the green bookshelf

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When I was out shopping a couple of weeks ago, this piece caught my eye the minute I walked past it.  I leaned over to my mom, who is a great shopping companion, but doesn’t always like the things I’m drawn to, and said, “I’m buying it.”

She whole-heartedly agreed that I should.

It’s just such an interesting piece!  Clearly something that was handmade.  Perhaps built around those drawers?  Or a piece assembled out of other old pieces?  Whatever the history, it works and I love it.


The paint was already perfect, but it needed a good wiping-down and a coat of Tough Coat to seal the chipping paint.  That was one of the projects Emily tackled for me when she was helping at the studio last week.  She was such a tremendous help!

The drawers are definitely my favorite part.  The chippy paint, the bin-cup pulls, and the way they anchor the piece are all perfection.  It’s the kind of piece that could have a million different uses.

The bookshelf was backed with very thin plywood that was broken and flapping in some places, so my dad cut a piece of thin masonite to size and we nailed it into the back.  It just holds everything in and prevents any further damage.  It also looks tidier from the side.  You can see the pieces that are sticking out a bit before we fixed it in the picture below.

It’s another piece that will be coming to Lucketts!

As I said in an earlier post.  This is turning out to be the year of the big pieces!

the green bookshelf

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21 Comments on “the green bookshelf”

  1. Marian, the styling of your furniture pieces is lovely! It takes that bookshelf to a whole other level. I love the green color with the perfect amount of wood exposure; and you’re right: those drawers are really special. I’m sure some lucky person will snatch that right up at Lucketts (oh, to only live closer; could your family be moving way out west, by chance? California is calling your name 🙂 ).

  2. I don’t normally like the pieces that are this distressed but I love everything about this piece! I’m a big fan of greens in this area of the colour wheel. It’s calling me to paint something!

  3. I have to echo what Sari says – perhaps NW Indiana is calling your name!! Love that bookcase – functional and so beautiful!

  4. Yes, the bookcase is lovely. And your styling makes it stunning. My vote is for California as well!

  5. Great piece👍
    You always do such a fantastic styling on those great pieces. I’m learning so much from you. Always happy to see these treasures come to life!

  6. Time for me to grab the Endust (sp?) + rearrange a large sorter that I have!
    TY for the inspiration!
    I love looking at your wonderful photos!

  7. Love this primitive, but so handsome piece. It would blend perfectly with 3 handmade German pie safes and a walnut dry sink we own!

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