two full weeks until Lucketts…

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I was looking at the calendar today and it had me sweating!  I only have two full weeks to finish getting ready for Lucketts!!!  Ah!!  And, Kriste, my trusty sidekick, has gone on maternity leave.  Slacker.

So, the pressure is on and it’s time to put the pedal to the metal.  Since it is fast approaching, I wanted to share a few details and reminders.

The main thing to remember is that the Lucketts Spring Market has moved!  If you show up at the grounds of the Lucketts Store, the market will not be there.  You will be sad and lonely and will end up making a mad dash to the Clark County Fairgrounds in Berryville, VA, so you can join all the rest of us.

There will be over 175 vendors this year, plus a lot of fun new things, like paint demos, a glamping expo, crab pickin’, old school yard games for kids and pony rides.  Yes, pony rides!  And, they are bringing back market favorites like live music, the beer garden, food trucks, shaved ice, etc.  Lucketts has always been a fun place for antique-lovers, but they’ve really amped up the family fun element.

And, as always, I’m adding some new things to my booth this year.  We have the girls from Roots Cut Flower Farm joining us on Friday and Saturday (May 19-20).  They will be selling fresh cut bouquets, mason jar arrangements, willow wreaths, herbs, and more.


I am also having many new helpers this year, since our line was ridiculously long on Friday last year.  Two of my favorite new helpers are my two sons, Marshall and Calvin.  They are getting old enough that they can pitch in and help at the wrapping station and checkout and see what this “Lucketts thing” is all about first hand.

I still have a lot of things in the “to-do pile”, but I have a lot of things in the “done pile” as well.  And I’m adding more every day.  Some things that I’m selling will be familiar if you’re a regular reader.

The “crusty counter” is coming to the market…

…the “revamped workbench“…

…this sweet Shutter Gray dresser we’ve been using to store tags, bags, and stationary behind the counter…

…and I’m even selling the folding counter Jeff built for me last year…


We’ll need to use it for Friday and Saturday of the market, but it can be picked up on Sunday.

I’m not going to take it to Lucketts, but I am also selling the large, oak cabinet I’ve been using in the studio.  I’m just going to give it a fresh coat of paint.  I would take it to Lucketts, but I already have a few large pieces and this one is a beast.  It is made of solid 3/4″ oak boards on the back, sides, font, top, bottom, etc. and it’s one piece.  So, I’m hoping to sell it directly from the studio.

From my house, I’m selling the Linen jelly cupboard that’s been in the living room as well as the screen door behind it…

…the pair of end chairs from my dining room…

…and the antique grain bin we turned into a coffee table…

I’m sad about letting some of these pieces go, but I’m excited about lightening the load for when we move and starting fresh in a new house, wherever it may be.  I’ll have plenty of staple pieces to start with and I can build the rooms from there.

We’ll start moving the pieces out of the house this week, to get them tagged and ready to go to Lucketts.

As far as new pieces, I have a couple of dressers in the works…

…and a settee just waiting for its slipcover to be finished…

Oh my.  I am going to be a busy, busy girl…

two full weeks until Lucketts…

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24 Comments on “two full weeks until Lucketts…”

  1. Hi Marian! I would love the screen door and jelly cabinet. I know your super busy right now so if you get any free time I would love to get the measurements of the jelly cabinet and your prices on both. I already have my VIP Luckett’s ticket for Friday and so excited to see your amazing finds! I could also come to our shop to pick up if you didn’t want to have to take them to Lucketts.

  2. When you close the studio next month, will you be selling any of the tables you used for classes? If so, I’d be interested to know when and what you’d ask for one. Thanks!

  3. Wow! You are going to be busy! I’ve bookmarked the page to sign up for my first market (in November) and keep wondering if I can really do it. I just can’t imagine not making over furniture and little odds and ends now that my house is nearing completion.

    I love reading your posts about Luckett’s. Wish I could travel that far to go to it!

    Nancy @ Slightly Coastal Blog

  4. What material are you using for your settee? I have one similar and want to have a neutral material! What do you recommend

  5. What! Maternity leave already? I didn’t get to see her pregnant. 😱 Does that mean it’s soon?

  6. Ok I’ll buy everything! Haha but seriously I would love to purchase (if possible) the coffee table from your living room – price? And size and does it open for storage? May have to borrow a truck and take a road trip . . . Yeeehawwwww!🙂

  7. Oh no – can you ever replace those darling dining room chairs ! I predict Lucketts will be a resounding success – I have Virginia envy from my Colorado home

  8. Oh my you are going to be busy,busy. All your pieces are great Looks like I will have to save some quarters for another time. All your pieces are so pretty!!

  9. Hi Marion
    I was wondering how much the screen door is?
    How do I get tickets for Friday at lucketts?
    Thank you!

  10. Hi Marion, I ‘be been to Berryville! My daughter is an Ashby and if you go to the cemetery there is a large statue to Ashby, a Civil War hero. Neat little town, full of history.

  11. I am swooning over the crusty counter!!! i am in West Palm Beach, FL and will travel for this lil (OK BIG) number 🙂 Would it be possible to get the dimensions, as if you didn’t have 5 million things you are trying to tackle. Also, the price? I want to be prepared and have the right size truck with me!!!

    I LOVE everything Miss Mustard Seed!!!!!

  12. My hotel is booked and my niece and I are ready for this great weekend to arrive! Can’t wait to see you and your booth in person!

  13. Marian I’m interested in the shutter gray dresser and antique grain bin coffee table. I can pick up next week. I will email you. Thank you!

  14. I am super interested in the revamped workbench! Any chance you can give pricing here? I can pay early and I’m close to lucketts and will be there for sure 🙂

  15. Hi, Marion, I’m in Texas but one day it would be fun to make the trip to the sale. I love the blues you used on the chests.

  16. I unfortunately, have never heard of Lucketts. And I live 45 minutes from
    Berryville, VA.!
    I read about something taking place in November 2017??
    Could you please give me more information? I would love to get some
    girlfriends together for a day of fun….
    Barb Miller.

  17. Love the rug under the grain bin in your front room. Any info where I might order one? I live in WA state.

  18. The rug under the blue chest/coffee table. I love it!! I need it!! Please do tell where you got it from!

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