becz of shipping

  14. The bunny is adorable… and made of such an interesting material for an animal associated with lightness.

    I can tell this bunny is extraordinarily giving, so I would put in his rucksack a little plush ferret, cat, dog or pig, adopted from the local shelter.

    Wonderfully curated, Marian.

  15. Beth, you are considerate to tell us about various other vendors for similar bunnies, but I’d rather wait to see if they’ll be offered online by my homegirl, Miss Mustard Seed.

  16. Thank you for your beautiful and inspiring work! I currently have a booth in an antique store in Virginia. Could you share where you get your “fillers.” I shop consignment shops and Goodwill, but the quality and price is always an issue.

  17. I found one a few years ago at an antique shop in Lucketts. It had leather straps and basket but I had no idea until I read your post that the basket was removable. By the way, your rabbits will sell out quickly…I have received many compliments on mine.

  18. I would put a little bit of moss and a found robin’s egg (broken side down so it looks like a whole egg nestled in the moss).

  19. Beautiful rabbit . Happens to be my favorite animal , then it is squirrels. From the comments I read, everyone seems to be in love with the white little beast. I would fill his basket with hazelnuts..but it can change with the

  20. Love that little guy…he stole my heart. He could carry Christmas goodies, Valentines, Easter eggs, etc. Where can I get him?

  21. Oh, please, please put one in your on-line shop! I must have one to add to my bunny collection. I think at Easter time I would fill he little bag with jelly beans! He is just adorable!

  22. Please, please, please! Let me order one!! He is adorable He needs to have a little grass seed planted with a garden variety purple violet from my front yard (the kind I’m usually trying to get rid of)!

  23. I think he would hold a little bouquet of violets in his basket. I hope you will bring some home from Lucketts and I can buy one from you.

  24. A little clump.of Johnny jump ups will go in mine 😍 I’m a year round bunny lover, mine are out all year, no box in the attic for them,lol
    I just cannot wait to meet you and get my little bunny at Lucketts Fair

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